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Princess Celestia

As promised, a complimentary picture to the Nightmare Moon picture at [link]

I know that the horse anatomy isn't quite perfect, but I wanted to retain that mischievous look that Celestia always seems to have.

... I had more I wanted to say about this, but suddenly I blanked on that. O_O;
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Hehe. Personally I feel this one needs help (maybe someday), but I'm glad you like it. ^.^
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Not gonna lie, this freaks me the fuck out.
But it's very well done :)
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I should rename it to "Durpy Rainbow cat Horse" as that's what I've started calling it at conventions.

I really need to go in an fix it, but thank you for the compliment. ^_^;
RainbowDash3221XD's avatar
That's cute ^_^
and often that which freaks you out is the best ^_^

yay anime smiley face ^_^
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looks scary... O_o
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It does? That's not at all what I was trying to go for with this picture. Which part(s)?
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Well, first of all, eyes do not look good, looks creepy and, well, I know Celestia is a horse but in this position it doesn't look too good. I don't want to offend you with my critical comment... ^^;
Otherwise the colors look good :)
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Oh I'm not offended. I just thought that she looked, actually kind of inquisitive/durpy as I painted it. I know that the eyes are a little large and the jaw is a little...

... F@#%!. I just painted a cat. o_<
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(Sorry. Couldn't help myself. ^_^;)
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i'm tripping balls, that little pony looks real
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I just love this comment! Thank you. *hugs*
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So sparkly! I must say, it's rather odd seeing Celestia as an actual horse, but an interesting take on it nonetheless. I love how goddess-like the lighting presents her!
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Thank you! The lighting was definitely my favorite part to work on. ^.^
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Her mane is 20% cooler than the original. I love it!
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Thanks! I really like the way the princesses in the show look and wanted to do my own interpretation of them. I think that if I do any more fanart for the show, it would be an Ursa Major and Minor pic. Those thing were amazing! O_O
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