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Welcome to #DragonNation!

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Welcome to the Nation of Dragons! We are one of the largest dragon groups on dA, we enjoy to roleplay in the deviantart chats (click the image above to check it out) and now we are able to open our doors more easily to the rest of dA 8D

There are never any joining requirements to be a member and you are automatically accepted!

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky What can I submit?
Anything with a dragon in it, more specifically:
A deviation with no less then one mythical creature, anthro or feral (meaning not one in Earth's current animal kingdom) |or| a deviation including #DragonNation's mascot, Hyvera |or| a hybrid dragon, as long as it is clearly written out in the description that it is a hybrid/cross dragon.
No Work in Progress, prefer to see full out drawings or finished sketches
:iconredxplz: WIP - Where the hills end by mythori
:iconcheckmarkplz: Where the hills end by mythori
No desktop screenshots, regardless of who drew it
No images from Dragon-creators, regardless what you add to it afterwards. We want original work. That also means no coloured bases. Collaborations are fine, however.
:iconredxplz: dragon maker id by mudpaw
:iconcheckmarkplz: Celestial Dreamer by mudpaw
You CAN submit free-to-use lineart or bases, as long as you created them.
You can not submit journals of any type to our gallery. The only exception to this is the DragonNation chatroom rules, found in DN related.
DragonNation strictly prohibits vore, therefore no vore images are allowed in the gallery.
No overly fetishised images. Please review this chart for more clarity. (NSFW)

Please note that, if you commissioned artwork from an artist on deviantART, you MUST submit the piece DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST'S GALLERY. We will not approve of pieces, bought or gifted, from the recipient as it would detract some attention from the original artists. Some people have to do this for a living, not a hobby. If the artist is on a different website, however, you may submit the art as long as you link it directly back to the artist.

Also, Submit your deviations to the right galleries. :shakefist:

Remaining Submission rules are still under construction~

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Contributor?
You can note us. We're interested in people that can follow guidelines and have common sense, as well as a taste for art that is unique and unseen. Remember that if you hold an admin position in a group, you're going to get the group bar on your user page as well as getting quite a bit of group messages to vote on submissions.

Hyvera1 by DJ-Sky How can I be a Moderator?
Unfortunately, this position is just for editing access, such as contributors that are managing the gallery, members, adding affiliates, and things.

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tawneyeyes for continually answering those notes! Awesome work!

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I do in traditional media quality works (can try to draw everything).
I accept both PayPal (USD$ or EUR€) and DeviantArt points:points:.
Prices starts from 3$.

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Dragonite by Nso32 Dragoth by Nso32 Silence the Shadow Wolf by Nso32
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Looking for fairly active to very active members to help vote on submissions! It seems like most of our team has fallen out of dA, and I'm unsure how many of us are left. Even if you can only get on once a week to vote on submissions, the help would be greatly appreciated!

What I'm asking for:
- On dA at least once a week, long enough to vote on submissions.
- Member of dA for at least 1 year.
- Make sure you are familiar with the rules.

You can comment here, DM the group or me personally. I am not amazingly active here myself, but I'll try to pop in and check relatively soon! We could really use the help, you guys don't deserve to have everything expire!



I have had a LOT of people come to me and ask about the roleplay discord for Dragon Nation. I have no clue what happened to it. I'm assuming at this point it has become private or long dead. However! I have an art discord inspired by both this group and another I made called RealmOfTheDragon for sharing both dragon art, as well as all other art! It's run by myself and some of my gaming friends.

If you guys are interested in an RP discord still, the art discord hasn't been super active since creation and I am willing to make some tweaks to it to facilitate roleplay if enough people are interested in it! Some of my friends helping with the discord enjoy RP themselves and would be well suited to keeping things in order.

Realm of the Dragon discord:


