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TLoS Mosiacs

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Edit: I realized I hadn't rotated the patterns correctly so they didn't look right. Fixed it now.
Also, I will be posting these and the textures I have into my dropbox…

*vigoriously rubs my face* It's soooo prettyyyyy AHHH

The Dragon Books by DragonOfIceAndFire
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Hey, it seems the Dropbox link is broken... Do you still have the high resolution files?

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hello good sir.
Im planning to make my own sytem with element and stuff, I would really like to use one of your circles here.
would you allow me to use one of these in my picture?
(since I think I won't be able to make such quality myself)
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These mosaics? I didn't make them, they're from the game, soo... You're free to use 'em. 
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yeah I already found out how dumb I am :D
but I totally believed it's yours (didn't notice the link)
from all other arts you have.
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Oh my god these are amazing! I love that you're doing this! <3
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Even though its the symbol that they use around Malefors statue 
and their training floor
Its pretty amazing how much detail they put into the game for Spyros story 
I prefer the cracked sight of it 
You can even find it on the pause menu 
I also like to note that the blue one makes me think of Malefor because the patterns going around it looks like like a shape of an M 
while the gold look like Spyro
That illusion though very pretty :) (Smile) 
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Ugh there is something pleasing about looking at this...
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I was wondering that this actually looked like and wow that is so amazing I love how the patterns on this goes and the grass moss forms love the stuff!!!
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Embarrassingly, it's not appearing for me. Sorry.
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It took a while but they're showing now.
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