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Welcome to DragonNation, a nation of Scale, Fur, Skin and Feather! We are a diverse group from all over the globe. If you love dragons--you've come to the right place! Be you an author, an artist, or a roleplayer-- you have a home here in the Nation!

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Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky What can I submit?
1. Any artwork with a dragon in it, more specifically:

>>>>A deviation with no less then one mythical creature, anthro or feral (meaning not one in Earth's current animal kingdom)
>>>>|or| a deviation including #DragonNation's mascots; Hyvera and Ryozan
>>>>|or| a hybrid dragon, as long as it is clearly written out in the description that it is a hybrid/cross dragon.

2. No Work in Progress artwork. (You can join our Discord to share works in progress)

3. No desktop screenshots, regardless of who drew it

4. You may only submit artwork you created. No images from Dragon-creators, regardless what you add to it afterwards. No coloured free-to-use bases. Collaborations are welcome, however.

5. You MAY submit free-to-use lineart or bases, as long as you created them.

6. You may not submit journals of any type to our gallery.

7. DragonNation strictly prohibits vore, therefore no vore images are allowed in the gallery.

8. No overly fetishised images, no visible genitalia. Please refer to deviantART's deviantArt's policy around sexual themes for more information.

9. Please note that, if you commissioned artwork from an artist on deviantART, you MUST submit the piece DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST'S GALLERY. We will not approve of pieces, bought or gifted, from the recipient as it would detract some attention from the original artists. Some people have to do this for a living, not a hobby. If the artist is on a different platform however, you may submit the art as long as you link it directly back to the artist.

10. Please be mindful to submit to the correct galleries.

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Contributor?
You can note us or ask us on our Discord. We're interested in people that can follow guidelines and have common sense, as well as a taste for art that is unique and unseen. Remember that if you hold an admin position in a group, you're going to get the group bar on your user page as well as getting quite a bit of group messages to vote on submissions.

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Moderator?
Unfortunately, this position is just for editing access, such as contributors that are managing the gallery, members, adding affiliates, and things.

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The Glitch - Chapter 61bThis text is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The author does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with any existing intellectual property or trademarks that may appear in this text. The author respects the rights and creativity of other writers and artists and does not intend to infringe on them. The author also does not endorse or condone any illegal or immoral actions depicted in this text. This text is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as factual or authoritative. Reader discretion is advised., Quick links:Discord: JoinGallery: Link , Warnings: May contain: Violence, blood, gore, mass murder, war, racism., The Glitch - Rise and Fall of RaphaelChapter 61b - TrackerI bowed my head and said, “Sir, I’ve got bad news.” The dark lord looked at me with his piercing eyes and said coldly, “What is it?” I said, “I lost track of him.” He frowned and said, “Him who?” I felt a surge of fear and said, “Raphael, sir. Raphael has disappeared.” He raised his eyebrows and said, “Disappeared? How can that be? He can’t just vanish into thin air.” I stammered, “I don’t know, sir. I saw him entering a portal, and then he was gone. I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find him.” He asked, “Was he alone?” I shook my head and said, “No, sir. There was a light dragon, a fire dragon, and the queen with him. They returned to their kingdom, but there was no sign of Raphael.” He said, “Let me check.” He closed his eyes and tried to establish a vision connection with him, but nothing happened. He was blocked. He opened his eyes and said, “That’s strange. He must have some kind of protection. We’ll have to use other methods.” He gestured for me to follow him to the monitor room. We checked the tracker device that we had implanted in Raphael after we hit him at the first attack, but it showed no signal. I felt a pang of anxiety. I couldn’t lose him. He had my powers. He was my only hope of regaining my full strength. He said, “Look.” He played back the footage of the last time I had seen him. He pointed at the screen and said, “He entered this portal,” then he switched to another angle and said, “And then this one appeared. What a coincidence, don’t you think?” I nodded and said, “Yes, sir. But where is he?” He zoomed in on the screen and saw a giant eagle attacking another one that had just emerged from the portal. The first eagle spared the second one and flew away with it. He said, “Something is wrong here. Maybe that’s him.” I said, “What, the eagle?” He said, “Yes, the eagle. It came out of the portal at the same time that he went in.” I said, “Oh, I see. I didn’t notice that.” He smiled slightly and said, “It’s alright. We all make mistakes. But if I were you, I’d go and check it out myself.” I said, “Yes, sir. Let me make a plan, and I’ll do it.”