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Worbla Belt Buckle Tutorial

I finally got tired of trying to find buckles for my costumes, so using the same techniques I use for armor, I started making my own buckles!
This is a short little tutorial, so you can too. Since I know cosplayers often share the pain of not being able to find affordable, good looking, buckles.
Cross-posted to my facebook page and my tumblr.

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durable you say..It's worth a try! Thanks!
That looks awesome! How functional do you find the prong is on the buckle? Do you have to be careful not to make it a real load-bearing buckle that holds pants up, or can it actually keep a belt in place if the belt has a hole for the prong? 
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The worbla is pretty durable a material for a thermal plastic. I've found it can bear most pleather-leathers pretty easily. For heavier duty materials/weight, I work a piece of 16 gauge galvanized steel into the foam under-structure, just to give it a little more durability.
Neat, thanks! Definitely going to try this out.