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Scaly Mistral

This started out as a sketch, but I liked where it was going, so I added lots of details. I tried to be super accurate with the scaling and the anatomy in this portrait - despite the sloppiness of the smudges and the eraser marks, I think she turned out pretty well! I might pen this one in ^^
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Scellanis's avatar
Oooo pretty dragon!
Wildfire66's avatar
Awsome i love the Detail it mustv'e taken a while to draw all of those scales o.o
Kordracon's avatar
I can't get over how awesome your dragons are.. lots of detail!
Greylight-S's avatar
you look great in this picture, very pretty! I love the wings and pose in this. You're pictures keep getting better and better though all of them are really good.

Greylight S.
runeofwarding's avatar
I LOVE this. If I could ever draw something this lovely I'd die happy. Love the details and pose.
RedDrgn's avatar
Very nice! It's good to see the Mistral out and about again. ;)
Dragonmistral's avatar
Hehe, thanks, Fae! It's good to be back! This is such a great place to keep in touch with dragon and artist buddies alike, and to see how everyone is progressing with their artwork :D
5V5's avatar
Wow.. shes really beautifull. ^.=.^ Colour and penning this would be awsome! great work as well you have patience. It shows!
AzeFish's avatar
Definitely pen this...
ReaderWriter's avatar
wonderfully detailed! Great job!
Seiryuu-Kami's avatar
:clap: Aww she looks so lovely.
Great expression and awesome detail!
dragonslorefury's avatar
Just when I think your drawing couldn't get even more amazing you throw this into the mix, absolutely fantastic!
I love the way you've done the wings in particular.
Dragonmistral's avatar
Awww, thanks, Dragonslore! That made my evening, truly it did! It's great to see you again!

dragonslorefury's avatar
Yeah I've been hectic recently DX
Niohoggr's avatar
Oh, I love the details! n .n
That "spine armor" looks really neat.
jkarrah's avatar
That's some really nice work, there. Any plans to color it as well?
Gift-of-Light's avatar
Very nice detail! I like how you drew the paws and feet too, from a behind perspective like that.
Ahgjan's avatar
oh very nice! Love the detail. Think we might see this one in color someday in the [distant] future?
Drummerxkiller's avatar
Cool. Some details are missing in wings, but the posture and the scales form and location are nice.:)
Ima-fighting-dreamer's avatar
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