.As usual, the dark lord offered his assistance in devising a plan to infiltrate the kingdom of the Whispering Wind. It was a straightforward scheme: observe him from afar and avoid detection. We arrived under the cover of night and stealthily listened to the conversation between the two colossal eagles. Then they flew away to enjoy the night. What a splendid sight! We verified that the dark lord’s information was correct. The one we sought was Raphael, trapped in a form he could not change. I turned to the dark lord and inquired, “What caused this anomaly?” He elucidated the risk of the portals corrupting the shapes of those who traversed them. A glitch, he termed it. He also remarked that Raphael was fortunate to survive and retain that shape. He might have gained more power in the process. I scoffed and said, “I doubt that. He’s just a bigger bullseye now.” But he countered, “You’re mistaken. You can’t even touch him now, not with your current arsenal.” I asked, “What? Can’t I pierce him with an arrow?” He said, “No, he will unpredictably transform into a blaze of fire, and your arrow will pass harmlessly through him. However, we have other weapons at our disposal.” I asked, “Would a gun work?” He said, “Not a conventional one, but perhaps. Do you really intend to kill him?” I said, “No, I have a better idea. Let’s go back, and I’ll explain.”.But then I had an even more brilliant idea: maybe I could offer him my help instead. We could stage an attack on him, but not by shadow dragons. I could split myself and assault him as a demon, then have my original self appear and rescue him. The demon would use the gun, while I would wield conventional white weapons. The fight had to look convincing and realistic. Raphael would be injured, but saved by me. But there was a snag in this plan. We ran a simulation, and the dark lord played the role of Raphael, but when I tried to split myself, I failed. He said, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?” I said, “I can’t split.” He said, “Change of plan then. We’ll try this another time.” We aborted the mission and scrapped the old plan. He said, “I’ll think of something else. In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing.” I said, “Yeah, it’s not like I have anything better to do,” and he departed. Once again, I resumed my routine, but this time I was more troubled by the fact that my powers were more limited than I realized. I wondered if this was part of Michael’s grand design. This was taking too long. Too many years and no results. That guy wasn’t me. I felt weaker every day, even though that wasn’t true. I was still the same. My powers weren’t diminishing, thankfully.
The Glitch - Chapter 58bThis text is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The author does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with any existing intellectual property or trademarks that may appear in this text. The author respects the rights and creativity of other writers and artists and does not intend to infringe on them. The author also does not endorse or condone any illegal or immoral actions depicted in this text. This text is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as factual or authoritative. Reader discretion is advised., Quick links:Discord: JoinGallery: Link , Warnings: May contain: Violence, blood, gore, mass murder, war, racism., The Glitch - Rise and Fall of RaphaelChapter 58b - Another ReportWriting a report has been a long-overdue task for me. I have so much to share, but I cannot delve into the details right now because I am swamped with many other things. Let me give you a brief overview:I found out that humans are not extinct, and that changed my perspective on these lands of The Hidden Shadows. There is a tragic history behind this, and the shadow dragons were actually, or became, guardians of the surviving humans. The dragons have always been scarce, living in the wilderness and avoiding human contact except for rare occasions when they were spotted or driven by their instincts. It pains me to admit it, but they are as intelligent as humans, if not more. They have orchestrated this situation I am in, rather than leaving it to chance or fate. They are protecting the humans in an underground city and preventing any other dragon from approaching them. As a human protector myself, I cannot oppose them unless they endanger the humans in any way. The humans have their own society, but they live separately from the shadow dragons. Only a few of them, mostly researchers, collaborate with the dragons to create weapons and prepare for an ambitious space exploration mission. The city is quite pleasant. I would not mind visiting it sometimes, but like any city, it has its flaws. I witnessed some people fighting and killing each other. I have been granted permission to travel anywhere, even outside these lands, in any of my forms, some of which I borrowed from the other Raphael, or