Thank you guys very much for your patience! ~Carman

P.S. If you really need to get a hold of me, it is much easier to do so through discord (which is free)!
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on right by 1m308/02 DragonNation is Hiring! Openings are in the group, and the new steam community! Send us a note if you're interested!
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The Thunderclaw Wyvern by RavenCorona
Big Bad Dragon by RavenCorona
Winging It - Chapter 1Finding HomeThere is a complimenting piece of art for this story. The link is in the description, please go check it out, we're both really proud of this project.Drack The train softly shakes me around. Nearly Everyone around me is looking at their P.O.D devices. I’m pretty much the only dragon here without one. The one I did have broke right before I got on the train. I don’t have a way to contact Abby or get directions to our new apartment. I’m pretty much going to be stranded in Providence for a few hours. At least I know the name of the apartment building; Soar Estate. Back at school I told Abby how I was going to stay in Providence to go to college and how I was starting to get stressed over it. I didn’t have a place to stay nor did I have a job to pay for a place to stay; sure, I had won a scholarship that would pay for rent to a small apartment for a little more than a year but that was still only a year. Then the idea of us being roommates came up. She wanted to get out of our small town, see the world, do fun things. So, I agreed, and we found an apartment not a far commute from my college. A thousand dollars a month for a two-bedroom apartment with a nice-looking common area, sure the pictures made it look a bit run down, but at that price we’d be insane to go somewhere else. The train started to come to a stop, I had completely zoned out. I never did hear the computer announcer say the train was arriving. The train stopped and the doors opened. I made my way through the doors and looked at the tall skyscrapers. I never thought I’d live in a city like this. “Move it, tubby.” A dragon said, I felt them push me from the side but I was far too heavy for them to move. “S-sorry.” I said. I stepped to the side and looked back up at the skyscrapers. My thinking got interrupted by a loud growl; my stomach. It embarrassed me, but nobody seemed to pay me any mind. I slept in, forgot breakfast, lunch and it’s almost dinner by now. I almost missed the train because of sleeping in and when I was running, I tripped and fell right on top of my POD shattering it into pieces. I didn’t bother even trying to pick up the pieces, I made I barely even made it onto the train. I let out a long sigh. Maybe I should get something to eat, it is almost noon.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby I kept trying to call Drack, he was supposed to call me when he arrived at Providence. Ugh, maybe this old thing just isn’t working right now. I clicked the only button on my POD and it took it a few good seconds before the holo screen appeared in front of me. No missed calls, bad signal and it’s nearing six PM. I let out a long sigh. I’ll see him at the apartment. I clicked the same button again and the holo screen disappeared. My claw snagged onto my shirt nearly sending my POD crashing to the ground, thankfully that didn’t happen; I really don’t need to break another one of these. Maybe I should ditch the shirts and just wear a sash to hold my POD, eh… nah. About five-oh, never mind. I got off the bench I was sitting on and trotted to the tracks. I can see the train turning a corner, ahead of schedule. Moments later the train screeched to a halt and opened its doors. I forgot how trains worked and was nearly trampled by everyone exiting the train. “Get out of the way, shorty.” Someone said. I felt something crush my front paw; I yelped in pain. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT I’M SMALL!” I shouted. The dragon who stepped on my paw was already bolting off. Damn it, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. I sighed and walked into the train and took a seat. I hopped up and began rubbing my crushed paw. That dragon had to have been bigger than Drack, this hurt really bad. The train filled quickly, but that didn’t really bother me as I already have my seat and it’s not like I take up that much room either. The doors closed and the train began to rumble, off we go to a new city of new opportunities. I clicked on my POD and I still had no signal. I let out yet another sigh, clicked off the POD, and looked out the window. I’ll be meeting you at the apartment Drack, I hope you’re getting there ok. Thirty minutes till the train arrives, a thirty-minute nap might do me well. I closed my eyes and laid my head against the window.~~~~~~~~~~~Drack I covered my mouth to stifle a burp, I wonder if Abby got anything to eat yet. Ah I’m sure she ate breakfast and lunch and all that. I threw away all of my trash and walked back up to the front counter, the cashier looked annoyed. “Are you really going to order more food?” They said, “We’re gonna close in about ten minutes, man.” “I-I’m just wondering if you knew where Soar Estate is.” I said. I looked down towards my feet, I may be much larger than average, but I’m not like that, my body just stays at this size no matter what I do. “Oh, I AM SO SORRY SIR!” The cashier said. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, it’s been a very long day and it’s only me and a coworker today. We’re very short staffed. I didn’t mean to offend you.” She said. “It’s fine.” I said. I was mostly fine, still a bit upsetting. “But to answer your question Soar Estate is down the road, take the third left and keep going and you’ll be there.” She said. “Thank you.” I said. I left the fast-food place; I really don’t know what to think of that encounter. I’m just gonna ignore it for right now, I just have to focus on getting to the apartment, the sun is already setting and it’s going to be dark soon. My claws clicked down the sidewalk, I really need to trim them all down, maybe I can do that when I get to the apartment. I stared up at the sky as I walked, back home you’d be able to see stars by now. I guess that’s one of the downsides of living in a city, the sheer lack of stars. I turned left and crossed the road. Some cities brag about how they are developed enough for cars to roam the streets, Providence, however, doesn’t support the use of those vehicles. Dragons can either walk or fly, no need for a car. And I do have to say I agree that dragons can either walk or fly, but I can’t really fly. At least they have a subway system that works well or else I would have never considered living here. I made it to the final corner and looked around. Which one of these-oh I’m blind. There was a giant sign hanging above the entrance of the estate with its name on it. I really need to learn how to pay attention to my surroundings more. I walked into the building and was greeted by a thin white dragon.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby I walked into the Soar Estate, something is wrong with my POD, all it’s giving me is the time at this point and it takes so long to open. What a day for it to burn out like this. “Can I help you, kid?” A person rudely said. I looked up to see a grumpy looking white dragon. “I’m here to get into my apartment.” I said. “Oh, you’re the new person; the big, blue, fat guy your friend?” They asked. Why do they have to be so mean about his weight? “Abby, right? Your room is on the eighth floor, elevator is under its yearly maintenance this week so just take the stairs, hell this week might get a pound or few off that man.” He said holding out a key. “You don’t have to be mean to him like that.” I said grabbing the key. “He’s still one of the healthier people I know, he’s just built like that.” I said. “Whatever you say.” He said. “By the way, what’s with the bruises and cuts?” He asked pointing at my paw. It still really hurts even after it being so long. How damn hard did they have to step on it to feel like this, it better not be broken. “It’s none of your business.” I said. I started climbing the flights of stairs. Poor Drack, this is even a lot for me, how are you going to manage this for a week? I finally got up to the eighth floor and began looking for our room. 808… 809… 810, this is it. I slid my key into the lock and opened the door. I could hear rustling coming from one of the rooms. “DRACK!” I called out. The rustling stopped and Drack’s loud voice answered me. “ABBY!” He shouted. He came running out of the room and gave me a big hug. “DR-AK. CAN’T. BREATHE.” I squeaked. He quickly put me down. “Sorry, sorry, but I have some bad news.” He said. “What bad news?” I asked. “Both our beds aren’t here yet; I think they’re coming tomorrow.” He said. “WHAT!” I nearly shouted. I ran and looked into both the rooms, there are no mattresses, even if we have the frames, we wouldn’t be able to sleep. “Oh, come on they were supposed to come today.” “We do have the couch but…” He trailed off, he’s basically as big as the thing. “We can rock paper scissors for it.” He said. I sighed. “Alright.” I said. We went one round, I threw paper, he threw scissors. He got the couch. Not like I would have used it if I won, the man needs it. “Looks like I get the couch tonight, are you sure you’re fine with that?” He asked. “I’ll be just fine on the floor; you need something like that couch for ya to lay on big guy.” I said. I began looking at the boxes “OH!” I nearly shouted. I scrambled for the box with my name written on the top ABBY.POD, this has my TV POD inside of it. “LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO DRACK!” “What! What can we do?” he asked. I pulled the long stick out of