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Persona 3: Healing
Persona 3: Healing
Place: Unknown
May, 2010
It was a dream that started out just like any other. Starting off with a kind smile, the offer of a hand and the promise of eating the food that had been prepared. The laughter upon seeing a forced smile after eating cooking from one that never taste-tested their own stuff and the promise to try it again came soon after. It was only after that in which things started to go wrong; Instead of a kind smile, all that could be seen was a skeleton, the dead face whose hair made one think of the rain that fell down at midnight. Whose finger was pointing, accusing the one in front of it for not doing more to protect, to save. The guilt ate at them, until the skeletons hand opened up, placing itself on the throat; choking, constricting and taking away the life-giving air with a reluctant acceptance of this penance.
This was the nightmare that had haunted Fuuka Yamagishi for several long, tortuous months. When Minato Arisato died and became the Great S
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 1 2
Pokemon Jet Version: Chapter 2
"Good morning listeners! I'm DJ Mary and I'm proud to announce the launch of our new Radio Program: Professor Speaks! As you know, we have our Oak Corner at the very least once a week when he can put in the time, but he is just one of the many varied specialists across our wide world of pokemon! So today, we will have Johto's own Professor and top student of Oak himself give us a brief lecture about a pokemon not normally seen in most regions. Professor Elm, welcome!"
"Ah, thank you Mary, I'm glad to be here. I have to admit, I had a bit of a hard time waking up this early because my schedule got shifted giving one of the up and coming trainers a lift somewhere."
"It's not a problem Professor. It's your job to help out the rookies after all! Now, today's topic is about a rare pokemon that was first discovered in Sinnoh: Lucario."
"That's right. Lucario is a very rare pokemon and not openly seen in the wild. Though to start about Lucario, I'll have to give a bit of a history lesson f
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 1 5
Mature content
Fire Emblem Awakening: End and Beginning :icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 3 1
Yu-Gi-Oh GX OCName: Tokio Ic
Yu-Gi-Oh GX OC
Name: Tokio Ichimonji
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Duel Academy Student (Deck(s): Yugi Muto Deck, Pharaoh Atem Deck)
Likes: Dueling, his friends, baked goods, the decks given to him by Yugi
Dislikes: His family, his low self-esteem, burned baked goods, those that try to pick on him.
Hobbies: Baking various things, drawing, rearranging his decks
Appearance: Tokio is a fairly average student, standing at 5 feet, 7 inches tall. He has midnight blue hair that normally is straight and flat, with two bangs that fall over his eyes and a mid-length ponytail that ends around the middle of his back and he has similar colored blue eyes. When Yami takes over, however, an Egyptian Eye of Horus appears on his forehead and his eyes turn blood red. His hair also rises up into slight 'spikes' and his bangs become almost lightning shaped in gaining a sharp curve so they fall to the side of his eyes rather than directly over them.
He likes to wear his Silfer Red outfit with a black und
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 1 0
Persona 4: I Spy
March 21st
It was a sad day for all in Inaba. Despite a bright shining sun, beautiful spring wind scattering several cherry blossoms from far away into the tiny town, it did nothing to reverse the truth that was upon them.
It was the day Seta Souji would be leaving. Just like the way he came, fast and unexpected.
At the train station, his family and friends all gathered to say their goodbyes. None would be more sad than Nanako, his little cousin and Naoto Shirogane, his girlfriend.
Even though they had only known each other for several months, the leader of the Investigation Team and the Detective Prince quickly fell for each other hard. It wasn't long before they were dating and just two months into their relationship it became intimate.
So it was hard to see the person they considered to be their other half leave so soon after the finally came together.
As Naoto gave Souji her last hug, he tugged on her sleeve, indicating he wanted to say something.
Despite the raw emotions going thr
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 2 5
Mature content
S-cry-ed The Alter War: Prologue :icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 0 0
Skullgirls OC: December
Name: Forgotten
Alias: December
Age: Forgotten, birth month December, Appears to look around 22
Gender: Male
Likes: Valentine (Reasons Unknown), cleaning his weapons, reading
Dislikes: Skullgirl, Immortals, those that try and hurt Valentine (Reasons Unknown)
Hobbies: Writing novels based on the lives of the souls that live inside of him
Weapons: Katana Shin Tsuki (Divine Moon), two six-shooters, his fists and feet, the souls that inhabit his body
Theme Song: SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Septentrion Battle
Bio: December can't remember much of his early history. His first clear one starts with him being in a one-handed chokehold by the original Skullgirl and cursed to forever feast on the souls of both the living and the dead, or else his own soul would deteriorate until it was gone, leaving him as nothing more than a husk. At first he ignored the curse, but eventually it started to break his body down and he started to lose his sense of self at a rapid pace, forcing him to start eating souls i
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 3 7
NaruHina: Summer Day
Summer....a time of heat, frustration and cooling off for many people around the world.
In a world full of Ninja, however, summer has a slightly different meaning to it.
Especially if you live in Konohagakure, situated in the Land of Fire.
It was predicated that after the 4th Shinobi World War ended, with the Alliance of Shinobi Nations victorious over the Akatsuki, Sasuke Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi, the hottest summer ever recorded would happen due to the intense energy released over the battle.
