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8 Random Facts
I was tagged by AwesomeYay99 to do this. gadamit
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar.
Tagged OC: Ruby Penn
1- Ruby needs to be doing things with her hands almost 24/7. She'll chew on her nails, ropebraid things, drum on herself, pick at her fingernails, pull her hair up into an unbound ponytail to readjust it, or a whole bunch of other things.
2- She doesn't give people the middle finger. Instead, she flicks her middle and pointer fingers toward them with a palm-up hand. This is considered basically an "f-you" in her home world.
3- Her mannerisms are often decidedly more masculine than feminine, and some less human than others. She nods to people instead of/along with waving, rubs at her neck if she's nervous, curls her tongue when yawning, and habitually curls her fingers inwards instead of leaving them loose and straight.
4- Ruby's ears are ever so slightly poi
:icondragonnadder:DragonNadder 2 0


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The Heart of The Poet
Pyrrhia and Pantala
It's united at last
Pyrrhia and Pantala
We don't fear the past
The Alliance will protect us
The students will learn
The Citizens will fuel us
There will be no concern
Dragons and Dragons
From Pantala and Pyrrhia
Will see the Isle Mezzo
If they need me I will come
If they need me I'm the one
I'm the peacebringer, I'm their friend
I'll be there until the end.
How do you help those you can't sympathize with?
The mention of the words can bring them to silence, quiet like a mute.
You can see it in their eyes, though.
They're suffering, aren't they?
They lose more than you can ever dream of, haven't they?
Friends, loved ones, the trust of others.
What else could they have gone through?
What mental torment is still waiting for them in the back of their head, whispering for them to submit to their fears?
Will I ever find out what truly happened?
Or was I too ignorant to see what was going on and help
:iconpleiadesthenightwing:PleiadesTheNightWing 5 4
3 boys by Lycandeer 3 boys :iconlycandeer:Lycandeer 12 3
Blissfully Oblivious
'I can't explain the things I've heard, not in the slightest, can I?'
Navi scrunched her nose up, messing with her little handmade journal. She had torn pieces of scroll up and snatched some leather from her parents before leaving in order to make it. It kept her poetry safe, but her mind had wandered yet again as she sat on the beach of Mezzo, thinking of what Swallow had mentioned when they had met in the marketplace.
'Soul labyrinth. Starspawn. The 'Eldritchy stuff.' How do I explain that to anyone?' She thought, taking a long, deep breath as she closed her journal and set it down beside her, away from the water. She... where had she been when all of this happened? Blissfully oblivious, like always, or hiding like a coward? She couldn't remember exactly- she must've been doing something absolutely different, away from the heartache and the insanity.
But it didn't matter. She didn't remember anything from that time, so she must've been doing something unimportant. She had never exper
:iconpleiadesthenightwing:PleiadesTheNightWing 4 3
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Words of a Friend
close-ups: /
A scene from a PPAU rp today which i suppose could go into the biweekly prompt category??
Sekhmet and Lostwish stumbled upon Strum’s cave, where he was trying to figure out how to deal with his involuntary cannibalism - after Strum begins trying to remember who he is behind that mask, Sekhmet steps up and starts talking to him, reminding him who he is.

“You are Strum, teacher and Illumote. Boyfriend of Ox, mentor to Lostwish, hero to some and friend to more.” When did you get into speechifying, Lioness? “You’ve been through things I can’t imagine, that I am certain of. You’re a big strong dragon, sure, but you’re also kind. You’re enthusiastic, you’re clever, you honor others.”

Sekhmet took a step closer to him, eyes soft but mind louder, flashing through her memories with him. “You’re also corrupted. Trapped with a slimy beast who makes its headquarters in your brain, and it’s not something you can stop when it decides to release itself.

“You’re my teammate, Strum - remember the water fight a couple months ago? Me and you, against Moonwave and Amethyst? We might have lost, sure, but we lost putting up a fight, and we had fun doing so.”

With every few lines that passed her mouth, she came a bit closer. “You’ve hurt, but you’ve also healed. You’ve lost, but you’ve also won. You can win again, Strum.

I believe in you. I believe you can find a way through this.” She made an attempt to halt Strum and looked into his eyes, unblinking. “Do you?

Strum belongs to SpacejumpZoroark
Sekhmet is mine
Lostwish belongs to ForbiddenDreaming
Oxalis belongs to Slyroccketwolf
Moonwave belongs to Dolphindraws
can’t count ds, running out of power




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Ruby Penn
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Dragon lover, mythological beings expert, Pokémon enthusiast, bookworm, video gamer, and much more! I try not to hate on any ships or people or artses, so please try to extend the same respect!
I ship:
Hau X F!Player (Pokémon Sun and Moon)
Tory X Barra (Sunborn Rising)
Lukas X F!Jesse (MCSM)
Lukas X Petra (MCSM)
Qibli X Moon (Wings of Fire)
Kai X Jay (Ninjago, idk why)
And probably a little else. I don't hate homosexual ships, I just don't ship many of them.

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