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Upon your request; I am not familiarly with the characters but everyone look like individuals, unique and well defined. Even without kn...

I’m not sure what to make of this…the detail is stunning and the colors mesmerizing! Two ideas are swimming through my head as I look a...

This is an excellent example of the realistic style of anime. Tone and texture are well defined with minimal line and maximum detail. T...

An excellent image; wonderful coloring and splendid shading. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the skull-as-a-helmet idea; it’s nice to...

Sonic, one of the gaming immortals. You did an excellent and proportional drawing that really matches how he looks. It is however very ...

Very strong impact, sometimes simple is best. The muted color, the strong contrast, it all adds to the image. Considering how white you...


In a conflict between a group of heroes and one of the antagonists, the antagonists is tearing openings between dimensions.  Some portals are sucking in everything around it while others are spitting out the contents of whatever is on the other side.  Iím thinking of using the portals to alter/reboot a charter or start their new character arc.  In the battle, the antagonists would throw the charter in one of the portals but shortly after an older half cyborg version of the charter appears and rejoins the fight. 

From the audienceís perspective the changed charter left and return in a small period of time but from the charters perspective a large amount of time passed while they tried to ďget backĒ.  Would the short period of time throw the audience off?  Break the suspension of disbelief?  

Iím building this cast of superhero characters and the setting is very similar to our world.  How do I get local or regional heroes involved in storylines that are outside of their usual locations?  For example, American, Brazilian and Korean supers involved in a story taking place in Germany?  Iím thinking one way of doing it is that they are members of an international organization, a Justice League for example, that has authority to deploy member heroes globally.  How else could I get them together?


How would I split teams or the usual group of charters without it being forced?  How do I get two of a group of five deployed on a mission with different charters when the whole team is available?

So from what Iíve read on the Aliens franchise, asides from the physical damage a chest buster does exiting the host, the incubation process itself does a lot of damage that isnít visible.  Rewriting dna, changing the functions of organs and tissue, etc.  Hereís an idea, what if the changing doesnít stop and the hosts donít just die?  That your freshly exploded crew mate gets back up in a zombie like state?  thoughts on Zombies and Aliens in the Aliensí franchise?  

In a superhero styled universe where supers and what they do is normalized, magic and aliens would generally be accepted as real.  This would be due to heroes attributing their abilities to the supernatural, alien technology and/or to the fact that they themselves are aliens. 


If a hero is seen as at fault for an attempted demonic invasion or an alien plague putting the population of the planet at risk would the world authorities condemn the hero to a death sentence?  Would the hero be exiled from the planet?  Assuming the hero is pretty much the only reason the danger reached earth or knows of its existence but the hero was not essential in thwarting the threat.


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