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I'm still alive...
   Not that anyone was wondering..... but the reason I havent been online is that I have moved in with a friend of mine. It's just 3 miles down the road from where I was living but I don't have a comp there :( . So the only time I get online is when I come back here to visit.

  I hope to be getting a car sometime soon, and then a computer. Bad thing is cable doesnt go out to the new place I live at so I'll have to try out DirecPC i guess for somewhat highspeed connection.

  I have an appointment next week to see if I can get laser surgery on my eyes. No more glasses YAY!!! Wish me luck.

  I got my first cell phone last week. I can call anywhere in the US, no long distance no roaming. Pretty kool!

  Well, I guess that's all for an update now. Oh and working outside in the summer sucks .

Missing you all...
Spiderman kicks so much ass!!! I highly recommend everyone go see it.

Well, tomorrow marks my one year anniversary with deviantart :) and the next day is my 25th birthday :)

Damn I'm gettin old.......

Anyhoo, I've got lots of drinking to do over the next few days , but I'll likely be stopping in from time to time ;)

Spiderman kicks so much ass!!! I highly recommend everyone go see it.

Spiderman opens in theaters everywhere on Friday. Make sure you and everyone you know goes to see it.  

In other news..... I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday next Thursday. Damn I'm getting old!  Anyhoo, party at my house if ya wanna stop by...

well, ive been back in construction for a few weeks now. It's more money but much harder work.

At least it'll get me back in shape. I was gettin fat working in that kitchen. heheh. Between work and the pool I should also have a nice tan.

well, i lost my job monday. tested positive for marijuana. oops

it was actually just the only way that the facility administrator could get rid of me. she never has liked me , but i did my job very well and i always showed up for work, so she had to find a reason to fire me.

there were several other people who losy their jobs that day.

the day after though, i got a call from someone at work that said the State inspectors had come in and were raising hell.
i laughed my ass off.

i'll be looking for a new job now, so i dont know how often i'll be on here.

wish me luck :)

  i've had delays with my first original skin. problems with getting the cursor for it to display properly. e-roz has offered to convert it for me so, im waiting for him to send it back.

i have done a few new Sputnik ports which im awaiting permission to release.

on a more personal note, my supervisor sux0rs!! she's killed me this last month with her scheduling. the check i got today was for 39.5 hrs. FOR TWO WEEKS!!! i mean damn i got bills to pay. im gonna have to find a new job thats within bicycle riding distance, since my car is fux0red and i havent been able to get my bills payed, let alone fix my P.O.S. car.

ok enough of me bitchin.
ive nearly completed my first original skin! well, first original skin that is worthy of submitting i think.

its not the greatest but i've been pleasantly surprised at how its turned out.

its for kewlpAd btw. if you know what kewlpAd is , kool. if you dont.... go here see it, download it, love it , and never use Notepad again.
ive had a lot of fun working with al and loidens images to make skins.

i hopefully will be doing some original skins soon. i have tons of ideas that i lack the skill to make into reality, but i am learning.

i will definitely be continuing to do ports and working with others on their skins though.
if you want to see what ive been up to lately check out fused's new colorpad skins

just completed v3 , but it has a one pix error i want to try and fix before submitting.
i really should use this more often...

currently working on many things , just not getting much time to work on them.

solder for icq

a remix of Sputnik icq

some attempts at some semi-trans HUD skins based on Tribes 1 (which will likely be abandoned)

possibly a cursor set based on the little ghosts i used on Trick or treat KP.

my cable connection is sucking hardcore , getting progressively worse. unfortunately its the only cable provider in the area , and i'm about 670 meters to far out for dsl.
so i'll have to stick with this inconsistent cable connection.
well, it cost me $190, but i got to keep my license. my insurance is gonna go up, at least i can still drive tho.
still havent got much deviating done :( . soon hopefully.
im not gonna have the money to pay my ticket when the time comes.
not sure what they'll do about it. guess the worst they can do is take my drivers license.

ive started tryin to work on some new stuff, but dont know if i can pull em off just yet.
have to see how it goes.
been a lot of crazy stuff goin on , and i havent gotten to work on anything new in a while :( but im hopin to get started on some ideas that i have soon.
i got a continuance. that gives me another month to try and figure a way out of it. hehe

stayed up way late must sleep now.
court this afternoon, let ya know how it turns out tonight.
temps are startin to cool down some around here. i'm very glad for that. i much prefer cooler weather.
people are finding entirely too many occasios to make me go to strip clubs with them
well.......... i nearly lost my job , i got a speeding ticket , i found out my biological mother (who lives about 550 miles away) needs $3,000 for some kind of sinus operation. i been workin a lot but i got no extra cash taxes bills blah.

thats all that comes to mind now.