the box and his crystal blue eyes lit up. “MOVIE NIGHT!” I said. “Get this thing set up while I go put some pajamas on.” I said handing him the TV POD. I looked at his t-shirt, he’s also in pajamas. “If you love me, let me sleep.” I said quietly. “Where’d you get that shirt?” I laughed. “Uh…” He looked down at it. “The store.” “Ha ha, you don’t remember do ya. Ah I don’t remember where I got mine either.” I said. “Ok, ok, get that thing set up while I change.” I said. I ran off into one of the rooms and looked for my clothes box. It was fast enough to find. I searched through all of them until I pulled out a long sleave pajama shirt. ‘Life is better in pajamas’ is written on the front in a similar font to Drack’s shirt. I think he’ll get a kick out of this. I also took the time to dig for some bandages for my paw, it still hurts, and I think they’d just help make sure no cuts open up. I slipped my shirt off and put the pajama shirt right on and joined Drack in the living room. Drack had already gotten the TV POD set up and connected to the building’s WiFi. The blue borders of the screen illuminated the room, Drack was already scrolling through channels. “DRACK!” I shouted. “O! What?” He asked looking at me. “I’ve also got a dumb pajama shirt.” I said. He gave a chuckle. “Nice!” He said. “Oh, I’ve found a movie.” He said looking at the screen. “What is it?” I asked. I hopped onto the small open space at the end of the couch and made myself comfortable, it was perfect me size. “A longer fantasy movie that I think we’re both going to make fun of.” He said. “That sounds like a perfect movie.” I said. I looked at the screen and recognized the movie almost instantly, oh boy we’re gonna be up for a while making fun of this one. “Oh, I never asked, how’d your boyfriend take the news?” “Ah, he took it alright, won’t be seeing him much… or talking… I uh… I broke my POD today.” He said. “At least I remember his number.” “How’d you manage to break it? Did you sit on it?” I asked. He laughed. “I fell on top of it. Tripped and smashed that thing into bits.” He said. “Man, that really sucks.” I said. “Can I ask what happened to your paw?” “Someone stepped on it really hard when I was getting on the train.” I said rubbing it. “Damn, that had to hurt.” He said. “It did. Dude didn’t even apologize.” “That’s just mean.” He said. The movie started to play and we both focused on that for a moment before Drack opened up with the first wisecrack. We kept making fun of the movie as the night went on, I yawned, all this banter is making me sleepy. I laid my head down on the arm of the couch and closed my eyes. I yawned again and got comfy. Time for a really nice sleep.
Sworn Protector - Chapter 1Chapter 1 The room is quiet… other than the soft tap of claws on the tile floor. Despite there really being nothing there, a dragon is pacing around on the other side of the room. The dragon is no taller than the average adult. Teal fur lines their belly, it’s cut off by bright orange fur that covers the rest of their body. Her wings are small, I doubt she could fly if she were real. I do like how their wings look however, the membrane closest to the base of the wing’s fingers are a very dark teal and slowly as it goes further away from the fingers it gets brighter until it is almost a sky blue. The dragon, Hera, as she calls herself, sat in front of the only door to this room. She stared at me; she usually did. Never a moment in my life when she just left me alone. I looked at the toilet in the corner of the room and shuddered. I hate it. I hate the damn bright blue-eyed stare she gives me. Her eyes aren’t even human, yet they hold so much humanity. I fucking hate it, she’s not even real. I hate this room to. My entire life, at least most of what I can remember has been spent in this room, in this damn facility. It’s for mentally unwell people, and I am; I mean I’m seeing a god damn dragon… at least they don’t consider me insane. I don’t know my parents, I never got to meet them. I’m just worthless. I’m nothing but a damn- “You’re spiraling again.” The dragon said. Damn it. “I’m not.” I retorted. I looked down at my feet, my white shirt and pants… that’s all they will let me wear. I’m a damn prisoner. “Why do you think that?” She asked. “Because I’m allowed to feel hurt. I’m allowed to hate myself. I’m allowed to…” Tears started to fall onto my clothing leaving dark little splotches. “You’re allowed to love yourself too. You don’t have to hate yourself.” She said. I just quietly wept, I don’t need a figment of my imagination telling me what I can and can’t think… but they’re right. The door behind Hera opened and one of the many doctors that tended to me walked straight through the dragon. They slowly walked up to my bed and knelt down right next to me. “Is the ‘dragon’ putting you down again?” They asked. I didn’t answer and just wiped the tears from my eyes. The doctor rustled through their pocket for a few seconds before producing an orange bottle. “We found something that might just make them go away.” He said handing me the bottle. I looked at the white sticker that wrapped around it… Drakizin… 50mg dose… once a day… I looked up at the doctor, then to the left at Hera. She shook her head no. “Don’t do it, Mathew.” She pleaded. The doctor looked over in the direction I was facing, only to stare a little too far to the right, missing Hera entirely. “Will I be able to go to real school if it works? Will I be able to go do things normal people my age can do? Will I be able to go outside?” I asked all in quick succession. I was nearly standing on my feet. I slouched back onto the bed as I waited for his answer. “If it works, then we can get you enrolled into school and give you somewhere to stay other than here.” He said. “Promise?” I asked. They’ve lied to me before, but I hope this isn’t a lie. “I promise.” He said. I felt a smile grace my lips as I opened the bottle of pills. I put one into my hand and stared at it. It was a little purple pill. “Don’t do it.” Hera said. I put the pill into my mouth and swallowed it dry. Goodbye dragon… goodbye for good. “It should take a while before it starts to work, just lay down and rest until then, I’ll be back in two hours.” The doctor said. He left the room, locking the door on his way out. The dragon slowly walked to me and laid right where the doctor once stood. “Just leave me alone.” I said. I put the pill bottle on my nightstand and laid in bed. I turned away from the dragon. I stared at the wall; I don’t want to hear another word. “I…” Hera trailed off. “I’m always going to be here for you.” I started to cry again. I know she meant that, but she’s also pulling me down. She’s the only reason I’m here. “I just… want to live a normal life. I wanna meet people. I wanna fall in love. I wanna walk around at night and look at the stars.” I said. I’ve never known any other human person other than these doctors. “And I’m in the way of that… right?” She asked. Don’t do this to me. Don’t make me feel worse than I already am. “Yes. They put me in here because I could see you and I’m going to get out of here without you.” I said. I shoved my head under my pillow. I don’t want to hear anything else. I don’t want to hear anything at all. The dragon stayed silent. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe… “Mathew, Mathew, come on, get up.” The doctor from earlier said. I felt their hand on my shoulder. I brought my head out of under my pillow and looked around the room. Hera was gone…~~~ I stared out the car window, they’re taking me to a boarding school. I don’t know if that’s going to be better or worse than what I was already dealing with. It’s been a month since I’ve seen the dragon, the medicine is working the way they advertised it… I do miss her… just a little bit. I was given a choice in what boarding school I got to go to. Wyvern Roost… It has a long history behind it. Maybe I just picked this one because of the name, it relates to dragon. Maybe I picked this one because it was the best choice out of the three I was given… A city built atop the remains of a great Wyvern nest, all fairytales, the “Wyvern” was actually just a myth spread by the founder of the town to bring in tourists. I wouldn’t blame them, it’s high up in the mountains and a decent drive away from the closest town. I read about this place when they let me. The founder claimed to have found wyvern eggs only to drop one in front of everybody. It shattered revealing it was just a boulder. There are black and white pictures to prove it. Poor old man, he died a few years ago. At least the town grew since then, a population of about five hundred souls. “Are you doing alright back there?” The driver asked. She’s an older black woman, she’s been the nicest to me ever since I got in the car, she even gave me a piece of candy. “I’m fine, just getting a little carsick, all these turns are starting to get to me.” I said. I’m a little bit queasy, maybe I’m anxious. “Sorry about my driving, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been through this town.” She said. “Oh no, your driving has nothing to do with it… wait, you’ve been here before?” I asked. She nodded. “It’s my job to take kids without families to boarding schools. I do much more than just that, but that’s one of the things I’m tasked with doing.” She said. She looked in the rearview mirror and gave me a smile. “I’m sorry that you don’t have a family, life is tough like that. Here’s to hoping you can find your family here.” She said. “But I don’t have any relatives.” I said. She gave a small laugh. “Family doesn’t have to be by blood, family is whoever makes you happy. Family is who understands you, who is always there for you.” She said… just like Hera. “I’ll always be here for you.” Hera’s voice