Nox. I have been observing him closely. He has achieved remarkable things, and that makes me envious, a feeling that I have not experienced since the war of the archangels. It frightens me. I fear myself in both ways. He had a family. He had several lovers, but he was loyal to the one he bonded with. He had daughters and a son. He is a good father, despite his recent mistakes in staying away from them for too long. He also made some discoveries that I am trying to keep secret from the other shadow dragons who want to eliminate him or use him for their own benefit, as the dark lord announced in his speech. The poison of the Earth dragons from the jungle is a powerful weapon. It can suppress a large portion of one’s powers in a subtle and elegant way. I did not believe it either until I saw it happen multiple times, and then I tested it on myself. For hours, I was unable to use any of my remaining powers, even the healing ones, and I was stuck in the form of an Earth dragon in my research room. Fortunately, no one came looking for me during that time. It would have been hard to explain why I was motionless on a wall, waiting for the effect of my own poison to fade away.In other news, a shadow dragon in disguise has betrayed the kingdom of the whispering wind and spied for the kingdom of the crashing thunder. He has revealed to them the existence of a noble wyvern who has survived the wars and lives in hiding. This could spark a diplomatic crisis between the kingdoms, as all noble wyverns were supposed to be executed or exiled, even those who surrendered. The wyvern, named Leo, is fortunate to have escaped death so far. I hope that Nox, the leader of the kingdom in which he resides, can find a way to avoid the inevitable ultimatum from the Thunder Kingdom. Nox was unaware that every time he used his vision connection, he exposed his location to both me and the dark lord, who could spy on him undetected. He made a grave mistake that made it easier for us to track him, even though we already had eyes on him from space.On a different note, we have finally obtained the full prophecy that guides our mission. We have also upgraded the fake reality system that traps the two Guardians. They are now more deeply immersed in the simulation, with no control over their bodies. They have sci-fi probes attached to their spines and rings around their necks. This is one step closer to merging them with the simulation completely, which is a technology that has been developed but never used on such important prisoners. It is irreversible, and once inside, there is no way back to reality. That is why we are working on machines that could potentially extract the digitized souls of the guardians from the simulation and restore them to their bodies. But we lack test subjects. No one dies here except for humans during their natural life cycle. But I have expressed my opposition to using them for this research. If they were to do it, I would reveal myself and show them that they have no control over me since my ring is missing a proper crystal. I would then join forces with Nox and try to help him directly, regardless of what he thinks of me. This concludes my report, or rather, my diary, since it will remain secret.
The Glitch - Chapter 42bThis text is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The author does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with any existing intellectual property or trademarks that may appear in this text. The author respects the rights and creativity of other writers and artists and does not intend to infringe on them. The author also does not endorse or condone any illegal or immoral actions depicted in this text. This text is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as factual or authoritative. Reader discretion is advised., Quick links:Discord: JoinGallery: Link , Warnings: May contain: Violence, blood, gore, mass murder, war, racism., The Glitch - Rise and Fall of RaphaelChapter 42b - The InnGreetings, I am Raphael the Archangel, your narrator for this tale. Let me begin by setting the scene. For a long time, I had been waiting for something meaningful to happen in this dull world. Something that would stir my soul and challenge my mind. But nothing came. I spent my days wandering aimlessly, exploring and studying the secrets of these lands, but finding no satisfaction. I grew weary of my solitude and feared that I might lose myself in a dark abyss of apathy and isolation. So I resolved to seek some diversion in the city of the Hidden Shadows, where entertainment and intrigue abounded.I assumed the form of a shadow dragon, one of the common inhabitants of the city, but with some personal touches to make it more appealing. It was not unlike the times when I had to infiltrate the enemy ranks during the ancient wars. I blended in easily and soon found a way to earn something. I worked as a mercenary, testing the new weapons that were being developed by the ingenious craftsmen of the city. No one questioned my identity, and I gave myself a false name to avoid suspicion. I was known as Devon, a simple orphan who grew up on his own, looking for adventure.One day, after completing a job, I decided to visit an inn and have a drink. I hoped to find some friendly company, or at least some civilized conversation. I wanted to feel alive again and have some purpose and direction. If I failed, I could always return to my old life or, even worse, retreat into a passive existence inside Raphael’s mind, watching his life through his eyes without his awareness. But I did not give up hope.At the inn, I was greeted by the innkeeper, who smiled warmly at me. “Welcome stranger,” he said. “What can I get you?”