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How to Play TLoS in HD Tutorial (Texture Pack)

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A New Beginning ISO:…

The Eternal Night ISO:…

TEXTURE PACK ANB:… (download the folder itself)

TEXTURE PACK TEN (incomplete):…


It's done *wheeze
The TEN texture pack shouldn't be too far behind, since I've already done most of that one.

Please share and stuff, this took me a long while and I hope I did it for more than two or three people lol.
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You’re a Legend of Spyro *GOD!* I’ve always wanted mods for these games! 😃👍💜

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Thank you so much for your hard work on these retextures! It's wonderful to be able to play this game in HD! <3
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Will the TEN textures get finished?
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I've always wanted to play my childhood games- the spyro games- on computer, this is the chance for me to do so. Thank you so much! 
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Is there any chance that the Dolphin Emulator may have viruses? Because I have McAfee installed on my laptop and it may indicate the site where you can don't it as a serious security risk.
DragonOfIceAndFire's avatar this one? I've never had problems with it
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Is there an HD version for The Eternal Night?
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I have attached an incomplete texture pack yes. Never got around to finishing it. 
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Okay, fair enough. Thank you for all the time and effort you've given to make this.
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Since i love editing textures as well, i tested your HD texture pack out today and dang, those are really neat textures!
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Will this process work on Mac?
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I can't say for sure, but Dolphin does have a Mac version. 
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Wow, this is amazing :O Thank you so much for this :)
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Wow the textures look really great! Such a big improvement, you did a good job! Thanks for making and sharing this texture pack, I will be playing through the game with it for sure c:
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Hey I finally had time to play this game in your texture pack and I love it, in fact I can't bear going to the original textures now haha.
The only texture that does look a bit off to me is the water texture at First Flight but that's about it, everything else is beautiful.

Thanks again! :)
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Hey, that’s the font from ANB and TEN! How’d you rip it from the game?
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I didn't, I just tracked down the existing font they'd used, which is called 'Hobo Std' (:
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Cool! I didn’t know it was called that! Thanks for letting me know :D
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I am so happy to be starting my new job soon! Maybe it won't be too long before I can finally play this and enjoy your textures! Seriously, this is the next best thing to an official remaster/remake to me! La la la la 
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Now this...
AMAZING, Ice&Fire (I dunno what to call ya :P) You sir, you deserve a goshdang medal!
(Or like a huge load of money. Like... Seriously why are you not currently being showered in money? WHERE IS THE REWARD FOR this amazing person?)
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Pls yes money would be great 
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