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Sword Hand

I took this picture because I needed a refference of a hand holding a sword for one of my drawings.
(Thanks Justin! =^.^=)

I uploaded this here because I understand that i'm not the only artist that occasionally has a problem drawing hands holding things, and swords are a rather popular thing to have them hold.

I cropped the background out of it because it was ugly and distracting (damned tv thing).

Use as you guys see fit. Just give me credit for taking the image.
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Used your stock here [link]
Thanks very much.
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I had to favorite / leave a comment on that picture because it blew my mind, but I'll repeat that I'm glad that I was able to be of some help.
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Lol...well im happy you were impressed and thanks again for the use of your stock :)
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OMG! you read my mind,I needed a hand/sword refference a wile back,now I have it, Thanx ,by the way,nice pic!
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Hehe. I knew someone else would at least find that useful.
Nice sword. :)
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Thanks! :D
$25 at a flea market ;p
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