appeared right next to me. I looked and she wasn’t there, it was just my imagination. I didn’t say anything, we were just pulling into the parking lot of the boarding school. It didn’t look the hundred years old it was supposed to be. How could such a small town manage to make this place look new? I grabbed a suitcase out of the trunk and the lady lead me into the building. It looked just like any other building I’ve seen, but I’ve only seen an astonishing three places in person so that might not actually be accurate. We walked into an office and were greeted by a young woman. “It’s nice to meet you both, I’m Ms. Koal, I’m the principle here. You must be Mathew, oh it’s wonderful to finally me you.” She said. Her brown eyes look all but welcoming. She rubs me the wrong way, I don’t like her. “Y-yeah.” I said quietly. I don’t want to talk. Not to her. The driver began talking to Ms. Koal and I zoned off. I don’t want to hear this. I just want to sit down. I regret coming here. A hand touched my shoulder and I snapped out of my thinking. “Mathew, did you get any of that?” Ms. Koal asked. SHIT! “N-no, I d-” She cut me off. “It’s alright, everybody gets nervous sometimes. Come on, I’ll explain everything on the way to your room.” She said with her hand outstretched. I’m sixteen… I don’t want to hold anybody’s hand. I kept my hands by my side and looked towards the ground. “It’s ok, you just have to follow behind me.” She said. I reluctantly followed her as she began to explain how things worked here. Kids are expected to be in their rooms by nine in the afternoon and quiet by ten. “All students are free to do what they want on the weekend as there are no classes those days, being that today is Sunday, not many students are here until later.” She said. “We don’t enforce a dress code, but we do offer clothes to all of our students…” She kept going on about policies. How many hallways are in this place? How long have we been walking, it feels like it’s been forever? “What made you come here?” She asked. “I-uh…” The question caught me off guard. I wasn’t prepared to answer any questions. “It was just the best option they gave me.” “Who gave you the options, the state?” She asked. Stop asking questions about me. “I… no… I don’t think it was the state anyway.” I said. Come to think of it, who exactly were the people that kept me in that room for all my life? “Oh?” “It was… I was…” “You don’t have to explain anything if it makes you uncomfortable” She said. I finally realized that we have stopped walking. How long were we standing here? “Anyway, this is your shared room, your room’s partner is Walter, I’m sure you’ll get along with him just fine.” She said. She put a key into the door and opened it up to reveal a small room, enough to hold two beds on opposite sides. There was a single window that overlooked the mountain. She handed me the key. “Make yourself at home, you start your classes tomorrow, I’ll show you around then.” She waved goodbye and I was left standing in the room alone. I shut the door and looked around the room. It looks better than the last one. The bed looked… alright. Walter’s bed, at least I assume it’s his, the messy blankets and general belongs on that side of the room pretty much scream that it’s lived in. I unpacked my stuff, some simple clothes that were provided to me, three books, and my medicine. I have nothing else to my name. That doesn’t make me feel great. I have basically nothing. There was a door on my side of room. I opened it to see a small bathroom. This place gives a lot despite being so old. I closed the bathroom door and laid down on my bed. I just stared at the ceiling, there wasn’t really anything I could do besides that. I could read but I just don’t feel like reading. Why am I like this. “You’re like this because you won’t accept what you are.” A familiar voice said. I looked in the middle of the room only to see the fluffy orange and teal dragon sitting there and watching me. “No. No I won’t let you ruin this for me.” I said. I went to grab my pill bottle only to knock it onto the ground. The bottle rolled under my bed. Fuck. I got onto the ground and started shuffling for the bottle. “You’re denying something you can’t get rid of forever. I’m only here to help you, protect you, I can’t do that if you lock me away.” She said. “No. I don’t need your help. I want to be my own person, I don’t want you to say anything to me, or things I want to do. I-” The door creaked open. A blond-haired kid roughly my height stood in the doorway. “Are you doing alright?” They asked. “I, yeah, I’m doing fine, I just dropped something important.” I said. I finally grabbed my pill bottle. Hera stared at the boy, please don’t say anything. I put a pill in my mouth and swallowed it. “So you’re… uh…… Mathew, right?” They asked. “Yeah, yeah I’m Mathew.” I said. “You must be Walter.” “Yup.” He said. “Anyway, it’s nice to meet ya, dinner is gonna be ready in the next thirty odd minutes.” “Uh… cool, it’s nice to meet you.” I said. “So, what brought you here?” He asked. I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t think of anything. Hera was still sitting in the middle of the room staring at me, she was messing with my thoughts. “It’s alright, a lot of people here don’t like to talk about their past, I shouldn’t’ve asked.” He said. Hera looked at the boy and smiled. “I think you’ll like this one.” She said. Just like that she began to become transparent before I couldn’t see her anymore. “I just…” I began and I kept going. I talked about my life, minus the dragon. Walter talked about his life, how his father just couldn’t stand him at home anymore… is that what families do to their children? Do they just send them to places so they don’t have to deal with them anymore? What kind of family is that? A bell rang and Walter told me to follow him. He led me down so many halls until we reached a large open room, a cafeteria. It’s loud. Too loud. So many people are talking, and I can pick up on each and every conversation at once. It hurts my head. I got my dinner from a counter, it looked like the stuff I was given back at the… hospital, yeah, that’s what I’m going to call it. I followed Walter and sat right next to him. I can’t focus. Just eat. There are so many voices, so many people. I can’t focus. “Are you alright?” Walter asked, his voice making all the others go away for just a split moment. I don’t feel good. “No.” I said weakly. I stood up and made my way out of the room cafeteria. I feel like I’m going to throw up. I rushed back to my room and threw myself in the bathroom. I gagged. I threw up a little bit, then some more a few minutes later. I feel horrible. “Your body is rejecting the medicine Mathew, it’s not good for you.” Hera said. Why now? Why? I felt hot tears fall from my eyes and into the toilet. I started to sob. Why now? Why is it that she came back now? I was doing alright without her. Right? No. Yes. I don’t know anymore. More contents of my stomach fell into the toilet. I can’t think. “Don’t worry, you’ll feel better later. The sickness will pass.” She said. The door slowly creaked open. “Hey are you o-” His voice was cut off by my retching. “Do you need any help?” I didn’t answer, I feel too horrible to say anything. It’s hard to breathe. A chill went up and down my spine. I’m in danger. “Mathew. Mathew you need to run. Something is wrong.” Hera said. What the fuck is wrong? I took a few deep breaths. I can’t hear anything anymore. I threw up again. I can’t calm down. My brain is shouting to get up and run but my body is saying no. I reached for the toilet lever and flushed it. My legs are wobbling. I walked out of the room. People are shouting at me, but I can’t hear a word they’re saying. Somebody grabbed my arm and my whole body went limp. I felt my feet drag across the floor and nothing else. Am I going to die? My senses suddenly sharpened, it felt like I was going to go insane. So many things. Too many things. Somebody still has me by the arm, I can hear others talking. “You can’t just take one of our students like that, what gives you the right to drag them out like this?” Mr. Koal said. Who are these people? I looked at the man holding my arm, they were wearing all white, a small red design was printed on the collar of the shirt. Something about the little red thing scared me to no end. “You don’t understand what you’re dealing with ma’am, he’s a very unstable individual, we need to take him away for everyone else’s safety.” A man said. Lies. No. How do I know? “YOU NEED TO RUN MATHEW!” Hera shouted at me. Her voice made me jump causing the man to let go of my arm. Time slowed down. I can run, or I can stay and see what this is about. Before I could spend any time to think my feet began to move. “HEY!” The man that was holding my arm shouted. I threw myself through the front doors of the boarding school. My feet kept moving, I couldn’t argue with them. People kept chasing after me. What am I even doing? It’s too late to stop. Just keep running. I ran straight towards the wooded area. Why? Leaves crunched beneath every footstep; my heart feels like it’s about to pop through my ribs. Why am I still running? I slipped on some leaves and slid into a tree. I heard a few of my bones pop because of that. Fuck. I laid against the tree and sighed. Why am I even out here? I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I can hear them getting closer. Might as well accept my fate. I opened my eyes to see a small blue flame dancing in the air. It faded away and another appeared. Then more appeared. Then a whole path of them appeared. I pushed myself to my feet and limped my way towards them. Some of the dancing flames started to glow different colors, some were purple, some were yellow. They all looked so pretty. The flames began to circle around a hole… a cave… something like that. I slowly walked towards the cave, there’s a soft sheen covering the entrance. It looks like a pane of glass is covering it up. I slowly reached my hand out to touch the weird sheen. My finger graced the smooth surface, and it shocked my entire body. I was thrown backwards, and I laid on my back. My everything hurts. I can’t really move. I don’t really care anymore. “You’re looking a wee bit rough there pal.” An older voice with a distinct… what accent is- WHAT THE FUCK. I see red scales, it’s not human. Another figment of my imagination. I see wings. “Come’n, lemme take ya back to our lil town.” They said. I felt it grab my arm and lift me up. It’s real. IT’S REAL. I-I- “It’s alright, you can rest now…”
