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January 25, 2014
Fabric Painting Tutorial by DragonLadyCels A very useful guide to fabric painting, great for all those really detailed cosplays!
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Fabric Painting Tutorial



Time for another visual tutorial! This time, covering the technique I use for painting fabric.

Cross-posted to my facebook page and my tumblr. If you've liked this tutorial, please follow me on Facebook for more! www.facebook.com/LadyCels

EDIT: A few questions that have popped up either on tumblr, facebook, or here and their answers :D

Will Acrylics work with this technique?

You definitely do not want to heat set painting (Fine Art) acrylics. They aren't made for fabric and will crack and flake off of fabric. Some brands of acrylics can also release harmful chemicals into the air. Always make sure you are using a paint that is formulated for fabrics. I like Jacquard because they are relatively inexpensive and can be mixed to create any shade. Make sure you pull up the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on any paint before using it on fabric, to make sure that it is not listed as a possible skin irritant.

Are there other paints you would recommend?

Other than Jacquard, I've also used Floral Spray Paint, which is waterproof on fabrics (and thus washable). You can find my tutorial on how to paint fabric with floral spray paint here. Tempera paint can also be diluted and painted on as well, and works great for dyeing fabric and foam.

Is this paint temporary? Or can I wash it in a machine?

This technique is easily washable! This pic ( 24.media.tumblr.com/4a5a343bac… ) is the sample swatch from the tutorial that has been thrown in the wash on a regular color setting with Woolite Dark, then dried for 30 minutes. Essentially, the paint will weather the same way a commercial graphic tee would.

Does this technique work on all types of fabric?

This paint will work on most types of fabric. The swatch featured in the tutorial was a polyester blend, but this tutorial will also work on Cotton, Rayon, Linen, etc. and on both woven fabric and knitted. I wouldn't recommend this tutorial for Vinyl, Leather, or suede. Leather and Suede have special dyes/paints that can be used. This technique will also work on silk, but honestly I prefer silk dyes and resist for silks.

Where can I buy Jacquard paints?

While Michael's sometimes has them, they rarely have most of the colors. Personally, I go through Dharma Trading Co. for my fabric paints/dyes. You can find them here - www.dharmatrading.com/paints/j…

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nice. Thanks for the tutorial, it was really handy!