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Hello and Goodye

So uh... long time no post. Weird how time slips away and you don't realize that you've been away from what used to be a regular haunt. I was herded back by :userbababhalu: who me a core membership - which I'll admit - is really neat. I'll have to poke around at these features. 

Update: I'm not dead. Just been really busy. That novel [] I wrote about somewhere on here previously won an award, and so did it's (still unfinished) audio book. I've started writing the sequel and have been posting it, in pieces, on Patreon []. I've also started working on the illustrated edition for Sivoa: Sunrise and sharing those on Patreon as well (honestly I'm using the service to focus on Sivoa in particular). I also made a website for the thing:

For a while now, I've wanted to create an illustrated edition of the story that I've been writing. My previous experiment with doing Sivoa: Mourning (…) made me realize that I'm not exactly the fastest artist, and so doing a fully illustrated novel in a short amount of time wasn't quite feasible - so I've been releasing a series of stand-alone chapter images. This is the one for the first Sivoa: Sunrise chapter. :)
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