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Lugia the sea Gaurdian by Dragonlord-Daegen Lugia the sea Gaurdian :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 2 0 Color Changing Ho-oh by Dragonlord-Daegen Color Changing Ho-oh :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 4 1 Ho-oh the sky guardian by Dragonlord-Daegen Ho-oh the sky guardian :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 9 Animated water by Dragonlord-Daegen Animated water :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 3 0 Madjai Gemma by Dragonlord-Daegen Madjai Gemma :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 0 Omicron by Dragonlord-Daegen Omicron :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 0 Quasar Shower by Dragonlord-Daegen Quasar Shower :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 0 Crimson Excellion by Dragonlord-Daegen Crimson Excellion :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 2 1 Starlight amulet (real handcrafted necklace) by Dragonlord-Daegen Starlight amulet (real handcrafted necklace) :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 1 MLP OC Nat twenty (G3 Pony) by Dragonlord-Daegen MLP OC Nat twenty (G3 Pony) :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 0 Birthday Game (anime) by Dragonlord-Daegen Birthday Game (anime) :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 1 3 Mask The Symphony's Light by Dragonlord-Daegen Mask The Symphony's Light :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 2 4 Mercurr X-01phantom secret rare by Dragonlord-Daegen Mercurr X-01phantom secret rare :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 2 0 Navajo the Unbreakable Spirit by Dragonlord-Daegen Navajo the Unbreakable Spirit :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 0 0 Sekoiya of the Northwind by Dragonlord-Daegen Sekoiya of the Northwind :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 2 2 Bright Night-Little Friend to Jesus by Dragonlord-Daegen Bright Night-Little Friend to Jesus :icondragonlord-daegen:Dragonlord-Daegen 3 0


[ARTWORK]Cyber Dragon Nachster by grezar [ARTWORK]Cyber Dragon Nachster :icongrezar:grezar 43 5 (Commission) Gate Opening by Malganis-Lefay (Commission) Gate Opening :iconmalganis-lefay:Malganis-Lefay 67 8 Yu-Gi-Oh! Re:Boot - Rulebook (BETA) by hunduel Yu-Gi-Oh! Re:Boot - Rulebook (BETA) :iconhunduel:hunduel 22 39 Yu-Gi-Oh! Re:Boot - SUBMISSIONS and more! by hunduel Yu-Gi-Oh! Re:Boot - SUBMISSIONS and more! :iconhunduel:hunduel 17 19 Fan-made Digimon: Slendermon by KenNarita Fan-made Digimon: Slendermon :iconkennarita:KenNarita 8 14 Summertime by Detoreik Summertime :icondetoreik:Detoreik 148 12 Rainbow Feathered Ho-Oh by whosaskin Rainbow Feathered Ho-Oh :iconwhosaskin:whosaskin 6 5 Elephant by Sio64 Elephant :iconsio64:Sio64 199 30 SMASH ULTIMATE by MikeLuckas SMASH ULTIMATE :iconmikeluckas:MikeLuckas 606 36 snow leopard fakemon by Conphettey snow leopard fakemon :iconconphettey:Conphettey 13 3
Christianity Does NOT Promote Murder or Rape.
Modified (verses in Scriptural order) version of the description of this stamp: 
In 1 Kings 20:31-32, the servants of the King of Syria, Ben-Hadad, say that the kings of Israel are (and I quote) merciful kings. The accusation that the Bible supports murder, rape, and ant-bellum slavery is against the Bible, and this verse is straight from the horse's mouth. If the people alive during the times in question believed that the Israelite kings were merciful, who are we (we who live about 3,000 years later) to say that they were not? It seems that the culture of the Ancient Near East was far, far bloodier than anti-Christians want you to believe.
Who will tell you that "Christians promote murder, rape, and slavery"?
Some interesting videos:
Anti-Christians and perverted Christians trumpet this myth. What I mean by "perverted Christians" are people who profess to believe that Jesus d
:iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 47 54
Scopophobia by SparklyOwlGuts Scopophobia :iconsparklyowlguts:SparklyOwlGuts 14 4 Prism Katana by Steelite-the-Elite Prism Katana :iconsteelite-the-elite:Steelite-the-Elite 19 4 The Dinosaur Guard by Unicornarama The Dinosaur Guard :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 188 99 Space Lowlette! by SparklyOwlGuts Space Lowlette! :iconsparklyowlguts:SparklyOwlGuts 4 4 Here's Ridley by RayDango Here's Ridley :iconraydango:RayDango 371 50


Lugia the sea Gaurdian
a companion card to Ho-oh,not as vibrant or colorfull as Ho-oh but it sufices...the picture depicted on the card is of an Official Pokemon Image edited by me...the background however is purely of my creation.

