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My Artwork, My Copyright Stamp

For those of you that have saved this stamp to your collection for the image itself. THANK YOU!

For those of that that have (also) saved this stamp to your collection because of the various bits of copyright discussion that was included in this comment area here, please be aware that I've moved this information. It can now by found at the group Protect-Yourself

I would have liked to have left it, but there was like... 3 miles of reading here. It needed to be broken up somehow. :P
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Using on DA profile page! Something like that is a need!!! Thanks!
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using in the description of one of my works, to keep away art thieves...
Here: Not where I am
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I will use it if I can figure out how to use stamps. xD
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Now to figure out how to add this to my descriptions… I'll be figuring out how to use this ^^
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Thank you for making this. And I will be using it^^
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I'm using it
thank you very much
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No problem!  Thank you for the heads up! :)
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Sure can! Just link back here. :)
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Thank you, what's the command though?
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You mean : thumb82896660 : (without the spaces)?
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Right. Sorry. I was just confused because that code is located on the right-hand side of all deviation pages in most cases (I think it might be missing on mobile though). ^_^;
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Sure! Just link it back to me somehow. ^_~
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[link] its on my page under Newest Deviations. thank you so much. ^w^
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