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As the Sun Sets

As cliche and cheesy as it may be, sunset is an emotional and nostalgic time of day for me. It symbolizes a lot of my musings, my growth, my inner landscape, probably too much that a briefing here on DA can get into! I annually draw Mistral watching the sunset. I think the 2005 edition is the most accurate and powerful to date.

Mistral and Art are © myself
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Wow this is beautiful!!!!  Love the clouds and the overall soft feeling from the picture.  Also the details on the dragon is just lovely.  I can imagine myself sitting next to that magnificent bast enjoying the sunset as well.  Sunsets too mean a lot to me.  It's the the time of day that makes me think about a lot of things in my life as well as well as dreaming of places I can be while watching such things every day.  Makes me dream for better things, while be grateful for what I have. 
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I love sunsets and sunrises. Would watch them every day if I could. This is a magnificent picture! :)

Greylight S.
Aquilla-Whingate's avatar
Well I really like this piece As it has all the vibrant colors and design of color pencil and water colors, nice work. And I also lie the scale detail an shading too as I do see golden brown does not disappoint especially with the array of other colors that compliment it so well. :) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Beautiful, beautiful piece! I love the detail. :)
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i just want to keep hitting favorite again and again.. but that would unfave it and i don't want that at all love it to death!!
elen89's avatar
beautiful work :D
Ahgjan's avatar
Very very well captured. I love the detail, and that grass looks quite soft.

I can't help but wonder what has your attention.
SilkenWinds's avatar
I love seeing pictures of you! yay! :D
You're such a beautiful dragoness, ain't ya??
I love sunsets too, they are stunning to look at. My favorite part of it is the pink and purple hues.
victortky's avatar
nice. I like the wings and the scales. The colours were well used!
DragonEyzs's avatar
Beautiful work! :clap: :clap:
tyshadragon's avatar
I can definitely see the power in this, its an amazingly picture :)

And I'm starting to overdose on Mistral art! :D
Wildfire66's avatar
wow! i love all the colours and shinyness in this pic great work :D
R-Eventide's avatar
Oooh, gorgeous work. Love the lighting and the colors of the sunset.
IsilanaRith's avatar
Oh wow! that is a really beautiful drawing. The colors and shading are wonderful.
dracodragon5's avatar
Mistral, your art is so amazingly beautiful it's no wonder you are a legend among us dragons. *hugs*
jkarrah's avatar
That's beautifully done. So vibrant on the colors. :)
Zyleeth's avatar
Oh wow, gorgeous! I love how you did the grass, its positively glinting in the sunset. :)
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