Beyond Our Reality - Chapter 2Chapter 2: Home Sweet Hole I was talking with mom and dad, Liz was still asleep, she needs her rest. My phone started to buzz, somebody else was calling me. Trevor was calling me. “Hey, sorry, Trevor is returning a call, I should take that.” I said. “Alright, just please check in with us every day, we’re very scared for you.” She said. “I will, love you, g’bye.” I said. I hung up and opened Trevor’s call. “Hey Trevor, how are you doing?” I asked. “Not fine, but right now, tell me what you meant about things being missed.” He said. He doesn’t sound alright… at least he’s honest about that. “Right, there are living things here… but…” I trailed off. The only traces of humans and dragons I’ve found are dead. “But what? Is it bad? Is it a danger?” Trevor asked. He sounds like he’s about to go into a panic. “Well… I found a building, broken, abandoned, just completely destroyed… there was a dragon and a human skeleton… and a giant bug thing attacked me. I wasn’t hurt, it just charged at me.” I said. “What do you think that means?” He asked. “No clue, just that it’s not good… but first… I want to build a shelter by the rift, it’s my only source of cellphone signal so it’s worth staying near it.” I said. “Do you even know how to build a shelter?” Trevor asked, “Wait, before you say a thing about that, the egg, Liz, are they both alright?” “Yeah, yeah, Liz is just a little bit tired, and the egg looks alright. I’m not exactly sure what a dragon egg is supposed to look like, but it looks perfectly fine.” I said. I set my phone in the grass and began fiddling with the drone. I need to get the solar panels out. “That’s good, that’s good, I hope the best for the two of you.” He said. I pushed on the panel that held the solar panel and it began to fold outwards. We spared no expense when creating these things. The panels were absolutely massive, and they were some of the most efficient ones on the planet. I’m amazed that we used these when so much simpler ones would have been enough. “So, what about shelter? Is there nothing around for you to take cover under?” He asked. “Well, there is, but those don’t seem safe after getting attacked by that bug.” I said. I spread the solar panel out, gotta make sure the battery of this drone doesn’t die, I really need it to keep going. “So I’m thinking of digging a hole.” I said. “A hole?” Trevor asked. I fiddled with some more loose parts on the drone, it should have a power gauge somewhere. “Yeah, a hole. We have enough metal scrap to act as walls and a roof, it’s better than trying to build a freestanding hut or something. A whole lot more stable it I do it right.” I said. I found the gauge; the drone is at half battery. I might end up taking this apart, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. “Right, right. I have to go, I’m gonna get Carter to call you soon.” He said. “Alright, I hope everything is going alright.” I said. “Jack…” He trailed off. “Please, stay safe.” “Don’t worry, I will. G’bye.” I said. “Goodbye.” He said. Trevor hung up first and I was left to decide where I wanted to dig this pit that we’d soon call out home. I left my phone with the drone to charge and I wandered closer to Liz. About halfway between the river and rift I stopped. This is as good a place as any to start digging. I dragged my claws through the grass, the ground gave way easier than I expected. It was very loose. I flung the dirt chunks as far away from where I was digging as possible, I want to build a decent sized den, one where we have enough room to move around in. I’m going to regret making this decision now, but I won’t stop till I have it done. I marked out the giant square I want to excavate, I’m hating this already. “What are you doing?” Liz asked. She was standing right behind me. I didn’t even notice she had gotten up. “I’m trying to dig us a home.” I said. “Do you want me to help?” She asked. “If you’re up for it then go for it… wait, where is our egg?” I asked. Liz pointed a very short way from the decent sized hole I was digging, she had moved the egg much closer. “Alright, come on, lets start digging this all out.” I said. Liz began to shovel out large chunks of dirt with her paws, launching it a decent distance towards the pile I was already creating. We’ll be able to finish out little home if we keep digging, it’s going to be perfect. We worked for the rest of that day taking almost no breaks. We’re both covered in dirt, it’s gross. Night had fallen and I feel too dirty to even fall asleep. “I’m going to rinse myself in the river so I can actually sleep.” I said. “I’m gonna do that too.” Liz said. We wandered over to the stream and went down a little ways before jumping in. I shook myself in the water, trying my best to loosen all of the dirt trapped in my fur. This is the only thing I hate about fur, there is no easy way to clean it. I dragged myself out of the river and shook myself like a dog would. It dried me out a decent bit just from that. I’m just glad our fur dries rather fast. I gave Liz a small kiss as the came out of the water. I’m exhausted and hungry… I might look for something for us to eat tomorrow. We returned to our hole in the ground and curled around our egg. It was easy for me to fall asleep. I woke up to a quiet whir, another drone. I got myself up and moved towards where the drone was hovering. I plucked it out of the air, broke its propellers and set it next to the other drone. I grabbed my phone only for there to be a few missed calls from Carter. SHIT. I called him as soon as I got my phone open and I began to work on the new drone. “JACK! YOU SCARED US! WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER!” Carter shouted when he answered. “Sorry, I’m very sorry, Liz and I are just trying to get ourselves a shelter built, it’s much harder than you think.” I said. I pulled out the solar panel and spread it out, it’s the exact same size as the last one, it’s perfect. “Liz, is she feeling alright? And the egg, does the egg look alright?” Carter asked. “Both are perfectly fine. Liz is still asleep, I woke up early this morning. The egg is an egg, nothing is really special about it other than it being rather large.” I said. “Alright, I’ll take your word on that, I hate not being able to diagnose anything properly over the phone, but I have no other option.” He said. “Right, I have another question.” I said. “Oh, what is that?” He asked. “How long till we start suffering from malnutrition?” I asked. The line was silent for a few long moments. “A week before you start feeling the effects of not eating, two and it will become painful, three and… you’re dead…” He held the last word for a few seconds. “Jack, is there anything for you to eat there?” He asked. “I’m not too sure yet… I’m sure there is wildlife, but I don’t think I could bring myself to hunt with… with my teeth and claws.” I said. “Jack, you know you’re going to have to, you need to eat, both of you need to eat something.” He said. “I know. I know. I’m going to try to find something today… h-how much should we try to eat?” I asked. “I’m not a nutritional specialist or a survivalist, but you should try to eat as much as you can if you don’t have a stable food source, just make sure you don’t eat too much excess, gaining weight isn’t the best when you’re relying on hunting.” He said. “Right, so… eat what we can.” I said. “Yeah, just try to match it to your diet back here, that should help you.” He said. We ended our conversation shortly after that. I laid my phone back down next to the drone and walked over to Liz who was still sleeping. I nudged her awake. “I’m going to try to find us something to eat today, make sure the egg stays safe.” I said giving her a small kiss on the forehead. “Alright, I’ll work on the hole.” She said sleepily. “I’ll be back soon.” I said. “Good luck.” She said. I trotted off into the woods, I can explore and look for something to eat. I just have to pay attention to my surroundings. I just have to listen. Walk and listen, that’s all I need to do. I smelt something, I don’t know how to describe it, it was a scent. I took in a big whiff of the air and followed where the smell led me. This better be something that I can eat. I followed the scent for who knows how long, too long, but I finally saw something. An elk. Does it get cold here? It better not get cold, I’m not gonna enjoy the cold that much… mostly because of our egg. Right. Stop thinking about that. There is something to eat. I just need to attack it. Break its neck, then I can carry it home. Can I even carry that big of a thing? Fuck I don’t know. I should try anyway. I readied myself, I just have to pounce. I just have to pounce. Three, two… I jumped at the elk only for it to dodge away. I did manage to grab its leg with one of my claws making it fall to the ground. There was a loud snap, but I ignored that and went right for the creature’s throat. It took only a few seconds. Good. I didn’t want to make it suffer. I stood myself up and took a