. I asked him what he recommended, and he said, “We have a special drink here that is very popular among our customers. It’s called frostfire. It’s made with ice cold water and spicy pepper essence. It’s a refreshing and fiery drink that will warm you up in no time. Would you like to try some?” I hesitated, wondering if it was safe to drink such a strange concoction. He chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. It’s one of our specialties. Trust me, you won’t regret it.” I decided to take the risk and said, “Alright then. I’ll have a glass of frostfire.” He nodded and said, “Good choice. You’re in for a treat.”I have to admit, it was good. A very unusual blend of flavors, but unique and delicious. I had never tasted anything like it before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.I lifted again the glass to my lips and savored the icy heat of the frostfire, a drink that burned and chilled at the same time. It was delicious but also potent. I was about to ask for a second one when the innkeeper leaned over the counter and said, “Easy there, friend. That’s a strong drink. We don’t want to get you drunk on your first visit.”I shrugged and said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s really good.” The innkeeper had a moment of respite from his busy work and started to polish some glasses. He gave me a curious glance, as if he was trying to read me. He said, “I haven’t seen you here before. What brings you here? You look distressed.”He was not wrong. I had a fresh scar near my eye, a souvenir from testing one of the weapons I had acquired. I didn’t bother to heal it, thinking it added some character to my face. I said, “It has been a long day. Actually, for the past few weeks, I’ve been working nonstop, and I never had the chance to explore this place. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Devon.”He smiled and said, “Zane. The old but young soul, they call me.” I raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh? And why is that?” He didn’t look old to me, just middle-aged. He chuckled and said, “Well, if you say so.” I realized he might have taken my question as an insult and quickly added, “No, no, I was just joking. You don’t look old at all. You look normal.” He laughed again and said, “Ahah, what a guy.” I joined him and said, “I should say so. For myself. Old one with a young soul. Pfff.”.He looked at me with interest and asked, “You don’t look much older than a boy. How old are you?” I smirked and said, “Oh, you don’t ask that of a customer without telling them first.” He nodded and said, “Fair enough. I’m around six centuries old. What about you? It’s your turn now.”I decided to have some fun and lied, “You don’t want to know. I’ve got to count in thousands.” I was good at acting, and there was some truth behind my words. If I had to count the years I spent as an archangel, it would take me a long time, too many lives buried in the past. He didn’t believe me and said, “That’s impossible. I would have met you before.” I said, “You would have, if I was around. But I was working away.” He leaned closer and said, ignoring another customer who called for him, “Sounds like you’ve got a story to tell.”He went to serve the other customer, who was a female dragon wearing a hood that concealed her features. She looked like a bounty hunter or something. She got her drink, and then the innkeeper came back to me and said, “I’m back. Want something else?” I said, “Another frostfire, please.” He hesitated and said, “Are you sure? A second one?” I nodded and said, “I can handle that, thanks.”I noticed that the female dragon was listening to our conversation with interest, but I pretended not to care. The innkeeper brought me another frostfire and said, “All right then, but be careful. As a word from the wise, don’t drink all of it.” I thanked him and took a sip of the liquid.He disappeared from my sight, heading to some unknown room. I found myself alone in the inn, except for a few strangers and the witch who was eavesdropping on me. I lifted my drink and swirled the amber liquid in the glass, tilting it slightly to catch the light. I pretended to be fascinated by its color and texture, but I was really lost in thought. I didn’t notice the shadow dragon shifting her seat until she was right beside me. She leaned in and whispered, “Devon, isn’t it?” Her voice startled me out of my reverie. I looked at her with a mix of surprise and wariness. “Excuse me, what?” I asked. She repeated, “Devon, your name.” I nodded, wondering how she knew. “Yeah, why do you care? Who are you?” I demanded. She lowered her hood for a moment, revealing a face that was both beautiful and tragic. “My name is unspeakable. I’m afraid,” she said with a tone of sorrow and dread. I snorted, “Whatever you say, darling.” She fell silent