the yugioh Card itself was made using TCG editor
no infringement was intended,as this is meant as a work of fanart by me...i am not claiming the originol uneddited image nor the card template used...i only claim the general idea of the fan card and its effect.
anyway,the first thing you might notice is the similar stats to Ho-oh,with two major exeptions Lugia's atribute iw water instead of Fire...many would argue against this since he is not actualy a Water type pokemon,but seeing as he is the Gaurdian of the sea and can learn water type moves anyway it makes sense to me.
the other thing you will notice,is Lugia's ATK and DEF Values are Identical to Ho-oh's exept that they are swapped,thats because this is how he is portrayed in the having a higher base Defense than attack.

i also thought it would be cool to have Lugia Facing the Opposite Direction as to Contrast Ho-oh's Pose

i was very close to making him a Dragon,as i always felt he portrayed more Draconic characteristics that Avian ones...but since he is the Master of a trio of Legendary Birds as well as he DOES still have bird features and is a flying type i chose to remain true to his intended identity and make keep him as a Winged Beast.

His effect is meant to reflect the fact that he usually only Appears while the three legendary Birds are together in the same place (usually fighting each other). his second efect reflects the legend of him Calming the sea,by being able to end the Battle phase. his final ability prevents him from being controlled by your opponent.
Color Changing Ho-oh
Note: this was created by editing official artwork of Ho oh,not copyright is intended and i do not claim the original art as my own.

i got the idea to make this Gif when i created a Yugioh Card depicting Ho-oh with glowing rainbow feathers...i figured since Ho-oh is the rainbow pokemon,he would look awsome as a color changing Gif. he is a tad blurry around the edges,unfortunately the Blend tool is like that in Gimp when it comes to animations so there isnt really away of avoiding that.

once i remember how (as its been almost a year) i will be re-croping this into a Avatar sized Gif,free to use by any who wish.
Ho-oh the sky guardian
a big thank you to 
for inspiring me and letting me use his manipulated Ho oh image...i further added to it make making his feathers glow,as well as i gave him a rainbow aura and a spiraling flame background. i chose to make him a level seven monster because of his connection to the 7 colors of the rainbow,his DEF is slightly lower than his attack to reflact his base stats in the games. obviously he is a FIRE winged Beast-Type monster,and his effect is based on the the event where he reincarnated the souls of three fallen pokemon into Raiku,Entei and Suicune (whom i will also be making cards for)....i may make Lugia and the legendary birds as well,if i can either find appropriate pictures for,or if someone is willing to provide them. credit goes to gamefreak as this is an alteration of thier original art, Whisaskin for the first edit of the image that led to the idea and konomi for for the Yugioh material. (and TCGeditter) lol i basically own nothing but the editorial work i did,the background and the general idea for the card
Animated water
i recently rediscovered my old photobucket account and i came across this beutifull image
one of the best animated pictures ive ever made
Madjai Gemma
Unlike the the other Mercurr i have drawn Gemma is is a Mercurr Madjai

on Xxen'el,the Madjai (often referred to as "the high ones") are the 5 ruling leaders of thier race,not only are they vastly more powerfull Psions compared to other Mercurr,but they are Physiologically different as unlike the rest of thier kin,they posses 3 Cores within thier body instead of only is unkown how this happens,as mercurr are never born this way...its believed by outsiders that when a Mercurr is chosen to be a Madjai,a secret ritual is performed apon them that endows them with two extra cores.

Madjai are further distinguished by the distinct robecloths each one wears from the waste down,as well as their capes and gauntlets....all of which are made of a mysterious felt like material that is as strong as titanium,but light as a feather.

the 5 current Madjai are:
Marduke the Lawbringer
Gemma the Watcher
Domah the Destroyer
Prometheus The Philosipher
and Omega the the Soulkeeper
like all Madjai,Gemma is a prime specimen of Intelect and Psychic power Gemma is known as "the Watcher" this is due to his postion in power and ability to see into the future as well as through the eyes of other poeple,he is the most powerful Telepath currently living and can communicate with others even if they are on other distant planets.

dispite this extraordinary power,he is reserved and rarely speaks,even to the other Madjai,and prefers to observe rather than actually interfere..because of this his personality is vague and not completely understood
1. Choose your favorite OC 

2. Answer the questions in character on how you think they'd react!

3. Tag your friends!

Favorite OC : Daegen Ryoku

Daegen! by AngelSockII

1.) Their pet goldfish dies!

"thats no problem for me" *casts true Resurrection*

2.) A robber as broken into their house while they are home!

"you broke into the wrong hold" *casts "Hold person"*  and take him to the authoreties (no need for things to get out of hand)

3.) A random person gives your OC a hug!

"o...kay" *stares blankly in confusion*

4.) Some idiot has challenged your OC to a bar fight!

"if they manage to defeat my order,including my son and oldest daughter,then i will consider it...if they are causing trouble,just subdue them and leave them at that"

5.) Your OC has stumbled upon a basket of abandoned, adorable kittens!