few breaths, this thing is just about the same size as me. I better be able to carry it back. After a few minutes of struggling, I managed to get the damn thing onto my back. It made it very hard to walk and it hurt my wings, but it would be worth it if I can get this all the way home. I slowly began walking towards home… I just know that if I keep walking, I’ll get to our new home. I have no real reference for time other than the sun. I’m guessing it took an hour before I was able to see the rift and Liz again. She was hard at work digging the hole. I walked all the way there and let the damn elk slide off my back. “I think I managed to get something.” I joked. “HOLY SHIT JACK!” Liz shouted. “It was the first thing I found, I’m just glad I was able to… uh… snag it.” I said. “We need to cook the meat… I mean… not really, but I’d really much rather cook the meat.” I said. My mouth still tastes of the creature’s blood. I don’t really like it, but I don’t hate it. Reminds me of eating a bloody steak. “Right, but do you know how to even process uh… deer?” Liz said. “No… BUT WE HAVE YOUTUBE!” I said. I ran all the way to my phone, unplugged it and brought it right back to where the elk was laying. I started to pull up YouTube, I still have a signal, we can learn how to do anything through the internet. I clicked on the first video and we both watched as it explained how to do the things we needed to do. I ended up watching the video three times before even attempting to butcher the elk. I seemed rather simple, but I really didn’t want to mess it up. Liz helped me peel the skin off. God it was horrible looking. I know that I used to eat a lot of meat back on Earth, but I just hated watching it being processed. We did our best to work around the bones, muscles, everything. We did manage to get a good amount of meat from this one animal, hopefully we’ll be able to find more. We placed all the edible stuff on a slab of scrap metal. Liz took the liberty of trying to cook it with her fire breath and I tried to think of something to do with what extra we had… we had a whole lot of extra. Liz finished cooking the meat we were going to eat, and she handed me my portion that was stabbed on a metal rod. It tasted alright, I gobbled it down like I had never eaten anything in my entire life. I’m going to really miss spices and stuff. We both finished our food in record time. I felt full enough to be alright, I assume Liz felt the same. Now we were left with our little spoilage problem. We have absolutely no way to preserve this meat right here. “Could we try to freeze it with magic?” Liz said. “Maybe, but we never really tried that kind of magic, I mean you tried, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to actually freeze the meat.” I said. “It’s wroth a shot anyway.” She said. He held her claw close to the meat, her claw slowly began to emit a small bit of fog. He tapped the pile of meat and the entire thing froze solid. “HOLY!” I said. I poked the meat; it was completely frozen. “Ok, let’s talk about how you were able to do that later, we need to get like a cooler or something set up for this.” I said running towards the giant pile of scrap metal. Liz followed right behind me and we picked out pieces that would work. It took a few minutes, but we managed to jerry-rig a working cooler box. It looked horrible, but it was a safe place to put our food. “Right, so we have that you just need to make sure you freeze it whenever it starts to thaw… or shove something cold in with it.” I said. “But how did you even do that?” I asked. “I don’t know, I just tried what I was trying back on Earth, but this was so much stronger.” She said. “Right, maybe magic works different here.” I said. “We should probably not use a lot of it until we can make sure it’s safe.” “That sounds good… we should probably get back to digging the hole.” She said. “RIGHT!” I got to digging the hole. I dug for a few straight hours before the sun started to go down. We’re roughly… I have no idea, a quarter of the way done digging the hole. I can’t wait till we have a proper roof over our head, that’d be amazing. I remembered to move what was left of the elk corpse away from our hole, I’d burry it in the morning if I have to. Liz and I took another dip downstream to get rid of all the dirt in our fur and we slept around our egg. The morning came and we both started to work on the hole. I didn’t have to go hunt because we had our meat somewhat preserved safely so we had all hands on deck. I was able to play some music from a speaker in one of the drones after I moved it closer, it really helped keep me motivated in the mindless digging work. We managed to go a lot faster than we were the other two days. I hope we can get this finished as fast as possible. We continued this routine for the next week, we dug out a whole lot more than we had originally planned. We dug deeper than we originally planned. We just made our whole thing a lot bigger than we originally planned. It was perfect. All we had to do was work on the floors and walls then we could add the roof. We decided to not use metal for the walls, it would just be a massive waste of a material we really need. We decided to just soften the walls, we used some clay where we could to fill the cracks in the wall, it was perfect. The floor was going to stay dirt, we don’t really want to sleep on metal, but it was worth our time of day to give it the exact same treatment as the walls. Smooth it out, pack it tight, and fill all the cracks with clay. “FINISHED!” I shouted, I’m exhausted. We just spent so damn long making the floor nice, we still have a roof to make and that’s going to be the damn hardest part. But for right now we’re done for the day. “I’m going to go clean myself off.” Liz said. I walked right behind her, there is no way in hell I’m going to fall asleep with clay stuck in my fur. “Clay is going to be a bitch to get out of our fur, but it’s going to be worth it.” I said. “It better be worth it, we’re spending so long making this, it better be comfortable to sleep in.” She said. We made it to our usual cleaning spot. I jumped right into the water and swam around a bit. “Come on in, the water is pretty nice!” I said. “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Liz said. She flapped her wings and launched herself into the air. She landed the dragon equivalent of a cannonball right next to me. She quickly surfaced and laughed. “You got me right in the face!” I said. I slung a little bit of water at her, it was only fair. “Oh hush, you were the one begging me to get in the water.” She said splashing some water towards me. I laughed and looked into the slightly murky water of the river. When we’re not dirty the river is almost crystal clear, this specific area is very deep for any river and I’m actually thankful for that. “You’re just asking me to return the favor!” I said swimming towards the edge. The worst thing about fur is that it’s hard to take off from the water. I climbed out of the river, shook myself off a slight bit and jumped high into the air thanks to a powerful flap from my wings. I aimed myself right next to Liz. I hit the water and sunk a few feet before pushing myself to the surface. I spit the water that had gotten into my mouth out in a small stream and looked for Liz. I couldn’t find her. “HOW ABOUT THIS!” Liz shouted. I looked upwards only to see her plummet into the water. She made a gigantic splash, most of it getting all over my head. “Oh now we’re just having a competition!” I said. “You know that I won’t stop till I win!”~~~ My phone alarm started to go off. So tired, so sore. We might have gone a little too far last night. What time did we even stay up till? Either way we need to get up. Liz was wrapped around me, it took a decent bit of effort to get out of the little spoon position. I silenced my alarm, both of us are awake at this point. “Are you sore? I’m sore.” I said. I stretched myself out, a few of my joints made some really satisfying pops. “Yeah, but next time we’re doing a diving competition.” She said. I laughed; she still has that fighting spirit. “I’ll keep that in mind, but we should do that after we finish out little home.” I said. “I wouldn’t really call it that little anymore, it’s a lot bigger than you originally set out.” She said. “Well, it’s still a whole lot smaller than our house back on Earth.” I said. I began grabbing some metal, this is the only place we’re using metal, just so we know it won’t cave in, that is our only worry. Liz helped me carry some of the metal scrap to the hole and lay it out. I was able to weld the pieces together thanks to a little bit of fire magic. I was so terrified of trying it out after I saw what had happened to Liz’s magic, but it turns out that it’s much easier to use than I thought. I’m really glad I didn’t set myself on fire, that would have been so damn horrible and definitely didn’t happen at all. “Don’t catch yourself on fire again.” Liz said. “I know, I know, keep my red-hot claw away from my fur, I learned my lesson the first time.” I said. I caught myself on fire. At least I didn’t lose a lot of fur, just a small little singe on the ends, it’s going to not be noticeable in a week anyway. My claw started to glow red and a small dark red flame spurted from the tip. It took me a few minutes to weld a few panels together, four panels were just enough to stretch across the hole. Liz helped me lay it across, the metal was rigid enough to not buckle, after we get all the panels welded together, we’re going to cover the entire thing with the dirt we dig up, mostly because metal is just really not so good to look at above ground and it would keep it in place better than anything else, we could do to it. I welded another four together and we