and pulled her hood back up. She had the same drink as me. We both took a sip, avoiding eye contact. She broke the silence first. “Have I seen you somewhere recently?” she asked casually. I shook my head. “I don’t think so. Why?” She glanced at me with a hint of curiosity and admiration. “You look like a mercenary. The scar and the weapons you carry around. You have the mark of a dragon who can handle any job.” I realized she was offering me some kind of deal that I wanted no part of. I said firmly, “No thanks. I only take orders from my superior. Unless you’re some hidden general that I’m unaware of, I’m not interested.” She didn’t say anything else. I drained my glass, feeling nothing from the alcohol, and left some cash under it for the innkeeper. Then I got up and walked out of the inn.I stepped outside and saw him leaning against a wall, looking like an ordinary guy. But he was far from ordinary. He was the dark lord, the most powerful being in this "nation", and technically my superior due to the job I just became part of. I pretended not to notice him and walked away, but he was faster. He grabbed me by the arm and turned me into a shadow, whisking me away to a secluded spot. I played along and asked, “My lord, what are you doing?” He smiled and said, “Oh, nothing. I just want to have a chat.” I said, “What can I do for you?” He said, “Be honest, maybe.” I said, “Sorry, what?” He looked me in the eye and said, “It’s an honor to meet you, Raphael 2.0.” I said, “I think you’re mistaken. I’m Devon.” He said, “Be honest, I said.” I sighed and said, “Ok, fine. What do you want?” He shrugged and said, “Again, I just want to talk with you.” I said, “About what?” He asked, “Did you enjoy the city?” I said, “What kind of question is that?” He said, “I'm just getting feedback.” I said, “Well, it’s a bit dark for my taste. But otherwise, it’s quite advanced.” He nodded and said, “That’s good to hear. Thank you. So what are you doing here by yourself?” I said, “Nothing much. And to be honest, I’d rather not talk with you.” He asked, “Oh, and why is that? I haven’t done anything to you.” I said, “You just kidnapped me from where I was. That’s not exactly a friendly way to start a conversation.” He said, “I was doing you a favor. We don’t want to attract any attention, do we?” I joked sarcastically, “We want to be like shadows hiding in plain sight. I get it. But this is your city. I wouldn't bother.” He laughed dryly and said, “Very funny!” I said, “Anyway, I don’t associate with someone who is marked for death by the gods. You should watch your back if you don’t know that already.” He asked innocently, “And why would they want me dead? What have I done wrong?” He sounded like a child who didn’t know any better, but he was far from innocent. So I listed his crimes: “First of all, you broke the most basic rule of respecting the lifespan of your kind. You were supposed to die after two thousand years, maximum. But here you are, still alive after more than four thousand. Then you made everyone hate shadow dragons and turned them into enemies in the eyes of the world. You can’t even leave your land without being hunted down. Sounds great, doesn’t it?” He opened his mouth to reply, but we were interrupted by a loud noise.As I was talking to the leader, a group of shadow dragon soldiers approached us, dragging a prisoner along. I recognized her as the half-blood witch I had seen at Zane’s inn. The chief saluted the dark lord and said, “Sir, we have captured an intruder.” He turned to me and apologized, “Sorry, give me a moment,” before joining them. I stayed back and listened to their conversation from afar. But curiosity got the better of me, and I moved closer, which proved to be a mistake.The chief reported, “We found this little half-blood criminal hiding at Zane’s inn.” The dark lord glanced at me with a smirk that seemed to say, “Oh, just where you were. I wonder why.” He asked the chief, “How long ago?” The chief answered, “Zane said she had been there for about half an hour. We just got her.” The dragoness looked at me with a desperate expression, as if I could somehow help her. But I didn’t even know her, and I had no intention of getting involved.The dark lord waved his hand dismissively. “Well then, we’ll deal with her later. Now get out of my sight.” The soldiers obeyed and left with the prisoner. The dark lord turned to me and said mockingly, “What a coincidence! Was that a friend of yours?” I shook my head, but he didn’t seem to believe me. He noticed the bracelet on my wrist and said, “Oh, and you also have one of the bracelets. Congratulations! You have given yourself to me.”I knew what he meant. The bracelet was a device that the mercenaries gave to their recruits. It had many functions: it could tell the time, locate the wearer, and communicate with others. But it also had a hidden feature: it could allow the superior to take control of the wearer’s mind. As soon as I got the bracelet, I searched for a way to remove it without triggering the alarm. Then I dismantled it and took out the crystal inside. No one knew about this, and now the dark lord thought he could use it to manipulate me. So I decided to play along. If he thought I was going to become one of his soldiers, he