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Rynn's Random Knowledge - Bees
 When most people think of bees, they think of honey, of Maya the Bee, of the Bee Movie, of small stinging insects that pollinate plants. But bees are also our most important productive livestock- and they are endangered. Relatives The closest relatives of bees and bumblebees are wasps, hornets and ants. The oldest known relative of a bee has been found in fossils that are between 75 and 92 million years old. Food All bees are vegetarian. They mostly feed on nectar and pollen, some also ingest animal products like honeydew that is produced by aphids, or tree saps from coniferous trees. Bees and bumblebees do not eat other animals, unlike
Rynn's Random Knowledge - Germany
 Germany is, in my opinion as German, a pretty double-sided country in the eyes of the world. For one, Germans are said to be incredible engineers and inventors and really friendly people, while the other side is still comparing Germans to Nazis. While there are still idiots running around (and lately their amount is increasing again), Germany is so much more than just Nazis or engineers. Incredible to belief, but loads of things happened or were invented here in Germany, and many of them spilled over to other countries and changed the course of History. Let's take a look at Germany for some closer understanding. History -47 million years
Rynn's Random Knowledge - Bats
 The first thing people think of when they hear 'bat' are basically 'Dracula' and 'Batman', they think of things flapping in the dark, and of caves. But that's not everything- Bats are the only mammals capable of real flight- as opposed to the gliding ability developed in various other mammals like flying squirrels. That is why bats have a special body structure, which puts them apart from any other mammal and makes it easy to tell them apart. There are also about 1100 different species of bats, making them the second-largest group of mammals right after rodents, and all of them are incredible little marvels of nature. Let's buckle up and get


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Hey if you had to choose between these 3 starters which one would you pick? 

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...Can I say none of them? 
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*Cocks Shotgun*....Oh sorry I was making sure this thing still works

I don't do much with it other than scare off coyotes you were saying....oh...

Yeah...you can pick none...tho why :(
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I don't know. Maybe because they look like Digimon?

No idea though, I mean the ideas are good, but somehow, I don't really like them.
Maybe it's because they get own super-special moves or something, and since Z-Moves and mega Evolutions came out I'm kind of allergic to super special moves in critters that aren't legendary.

Also, the designs are too complicated to be just starters, and asides from the names there isn't much 'Scandinavian' on them.
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FancyKelStache|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
broke: harassing people on the internet about headcanons that make them happy

woke: calling your mom cause you need attention that bad
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Broken: developing Headcanons that in no way have any solid connection or source in the real canon material.
More Broken: Pretending to have mental or physical disorder for attention.
Rubble: Being an idiot who connects the first both and treating it as the best since cut bread, because they don't want to adapt their theories to facts and attempt to twist facts so they fit with theory.

Awake: First learning about the source material before making assumptions or developing headcanon.

Though maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. Tumblr seems to be mankind's most idiotic and one-sided attention whores in concentration.
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FancyKelStache|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's called a HEADCANON for a reason, as in, it's made up and for fun!!!

Headcanons for a WHOAH, fictional character!!! for fun!!! golly gee!!!

also hey whatever happened to-

"However, since they are your ideas, we will not hate on them just because we don't like them."

Which is on your fanfiction profile. Guess that doesn't apply anymore huh?

Also, the only attention whore I've been seeing has been you. You, who has repeatedly harassed my friend because you don't like the way she's having fun. Like if you don't like what she says or thinks or whatever, why do you keep messaging her?? Why do you keep going on her blog??? Why do you want her to engage with you??? Why do you care?????

So like leave her alone, shut up, and again, call your mom and cry to her.

(Also before you try and be a crybaby about me coming to you and telling you off, don't forget, you already repeatedly harassed someone else on their personal space of the internet. So if you don't like it when I do it, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen-)
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