spread it across the top of the hole. I took the time to weld the two lines of scrap metal together and then moved on to making the next line to lay across the hole. We’re actually going to have a very safe place to put out egg. I’m so damn excited to finally have a roof over my head. Liz helped me place the last panel over the hole, it was perfect, it gave out little sloped entrance just enough clearance for us to easily go in and out. I began welding the last panels together as Liz started to cover the roof with dirt. After I finished the welding I nearly passed out, magic takes a whole lot of energy to use properly. I’m just glad I was able to finish it without knocking myself out. I stood and looked around the room we had just created. It’s so damn big, it’s just so perfect. A nice place to sleep and just live for a while, maybe we can improve it after a while or something, that’s going to be fun. “How’s it look in there?” Liz asked, she slowly walked into hole. “It looks nice, much better than laying in the open.” I said. She sat right next to me and leaned into my side. “We’ve still got to cover the roof with dirt, but it looks nice so far.” She said. “Right, just let me go grab the ice box really quick.” I said. I jogged out of the hole towards where we kept our ice box. The metal box served its purpose well… so long as Liz made sure it was frozen. The only bad thing about the box is that it’s very heavy. I put my front two paws under the box and pulled hard. I threw all of my weight onto my back legs and tail, it’s hard to walk on two legs at my size but it’s not impossible. Using my tail for the extra balance I slowly walked over to our new home, a hole in the ground. I set the box in a corner and ran back out to help Liz throw some dirt over the roof. Night fell and we were still shoveling dirt with our claws. “We’re almost done!” I said. I threw a large chunk of dirt onto the growing pile atop our new home, just a little more to go. “Right, then we can sleep.” Liz said. We spent about another thirty minutes making sure that the new dirt covering was patted down and secure. I grabbed our egg and the fur blanket we made for it and laid it down softly into our new home. “Lets go get cleaned first.” I said. Liz and I both wandered down to our usual bathing spot and got all of the dirt out of our fur. I hate how easy dirt gets caught in my fur, I can’t hate it enough, it feels so damn horrible. How the hell do dogs roll around in dirt for fun? We both walked back to our home after we got clean. I sat down a few feet from the new hill in the middle of the field and stared up at the stars. “You know the only bad thing about getting a roof over our head?” I asked. “What’s that?” Liz said. “We don’t get to look at all the pretty stars. None of them are the same as Earth’s, there are so many constellations I can just create by tracing out a few of the stars, it’s wonderful.” I said. Liz leaned into me. “I remember looking up at the stars, it reminds me of when you first proposed, or promised to marry me rather.” She stared up at the sky and grabbed her pendant. “The stars are so much better here than back on Earth.” She said. “They truly are.” I said. I stared into the sparkly sky, there are just so many stars, so many little blinky dots in the sky. You’d never be able to see this wonderful spectacle back on Earth. I wandered to the entrance of out home. “Home sweet hole, we now have a proper roof over our head.” I said. I laid down next to our egg and Liz did the same. We still have a about four and a half months till we can expect the egg to hatch. I can’t wait to meet our son… daughter, whoever they are I can’t wait to see their smiling face.
Back In Reality - Chapter 14Chapter 14 A giant mess of papers are strewn about the table in front of me. It’s all just physics and more physics. God I hate physics sometimes, but all of this just makes sense somehow. Magic was so simple yet so damn hard to understand. It’s just energy, very special energy. Hell, I can even use a very limited bit of magic, I can make a small little flame come from my claw. BUT NONE OF THAT EVEN MATTERS ANYMORE! I held my head in my claws. Why does this all have to be confusing? I felt something brush against my neck. “What’s wrong?” Liz asked. She pressed herself into me, she always did this when I needed help. I sighed and looked down at the papers on the table. “It’s all wrong but then it isn’t.” I said. I stared at one paper in particular, a blueprint. “You never told me what this is all about either.” She said sifting through the sea of papers. “They’re building a machine, a portal of sorts. It won’t be finished for another year, but it still just baffles me how all of this can be possible.” I said. Every single thing checks out proving it’s completely possible to open a portal to… we don’t know yet. So many things can go wrong, it’s all so precise… It scares me, I’m going to end up being one of the few people managing this portal right from the start… what if it ever goes wrong? “Take your mind off work for a little bit, you’re going to make yourself sick.” She said. She was right, I’ve been staring at these papers for far too long. “Come on, tomorrow is Saturday, why don’t we go out to go do something fun?” “Yeah, yeah that sounds nice. No work, no stress.” I said. Relaxing is going to be nice; it’s going to be good. “Can you believe we’ve only been out of school for a few months?” She asked. “It feels like years if you ask me, I’ve been working nonstop.” I said. I paused. “Yeah this is why a break would be nice.” “Come one, tomorrow just a day out in the town.” She said.~~~ I’m standing right in front of the frame of the portal. It’s twenty feet in diameter and made of titanium and steel. That’s all they’ve made so far. Trevor was here overseeing the progress of the portal frame; we’ve still got a very long time to go before it’s even close to ready to operate. “It’s beautiful isn’t it.” Trevor said. “Y-yes sir, it looks amazing.” I said. “Right here, the key to solving the worlds problems, power, food, overpopulation, all of them.” He said staring right at the frame. He held his body high and proud; this is what he’s been working towards for a very long time. A black dragon walked past, wearing glasses and doughnut in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. If I knew any better, I’d assume he was some sort of intern, but no, I knew this dragon very well. “Jack, Trevor, do both of you have a moment?” Void asked. I never got why he called himself Void. I asked him about it once… it made him sad, but he would always answer the same way, ‘it’s just part of me that I can never replace’. I wish I understood what he meant by that, but I guess I never will, he’s not really open about his past. “Yeah, we have a moment, what is it?” Trevor asked. “Right so going back through these plans we’re expecting this to finish in a little less than a year. Once that happens, we’re planning to man some expeditions through the portal we open after we confirm safety through a drone. Now, we have yet to come up any plans for if it fails.” Void said. “What exactly are you proposing?” Trevor asked. “That we come up with a plan to explore the portal even if it’s hostile. Of course, we won’t use people, just drones, but there might be useful clues in they beyond.” He said. “That doesn’t really sound like a problem to me, I mean it’s be like landing a rover on mars… mostly.” I said. Trevor shifted his weight slightly. It’s obvious when you’re larger when you shift your weight, it’s sometimes threatening to see a giant snake of fluff shift to the left a bit. “We can do that, but that does put more work on the drone building team, we’d have to prepare for more unknowns. If they’re able to create drones capable of navigating the hostile environment we’ll explore and research it before moving on to the next Beyond.” He said. Beyond… that’s what we’re calling these places. Places beyond our universe, it’s so damn interesting but I can’t even begin to explain half of it. There may be infinite Beyonds but we have no way of telling until we go to every single one. We’ve proven already that there is more than one and so many more than a single person could count because of how magic strength works and just how sensitive it can be. By adjusting magic strength by a fraction of a fraction of a part you are able to fine tune where the portal will go… in theory anyway. “Are you ok Jack? You just started staring there for a second.” Void asked. “Uh yeah I’m ok-opp!” I shook my head and launched a flat black box out of my chest piece. Void picked up the box and looked at the golden cursive lettering. “Draken Jewels…” He trailed off. “I-I picked it up this morning.” I said grabbing the box from his hands. I opened it to reveal a beautiful pendant with a large yellow gem socketed in the center. The silver rim of the pendant sparkles with small diamonds refracting every single bit of light that hit them. It was a thing a beauty and thankfully the fall didn’t damage it. “So that’s what you spent that on.” Trevor whispered. I asked him for a small sum of money a few weeks ago, I used all of it plus some to order this custom from a newer jewelry franchise that specialized in making things for dragons of all shapes and sizes. “D-do you think she’ll like it?” I asked. “I already k-know the answer, b-b-but I don’t know if she will like it or not.” I said. “So, you’re finally going through with it, of course she’s going to love it, it’s from you of all people.” Trevor said. Void stared at the Yellow gem and gave a slight smile. “I guess you never really got away from crystals Jack.” He said very quietly. “I think she’ll love it.” “It would look amazing against her purple fur.” Trevor said. “Do you have any