would let me in on his plans more easily.He said, “I can’t wait to see what I can do with you. Raphael. It seems you have been acting against us. But I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself.” I said sarcastically, “This won’t improve my view of you.” He replied confidently, “We’ll see about that.” He then ordered me to come up with a way to get rid of the other Raphael. I said, “He can’t be killed, but you already knew that since you said it in your speech. I can only try to.” He said, “Hmm. There must be a way to at least temporarily lock his powers.” I lied partially and said, “You can only suspend them if you hit him in the right spot.” He said, “Excellent, then do it. It’s your job. But you can’t do it like this. We don’t want a shadow dragon to be linked to the attack on a king, do we?” I agreed, “We don’t, sir.” I had to make up a plan and explain it to him. He seemed convinced by it, so we moved on.We had tracked Raphael’s nocturnal flight pattern and knew where to ambush him. He was now calling himself Nox, but that didn’t change our mission. We waited in the shadows until he came into view, a dark silhouette against the full moon.I shifted into my demonic form, a black humanoid with bat wings and metal Vs instead of horns. I had painted them black to blend in with the night. I wielded a bow and arrow, a primitive weapon that would conceal my true identity as a hi-tech shadow dragon. The dark lord was hiding in the forest, ready to witness the spectacle. He had essentially forced me to do his bidding, but he didn’t know that I had a plan of my own.I saw Nox flying with his queen and their eagle companion. I aimed for his heart and released the arrow. It hit him squarely in the chest, making him falter in the air. The queen rushed to his side, while the giant eagle shielded him from further attacks. They retreated towards the walls of their city, where the guards were alerted.I followed them, keeping a safe distance. They spotted me, but they couldn’t recognize me. I shot another arrow, hoping to finish him off. They were fast, and I missed my chance for a third shot. They reached the walls, and the guards were coming out. My second arrow grazed his neck. I had aimed for his head, but it was still a good hit.The dark lord watched from afar, pleased with my performance. He thought I had done what he wanted, even though I had failed to kill Nox. I rejoined him, and he said, “Good job, Raphael. You made him run away.”I said, “Shut up and let’s get out of here.” He snapped at me, “Don’t insult someone who can control you at any moment.” I said defiantly, “You better make good use of my services while you can. You won’t get much from me by controlling me directly.”He was about to retort, but then he noticed the patrols getting closer. He led us away through the shadows of the night. He was skilled at stealth, and he brought us to a safe spot where he opened a portal to the kingdom of the Hidden Shadows.He dragged me through the portal and made me plan another attack. But he didn’t realize that I could lie to him and scheme behind his back. And I was determined to contact the dragon they had captured that night. She knew something that I needed to know.
The Glitch - Chapter 36bThis text is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The author does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with any existing intellectual property or trademarks that may appear in this text. The author respects the rights and creativity of other writers and artists and does not intend to infringe on them. The author also does not endorse or condone any illegal or immoral actions depicted in this text. This text is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as factual or authoritative. Reader discretion is advised., Quick links:Discord: JoinGallery: Link , Warnings: May contain: Violence, blood, gore, mass murder, war, racism., The Glitch - Rise and Fall of RaphaelChapter 36b - Like a spyI am Raphael the Archangel, and this is my isolation logs of what I witnessed in the kingdom of the “Hidden Shadows”. I had been observing their society from the shadows, disguised as one of them, and trying to comprehend their culture and technology. They were a remarkable race of dragons, with a level of advancement that rivaled or surpassed that of Earth. They had built an entire underground city, hidden from the eyes of the world, and they were constantly innovating and creating new devices. They had a strict hierarchy and division of labor, with each dragon fulfilling a specific role for their leader. But they did not rely on brute force or physical exertion. They were intelligent and cunning, using tools and machines for everything. They had even engineered new wings for themselves, some with more than one pair, that allowed them to fly effortlessly. They could simply choose their destination, and the artificial wings would carry them there. Some even used shadow paths, portals that transported them instantly to faraway places. But I digress. This is not a report on my discoveries, but rather a warning of a grave danger that I encountered. I had managed to obtain one of their maps, which showed their territory and surroundings in real time. I used it to explore and learn