"i would surely find them a home...perhaps with a Ranger,or a Druid Grove"

6.) Your OC is faced with their worst fear!
like many paladins,my worst fear is falling into corruption and becoming evil *shutters at the idea*

7.) Someone has made your OC's favorite food for dinner!

"someone has made me torched turky and Dragonsweet rolls? Sounds like my kind of evening" 

8.) Your OC witnesses someone being beaten up and robbed! What does your OC do about it?

"witness? theres no witnessing about it,i jump in and put an stop to it without a second thought!"

9.) Sees a defenseless person being chased by a monster. What does your OC do?

"i cast "sanctuary" and "protection" on the person,if the creature can be reasoned with i talk to it first,if it is a rampaging beast,mindless undead,construct or Demon il use lethal force!"

10.) A invading army is setting siege on the city your OC is staying at. What does your OC do?

"somone is invading my province?...either they are strangers to these lands or they are really stupid and desperate,i let my order handle the army,and i will go confront the source myself"

11.) Your OC sees that their crush or significant other is being Bullied. What do they do about it?

"would not do that if i were them,my wife is a Harper Sorceress and quite capable of beating the crap out of them likely have to jump in and make sure THEY dont get harmed"

13.) Someone has stolen your OC's cookies!


14.) Your OC catches their crush or significant other in bed with someone else!

"would never happen,my wife has more character than that,i would refuse to believe it!"

15.) OC's best friend is sick with a cold.

"i laugh at the absurd idea of an Anciant Silver Dragon succumbing to something so simple as a cold...if it gets bad,simply heal him"

16.) One of your OC's friends has stolen your OC's clothing while they were taking a bath in a lake! Your OC doesn't have any clothes!

"this has actually happend to me before,my son and a few of my recruits thought it would be funny to do this to me whilst i was in the grand bathing hall,not that it mattered all i needed to do was cast "sphere of invisibility" on myself as a looked for my armor and found it in my chambers...i promised my men that the next time it happend i would cast "ethereal visage" on THEIR clothing...thatle teach them a lesson!"

17.) Its Christmas day and your OC finds coal in their stocking
"what's christmas?"

18.) The Zombies are attacking!

 "zombies....attacking a lv 60 paladin?...not what id call an emergency"

19.) Your OC gets handcuffed to their worst enemy.

handcuffed to the Black King...well this is akward

20.) Your OC finds themselves in a haunted house!

"ive battled undead,dragons,Demons came face-to-face with tiamat and gave Asmodious an Asswhooping,i think i can handle myself"

21.) Your OC has received a nasty flesh wound from battle

"thats what restoration magic is for"...*casts "cure Moderate Wounds"*

22.) Someone gross looking is hitting on your OC.

*ignores them* if they persist,i show them my wedding band...if they continue i leave,if the follow me well...i just introduce them to my wife,Raiya and she can deal with them"

23.) Someone very important to your OC has just died

"i do everything in my power to bring them back"..."if Io or Bahamut does not allow it i would sorrowfully accept it"

24.) Your OC gets challenged to a eating contest!

*waves hand dismisively* "im not inerested in gorging myself...perhaps Zephiron would be intrigued,that Dragon is a Bottomless pit"

25.) You get to meet your OC! How would they react to meeting you?

"sorry i dont have any spare change"

I tag


Dragonlord-Daegen's Profile Picture
Dakota Stein
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Ava'yorn thuriels (that is means "hello friends")

about me...hmmm...
well i pretty much like enything that has to do with high fantasy and mythology.My favoret passion being Dragons of all kinds,i also have an interest in angels and fantasy and sci-fi weapons.

infact about 90% of my artwork revolves around those themes,my experties being designing fantasy weapons (usualy swords,but i can make a wide veriety of weapons).

ive serfed this site before i became a member several times in the past and i can say that enything i upload will likely not be to good,as compared to the work of others on here.

well i guess all there is left to say is i hope i make some new freinds and get cretique on my artwork.



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I just watched Molt Down! It was pretty great! Dragon puberty, lol. I wish puberty gave me wings. :D

I also started watching My Little Pony Tales, and I think it’s super cute! I can see why some people might not enjoy it (it’s got an old animation style - because it’s old - and the morals are for the most psrt very much aimed at kids), but it’s definitely not something to hate. I actually enjoy it!
Dragonlord-Daegen Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
yes molt down will likely be my favorite eposode this season up until episode 24,when they premeir the OTHER spike episode im looking forward to: "Father knows Beast" (yep,spike gets two awsome episodes this season)
thats great,what episodes have you seen?(the eisodes are non overarching,so it does not really matter what order you see them in)

yeah mlp tales kinda over hammers the moral lessons,however there are a few lessons that actuaky have remained untouched by any other mlp show.
Unicornarama Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I think I've seen up through episode 11 in Pony Tales. I'll have to check. I forgot which one was the last one. They're only ten minutes long so you can watch two or three pretty easily!
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