special plans on how you’re going to give it to her?” He asked. “I-I was thinking something like visiting some places we went to on our first date… there’s a cliff a little way from our house. It has such a beautiful view at night, and I think it would be the most perfect place to propose.” I said. I nearly started rambling. I cleared my throat and closed the black box and put it securely into my chest piece. “How is Kore doing?” I asked Void. “He’s doing alright, much more stable than he was last month…” He trailed off. “Did he…” I didn’t finish my sentence; his expression held the answer for me. “At least he’s getting better.” “You can always take him to go get another psyche evaluation, or even get some therapy.” Trevor said. “Tell him I wish him luck.” “Yeah, tell him I wish him the best.” I said. Void gave a slight smile. “I will, I think he might like hearing that.” He said. A small beeping sound cut into our conversation. He was wearing a watch. “Oh, I’m sorry but I have no more time to chat, so you both tomorrow.” He quickly walked off. Damn, I wanted to ask him something, I guess I’ll just have to try and remember next time I see him. I looked back at the frame of the portal, we have so long before this thing can even be tested, it’s making me anxious. “When would you two be holding an actual wedding?” Trevor asked. “Oh uh, I’ve talked about this, we’ve decided on not doing anything too special. We’re going to get somebody to officiate the wedding but it’s going to be rather informal. Just a nice gathering at our house.” I said. I don’t think she has any idea that I’ve gotten this amulet, or that I plan on proposing tomorrow. We’ve already made our promises, but it’s going to be really nice, I hope it’s really nice. “That sounds nice, I hope everything turns out alright for you two.” Trevor said. He quickly left, he could never really stay here long, there are things he needs to do as the president… It’s weird sometimes, remembering that he’s the president. I continued with my work I had for that day then went home. Liz had already made dinner by the time I got home. I proposed that we go on a little adventure tomorrow and of course she wanted to do something with me. I was getting giddy, I’m so excited and even though I knew the answer I was giving myself anxiety. The new day came, and we woke up early. We both got ready for the day ahead of us and by nine we were out of the house and exploring the town. The town has changed so much in the past few months, many buildings were taking advantage of government grants to make their buildings more dragon friendly. Liz and I could go into nearly every single building we saw. Sadly, some stores were more useful than others. There was a general clothing store open up to dragons, but clothes do little for a dragon our size, but it’s still nice to be able to go inside of them. We ate lunch and continued to just mess around town. I could tell she was having a good time; I was too. Night started to roll around and I suggested that we fly around for a while as I’d be working more and more in the coming weeks. We flew to all the places we did the first time we went on a date and we finally came up onto the cliff. We sat leaning into each other and stared down at all the trees. The mostly full moon illuminated the night like a soft flashlight, everything looked wonderful. “Hey Liz?” I asked. She looked at me, “I have a question, and I know I already know the answer,” I pulled myself away from her… how exactly and I supposed to bend down on one knee as a dragon? I reared myself up and grabbed into my chest piece and pulled out the black box. “But I find it customary to ask this question after we’ve been together for this time,” I opened up the box to reveal the pendant. “But. Will you marry me?” I asked. She held a huge smile on her face, and she pulled me into a kiss that lasted a few seconds longer than any we’ve ever shared before. “Of course, I’ll marry you.” She said. She started to cry and laugh. “Well let’s see how it looks on you.” I said. I grabbed the pendant by the chains and wrapped it around her neck. It took me a few seconds to get it to clip but I finally got it. I took a step back and looked at it against her fur. “You look even more beautiful than I imagined.” I said. “T-thank you.” She said. If she could blush beneath her fur she’d be blushing. We sat up against each other and looked back over the cliff, she kept glancing down at her pendant. I hope she likes it. This feels like a dream, this entire life has felt like a dream, a very, very good dream. I let out a slight laugh. “People probably think we’re crazy, married at nineteen.” I said. I could hear myself purring, it was only complimented by Liz herself letting out a soft purr. “Well those people just don’t get it.” She said. “People probably think a lot of our lives are crazy, barely being in college and already considered one of the ‘smartest’ in my field, it’s strange.” I said. “This life has been strange, oh so strange… at least it can be strange, together.” “How long did you have this planned?” She asked. “Since our first date, the view was just so amazing, it was perfect here.” I said. She gave me another kiss and we just sat there and looked at the landscape.~~~ “OH, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!” Mom shouted; she was trying her best to give me a hug. We visited my parents right after the cliff. Mom was trying her best not to cry and dad held his signature stoic look. The news went better than I expected, mom kept saying how good the pendant looked. I feel bad for not taking her to go get the pendant, but she knew that I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone. By the time we left it was already nearing midnight, mom and dad kept us talking about holding the official wedding in a month, we already have most everything set up, all that needs to happen is sending out invitations and setting up the area at out house.~~~ Twenty-four hours and counting. Twenty-four hours before our official wedding. The invites were sent out two weeks ago, oh I can’t wait. It’s late in the day, Liz is going to be spending the day to herself tomorrow before the wedding and I’m going to be doing my own thing as well. Something still didn’t feel right, like we were missing something… “Hey Liz?” I asked. She looked up in my direction, “Did we ever send an invite to… your mother?” I asked. We haven’t talked about her for about a year ever since she disowned Liz. “I understand if you don’t want her there, I’m perfectly fine with that, but I was just wondering, does she at least deserve an invite?” I asked. She looked at me, she was thinking but I don’t think it was all good. “We can… we can go give her one in person.” She said. She doesn’t sound the happiest about this. “Do you think she’d be awake right now?” I asked. She nodded. We flew right to Liz’s old house, we both stood at the door. Neither of us could muster the strength to knock on the door. Liz finally pulled up her claw and clicked to doorbell. I could hear some movement from inside and the door opened to reveal a woman, her mother. “Oh, how may I help you two?” Her mom asked. I glanced over at Liz, her eyes were watery. “H-hey mom, it’s me, Liz.” Liz said. I saw a tear roll into her fur. She’s still heartbroken over what happened. I looked at her mother, her face just held shock and sadness. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered. She started to cry and pushed herself into Liz. “I’m so sorry.” Both of them started to audibly sob. It made me want to cry, it was just so… it hurt. I let them have their moment, they stood there for a few minutes before either of them could bring themselves to talk. “I regret what I did, I know there is no forgiving that, but it hurts me that I pushed my own child away from me.” She’s still pressed against Liz’s chest. “It’s ok mom, it’s ok.” Liz said. She had a smile on her face. “I have something for you.” She said. She nodded her head at me, and I pulled the letter out of my chest piece. I held it towards her mother, and she grabbed it, she stared at the blank envelop. “Go ahead, open it.” Both are still letting the waterworks flow. Her mom slowly peeled open the envelope and pulled out the invitation we had made. She stood there and read it for a moment. “Oh Liz!” She said before grabbing back into her chest. I felt slightly awkward standing here, but Liz needed this, she really did.~~~ From a distance you could barely recognize that this was a wedding. A cheap setup and not a whole lot of food. It looked more like a formal get together than anything else. Vows have already been said, ‘rings’ have been exchanged and speeches have been made. It’s now just two newlyweds and everyone else enjoying what was left of the night. It’s so hard to believe that this has actually happened. I’m helping clean everything up, there isn’t that much food left so at least there isn’t that much cleanup to do in that department. The decorations are going to be the hardest things to clean up, one of the trees close by the house is full of plug-in lights and I’m starting to think that we should just leave it like that. After all the decorations were collected the last of everyone left leaving Liz and I alone. I am completely drained. I’ve had a day I will never forget. It’s already one in the morning and neither of us have slept yet. I just crawled into bed and laid on my side. Liz followed suit. I gave her a kiss and wished her to sleep well…
Ref Sheets
Reward: Neeshan Dragonform. by PandiiVan
Yarubi 2021 by Libertades
AUCTION closed - Radiance by Beaver-XX
Ryoc Reference Sheet 2020 by Inklev
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TBoC page 45 by Libertades
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