more about their kingdom and its inhabitants. I also kept an eye on the human Raphael. I did not want him to ruin my mission or, worse, expose me. I even saved his life once when he was forced to a duel with a fire dragon named Fyrenthos. He would have been incinerated if I had not intervened discreetly. Well, I wasn't alone during that. I got some help too. But enough about him. What I want to share is what I saw when some shadow dragons left their domain and patrolled the sea. They seemed to be looking for something or someone. And they found them. Sol and Cyrus, along with another wind dragon, were flying in the vicinity, unaware of the danger. They did not pose any threat to the shadow dragons, but they were too close to their lands for their liking. The shadow dragons summoned a storm, a violent tempest that engulfed the three guardians. They tried to fight their way out of it, but they were disoriented and confused. The shadow dragons took advantage of this and approached them stealthily. They fired some kind of energy weapon at them. Not a laser, but something that knocked them out instantly. Then they dragged them back to their land, dissipated the storm, and locked them up in a prison. They put masks on their faces. Masks that altered their appearance and made them look like shadow dragons too. But they were not completely disguised. There were still traces of their original colors on their limbs and horns, markings that identified them as guardians. The masks also kept them in a state of paralysis, like a coma, from which they could not awaken, no matter how much time passed.As I watched from a safe distance, the hi-tech shadow dragons that had captured them summoned their leader. His voice was cold and commanding. “What did I tell you about capturing dragons flying over our territory?” he asked one of them. “Sir, these are not ordinary dragons. These are the Guardians,” the dragon answered, pointing at Sol and Cyrus. The dark lord’s eyes widened as he recognized them. “Sol and Cyrus, the ancient protectors of Aura. And who is this third one?” he inquired, looking at the wind dragon. “We don’t know, sir. He seems to be a wind dragon from the kingdom of the Whispering Wind,” another dragon reported. The dark lord frowned. “Release them at once. We don’t want to attract the attention of the prophet. He must not see us as his enemies.” A third dragon spoke up. “Sir, I have an idea. May I share it with you?” The dark lord sighed. “Very well, let me hear it.” The dragon explained his plan. “The prophecy human is away from the city now, as we have learned. And the guardians are looking for him. If we can prevent them from contacting him, we might stop the prophecy from coming true.” The dark lord considered this for a moment. Then he nodded. “Good thinking. Make sure they don’t wake up. If any other guardian dragons enter our lands, capture them too. But let go of the wind dragon. He is useless to us. Erase his memory if you have to.” The dragon who had suggested the plan smiled proudly. “Yes, my lord. It will be done.” The dark lord then vanished into the shadows.The guardians were taken to a secret location and locked up in chambers with chains around their necks. The wind dragon was brought back to the shore and revived. He was terrified to see himself surrounded by shadow dragon soldiers when he opened his eyes. He screamed, “Stay away from me, you monsters!” A shadow dragon approached him calmly and said, “Sir, you were caught in a storm and crashed into the sea. We rescued you and healed you. You would have died without our help.” The wind dragon snarled, “You saved me only to make me your prisoner, you bastards.” The shadow dragon shook his head gently. “No, sir. You are free to go. We won’t stop you. You have my word.” The wind dragon was skeptical, but he asked, “Where should I go?” The shadow dragon pointed in a direction and said, “Follow that course, and you will reach the nearest land. It will take you a few hours, but you can make it, wind dragon.” The wind dragon took his advice and flew away without thanking him or saying anything else. What he didn’t know was that they had lied to him and sent him on a one-way trip to nowhere. They had directed him to the longest and most dangerous route in the middle of the ocean, near the poles, where the winds were fierce and unpredictable. I followed him discreetly until he vanished in the stormy clouds of the Whispering Wind. I assumed he got lost and never found his way back. When I visited the city of the wind dragons later, he was listed as missing. I felt sorry for him.I also kept track of Sol and Cyrus. They were moved from their chambers to what the shadow dragons called “virtual prisons”. These were rooms that created the illusion of being somewhere else in the world, but it was all fake and controlled by them. These simulations were so realistic and convincing that it was almost impossible to tell them apart from reality. The guardians were now living in a false world, unaware of their true situation. I could have intervened, but I didn’t. I knew that I was not supposed to act unless explicitly instructed to do so. I was just an observer, trying to understand the motives of this incredibly advanced civilization. For now.
