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Steampunk pendant nb2



Size = 3,5 cm. Brass, PMC silver, and cold enamel
Updated image (oct 09)
For sale [link]

"The Antikimena deflector is an essential part of any occult traveler's kit -- not only does it repel vampires and dispell ghosts,
it also absolves me from sins and shortens my Purgatory time!" Tim Powers

Excerpt of Myron Salazar Drake's Journal

Vienna, 1875

After a couple of years I came to realise that the creature that had "attached" itself to me was no alone. Others like her were clinging to fellow humans, the signs were obvious. I decided to act upon this and turn the spear around. From a helpless albeit willing victim I was going to get some advantages from the situation.
Most victims had no idea about the power that this unholy association held. They only gained the "frisson" and a total dependance on their parasites. I found out by careful experimenting that there was a way to determine the intimate nature of a host-parasite relation and impose my will onto it. This allowed me a certain control over the succubus.

The device I designed to that effect while I was in self-imposed exile at the Wiltshire Manor, was crude but it served it's purpose splendidly. You needed the host's blood as a catalyst, and a ring of pure silver engraved with the proper symbols for the reading. By analysing the alignement of the symbols I could read the nature of the dual relationship to ...

... by intervening, discreetly or not, depending on my intentions, I could either "persuade" the human host to relinquish some of his riches, or the inhuman parasite to relinquish a part of it's magical powers. I do realise that I am confiding the secret to my extraodinary powers, but I doubt anyone else will ever be able to find out what I have.
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This looks great but it's a bit of a torture because the image doesn't open large enough to read the text nor see the pendant in the detail we would like.
Can you resubmit at a greater resolution ...P l e a s e ....