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Ignitus Screenshots

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I never finished putting together these files... Ignitus is perfect for looking and learning TLoS anatomy/style. 
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I CAN'T be the only one who's actually in love with this guy XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Straw-Hat-Wizard's avatar
He looks like he's posing in some omg-
ignitus is best model ever
wolfrulez's avatar
Man I loved this guy
Alicornbrodie's avatar
Omg the last screenshot gave me an idea...
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this is awesome! will you post him in dawn of dragon too?
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I just love how all the dragons have defined paw pads
Tank-Dragon's avatar
Looks like Ignitus is actually posing in some of these snapshots XD
DireRedemption's avatar
what console did u play this on??
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I love Ignitus so much Love I think he's my one of my top favourite characters in the series. Especially with Gary Oldman's voice :3
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I admire Ingitus greatly, theres something about him in the first game that makes me feel like I'm talking to a wise old dragon and the fact that spyro is small and I was new to this game really felt like I was talking to a teacher. 
But theres something about him that makes me feel safe next to him, maybe its the father figure look or its the fact that he's very protective over spyro in the beginning. 

Also thanks for the screen shots the "Oh good grief" look he has makes me laugh every time, its the 3rd screen shot from the bottom.
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You hit the nail RIGHT on the head ;D
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I reminds me Draco in Dragonheart movie played by Sean Connery
Mabstick's avatar
I feel the same way
DragonOfIceAndFire's avatar
Hahah, Ignitus' the best yeah
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Oh my god so many useful screenshots ;; thank you SO much for sharing these! They'll be very helpful since I'm learning the TLoS Style too ; v ; and the last one is sure something ahaha I laughed so much the first time I saw Ignitus in that pose
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oh my gosh i actually did a screencap of the last one to use as one of my icons a week or so ago it cracks me up so much haha
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He looks so fierceOH BOY 
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I loved him in New Beginning and The Eternal Night. Why did they have to destroy his design in DotD? It makes no sense. ;o;
ErmacMKratos's avatar
I still like is design in DOTD he's still look wise, and cute, is not like Cynder.
Verridith's avatar
I think the thing that bothers me is... suddenly human teeth? Like, where did those come from? xD
ErmacMKratos's avatar
Yes the plate teeth, looks weird I will prefer canine teeth or feline.
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