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Valentine's Day Discord Banner contest Rules: 1. Your piece must be at least 960x540px or 16:9 ratio. 2. Your piece must include one or both mascots; Hyvera, and Ryozan and/or be dragon related 3. Your piece must be related to Valentine's Day. 4. Your piece must be safe for work 5. Your piece cannot include copyright material. I.E: Shows, Youtubers, games, etc. 6. Your piece must be your own creation, no paying someone to make it for you.
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-One character sketch from @CancerBabe (Dragons, Humans, or Furries preferred)
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*Note: Depending on the number of entries, we may do a banner rotation as we had with the festive banner contest Please submit your entries to our Contest Entries folder here in the group!
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Character Redesign Contest 2,000 POINTS PRIZEHello everyone! I am hosting a character redesign contest for one of my characters I made very very very long ago. I found this old drawing I did of her on Paint and I was like wow she had a lot of potential but she lacked something. For main dragon OCs I drew often back then I had Harmony, WhiteWind, and this dragon here was named Violet (yeah how creative) She was meant as a villain to my other dragons but I never worked on her design or character development further. I lost all art of her except this piece I dug up from my stash, and I must say I'm not a huuuge fan of her like this, I'm also very unmotivated to redo her completely so here is where you come in! I'm hosting this contest to redo her and then use her as my own.I probably made this like 7 years ago so the art and anatomy/structure/colour scheme is cringey to me. ,My art is more improved so obviously I want a good quality character to draw. (example of my newer work below(not my character)),HOW TO ENTER!-Make a journal about this contest and link back to BOTH my profile and this journal in it and tag me in it so I may see, wouldn't hurt to rave about me to your friends uwu-Watch me if you haven't already-Favourite 5 pieces of my art in my gallery-Submit your art piece of the new character design and in the description tag me and link back to both my profile and the journal I made-Art must be submitted before the deadline!That's it!Now. ****PRIZE IS 2,000 deviantArt points!****(Or equivalent in actual $$ if winner prefers via paypal) ****THE CONTEST WILL END FEBUARY 5TH 2021****WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR -You may change her design in any way, but please keep the original in mind as a sculpt-I rather her have a similar colour scheme to what I made her with just not as ugly LOL (don't make her red or something else silly)-I want you to come up with a new name for her! I rather not basic names like ... u_u Violet, or Sarah, be creative! I'm open to ancient sounding names! BONUS if the names originate from somewhere or mean something! Please add that if so!-I really love her long horns and tail blades... you can change them but I really like it, maybe make them similar or at least anatomically correct! haha -I like the fur hair but I welcome traditional crests (neck/back spikies) as well. Both are OK!-You can change and/or add accessories! -You can change her overall structure, meaning her entire shape, want to take away her front legs or change her face structure or somethin' ? Go ahead! -In your art or the description I want you to give her POWERS! she is a evil dragon! so think evil dragon thoughts! Does she do necromancy? Does she have dark aether fire that melts skin off of bones? who knows! be creative! The more powers the funner she becomes!-A short backstory! I never made one for her. -_- Be creative on her origin its completely open minded!-Interesting things about who she is! Have fun with this-Can change eyes and eye colour too if you wish!-Be creative! My goal is a non mary-sue dragonRULES -Art style does not matter-Art talent level does not matter so beginners welcome!-Don't worry I am looking for full heart and creativity!-NO bases allowed, meaning you must DRAW the character and use no pre drawn lines to colour in from someone else.-Please no begging or guilting for me to let you win-If you act immature (whining or complaining) during the contest or after the results then I may block you-New watchers are welcome-The art/reference you make of her can be as detailed or as simple as you like, if simple then add more details about her to the description!-No headshots please! Must be full body.-Prize is not negotiable-If you don't win please don't be upset :C You did your best-If you don't win you can keep or use the design however you like!-I may even want to buy the design off you if you didn't win but I liked it!-If you win you may not keep or use the design-Be as creative as you would like to be with both her design AND biography-I will be adding all design entries to the final result journal and put a link in this journal to that one! -All entries artist will be tagged under their entry art in that journal-Have fun and goodluck to all entires!-I will be actively participating in the contestnebu-ta
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