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Shale - Dragon Age

Shale, of Dragon Age fame, speedpaint.

Mostly messing about and trying new things. 40 minutes to an hour or thereabouts.

Shale is copyright of BioWare
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just a what might sound like a weird question , everyone says dragons in
truth dont exist. but if you look around the world to every established
colony or group of people, have you noticed that in some way all around
the world , each and every one of them have something or some version
of a dragon. so fantasy or  shared memory? just something to think about
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"Pigeon crap!" 

Shale is awesome! I love the crystal armor she gets. 
Hi, I love this so much! Could I maybe share this on my Dragon Age fan account, @dragonagedaily ? I would put a link to your page for credit if I have your permission. :)
It's over Instagram btw
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LOVE this!!!! 
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Ah! Lovely smasher of pigeon and birds :heart:
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Pigeon crap!! :3
Mangusto94's avatar
Yes master, i always like the comment of the master :3  ;)
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Yes master, i exist to serve the master, i shall kill for the master and only for the master.
Fuck ya, Shale.
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Never let it be said that Shale can't accessorize.
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This is absolutely beautiful. I adore the texture on her plates, and the subtle blue lightning is a really nice touch to it all as well. :heart:
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i love shale! i want to see her in Dragon age inquisition x3
OrangeLetters88's avatar
Oh my goodness! Shale looks amazing!!! goodWork!!!
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Amazing Shale *__* 
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This is the shit!
She is one of my favvourite characters in Origins, along with most of the party.
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Shale is by far my favorite character.
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Awesome work !!
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Beautiful, linked here: [link]
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Shale: Hating pigeons since origins
Shale: Reducing the pigeon population since Dragon age 2
BLACKapostate's avatar
love it,love it, LOVE IT
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