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My Bio

Welcome to Dragonne's Den, a cozy little gallery where I like to show my creativity. I'm a casual artist doodling for fun. I enjoy textual roleplaying, video games, heavy metal music and of course, drawing! I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery!

Favourite Visual Artist
inCase, DrGraevling, among others.
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, definitely. Also Jurassic Park, Evil Dead, most DC animated movies.
Favourite TV Shows
The Mandalorian, Batman TAS, Futurama.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Alestorm, Alice Cooper
Favourite Books
Jurassic Park & The Lost World, The Zombie Survival Guide, Masters of Doom
Favourite Writers
Michael Crichton
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy 8, most boomer shooters such as Doom and Duke 3D.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Good old PC!
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical pencil and eraser, colore pencils, sharpies, good paper, image editor
Other Interests
Source Filmmaker, writing, gaming
Just sharing this post by OliviaShorthair about scammers. I wish I had seen this earlier as I had to deal with a scammer recently. Thankfully I blocked him without giving him any information. Don't get scammed, people!
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The news about Kevin Conroy’s passing hit me like a truck. It was sudden, unexpected and I was stunned. I thought it was a joke at first but the reality of it struck my soul like nothing else. Kevin Conroy has passed after a short battle with cancer. Batman is no more. I spent the afternoon at work and visited my mother as usual, with this sad thought in my head. I got home, took a shower, sat on my couch and finally, I broke in tears. To me, the death of Kevin Conroy is the death of Batman. Many actors have played the part whether in live-action form or in voice work and we all have our favorite version of Batman. For some, it's Adam West, for others, it's Micheal Keaton or Christian Bale. but THE definitive Batman was Kevin Conroy. with his incredible talent for voice-acting, he perfectly portrayed the duality of Batman/Bruce Wayne, being the voice of a version of Batman that many, including me consider to be the BEST Batman. Whenever a new Batman animated movie or TV series was
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I've drawn ever since my early teens and even before, I think. I never really learned "proper" techniques, with basic shapes and such, I just went ahead and tried to reproduce what I saw and with the years, I learned how to get more or less the desired results, often with off proportions and such. Practice makes perfect, as they say and practicing is how I got to the level I am today. And after all these years of going with the same mechanical pencil doodling, I only just today experimented with smudging, while working on a commission. For artists who's been doing this for years it might seem trivial but to me, it was mind-blowing. Smooth shadows without using a computer software! I tore a bit of paper and made it in a crude but functional smudging stub and I was impressed with the result. When I smudged, it usually because I rested my hand on the sheet and I'd erase that dirty smudge, because I was doing lines and clean shading, without ever realizing that smudging correctly greatly
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Thank you for fav my art! 😊


Support me some cup of coffee for my energy here!:tutorialdragon:



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Harley Quinn my Queen

Thanks for faving Boba Fett

My pleasure, it's a cool piece. :)

Awesome. Thank you

Thank you! Merry Christmas! :D