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Lone Wanderer vs Courier Meme



Another meme, this time :icontheairie:'s Wanderer vs Courier Meme. I'm being lazy, so I'm doing Memes. You can't stop me.

Anyways, my two Fallout Characters: Meetra Surik, the Lone Wanderer (and later Hero of the Old Republic), and Cole MacGrath, Courier #6 (a.k.a. Mr. I accidentally zapped myself to the future). It was fun to do.

1. Introduction time. No, really. Meetra's pretty curious about everything, Cole just wants them to fuck off. Thank you very much.
2. Yeah. My first time in the DC Underground: I ran directly into a Super Mutant. Knowing that I wouldn't manage to shoot him on time, I just drew my knife and knifed him dead. Ever since, Meetra is known as 'She who murders everything with a knife'.
Meetra is a friendly and outgoing character. Expect for if you are an ass. Then she isn't.
And yes. I can't get into a firefight, or my game will crash. Why? It's because Fallout3 does not like working with Windows 7. This is, incidentally, the reason I can't play this game very well. Does anyone have an idea how to remedy that?
3. Cole's much tougher. He has better perks to use (Jury Rigger, amongst others), which makes him a lot more versatile than Meetra.
Cole can also become a lot richer than Meetra, and this is not only because he can empty the casinos with enough luck. Stuff is much more worth in Vegas, so I can sell the crap I find at a much better price.
And don't try to fight Cole either. He will find a way to murder you. You don't dick around with a guy who walks into Deathclaw Promitory for shits and giggles, man.
4. This is basically the routine for RPG Heroes, isn't it?
5. Since they're both friendly and good-natured, they'd bond quickly. Best friends forever. Plus, Cole could teach Meetra a thing or two about survival.
6. Yes. meeting new and interesting people, shoot them in the face, go places, get paid. Best job ever.
7. No. After Vault 11 and 22, Cole's not so keen on getting stuck in another Vault.
8. I like Fawkes from the way he sounds. Haven't really met him, because of, you know- crashing game. I love E-DE. And Veronica. And Christine. And Arcade.
9. Lee, don't screw with the gal that had Liberty Prime under her control. Enclave, don't screw with the guy that survived the fucking Sierra Madre.
10. Yeah. Was a great Meme.
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This is amazing!
I love both of your characters!