The prediction ended up being quite true, much to the suffering of the survivors and civilians alike.
It was considered near suicide to be out in the sun unless you were heading towards shade, cold water, or you were forced on a mission.
Needless to say, nobody enjoyed being on that third item in the above list.
Thankfully, Naruto Uzumaki was not one of those Ninja.
After the War had ended and Sasuke returned to Konoha to face trial for his various crimes (which in actuality was only the suspec
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 15 3
GG's and Crow's Wing's Preview
Here are just some snippets of an upcoming fanfic I want to try out.
"Yo, yo, yo! What is up y'all? This is JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The only place where Heaven and that other place approve of on their chest pad places. This is your host DJ Triple K. Alright all you listeners of the greatest pirate station out there, here's the latest gossip going on around town. Apparently sometime last night a hole opened up somewhere in Japan's east side. From there on, large amount of tags have been popping up all over AT gang's territory....only these tags aren't stickers, but graffiti.
Sound familiar? After all, today marks the 90th ani of the day Beat of the legendary GG's beat back the Rokakku Group leader to save all culture in Tokyo....maybe it's their spirits wanting to have a little fun?
Well, enough of this, it's time for some music and to honor the GG's, I'll play a classic from my Grandfather's days, 'The Concept of Love'. Enjoy folks, keep riding"

:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 1 2
PP Week Day 6: Warmth
It was cold.....
He was cold, unable to move, unable to see, unable to breathe....
Yet he could still hear and he could still feel.
He put himself in this situation to protect his friends. He didn't want them to find him. He had hoped that they would've accepted his loss and move on.
They found him anyways and had the choice to bring them back. They chose not to.
A part of him was glad, while another called them traitors and betrayers.
Then it was back to silence and waiting, being cold.
He didn't know how much time had passed when someone else found him.
"I'm save you. To replace you."
If he could still talk he would've tried to discourage the person, female if he heard right.
Instead, he was forced to listen to her chant a long and complicated spell of sorts. He didn't recognize the language, but understood that there was great power behind the words.
It was then that the shadow struck out.
The woman didn't stop chanting and he heard the beast roar in frustration, trying to
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 3 0
PP Week Day 3: After Training
July 16th
His breaths came in ragged gasps. His whole body was sweating and his arms and legs were shaking from the exertion of just trying to keep his body and face from hitting the ground. He could hear and feel his heart beat in overdrive as he tried to pull himself up before running out of strength.
As he fell on top of the dry grass of the Samegawa Flood Plains, all Souji Seta could think of was one thing.
'God damnit Chie, why does your training include making sure I near want to pass out?'
A hand was offered to him and he lazily stared at it while gasping for air. Despite the fact that it should be hard and rugged from all the training its gone through, he could see the skin was still smooth and creamy....if a little tan.
"Geez Seta, done already? You have no energy outside the TV world." The owner of the hand said, squatting so he could see who it was, though he already knew.
Dressed in nothing more than a green and yellow tank top with khaki shorts, Chie Satonaka could possibl
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 3 8
PP Week 1: Lunch Break
November 11th, Lunch
As the noon bell rang, symbolic and repetitive sighs of relief came throughout the school of Gekkoukan High School. For that meant it was lunch time. A little more than half an hour to rest, eat and recharge before going back to the same old classes, the same old lectures and the same old clean up.
For Minato Arisato however, lunch had become a time of brooding and mourning. For recently he had just lost his best friend of little more than over a month. Shinjiro Aragaki, a tough guy with a heart of gold, who sacrificed himself to save another of SEES members, Ken Amada, who had been wanting to kill him but couldn't.
Despite all of SEES members, all of their powers and all of their personas, they were not fast enough, nor strong enough, nor smart enough to predict that pain and hatred Ken had felt which lead him to leading Shinjiro right to Strega, where that bullet ended his life.
The following days after, all shadows in Tartarus learned to fear an angry Minato as
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 4 10
Gundam: Unknown Soldier
It was weird how everything came together.
All he had seen was a bright light while he was fighting in the middle of one war and he found himself fighting in another.....and another....and another.
It had to be a rare phenomenon, for everything to become compressed. Time, space and the universe itself shrunk and expanded. Alternate universes were suddenly thrown together and people who were dead in someones era were alive in another.
One thing was common to all of them, however.
That they were divided into several factions. Those that wanted to protect earth and those that wanted to protect space.
Those that wanted to destroy earth and those that wanted to enslave all space colonies.
Those who were looking for a reason to fight and others who always fight for their beliefs.
Most importantly, they were all Gundam Pilots.
He had seen plenty of different Gundams. All different sizes, colors and construction yet they all maintained a humanoid frame when able.
His own Gundam, the Midnight B
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 0 0
Dissidia: Another Tale
In every tale, in every cycle, Harmony and Chaos collide.
With them are warriors, sometimes uneven in numbers, but equal in strength.
They wage savage war in the name of their gods, their reward for victory is to return home.
13 cycles had passed, and 10 warriors won in Cosmos', the goddess of Harmony, name.
The Warrior of Light, Firion, The Onion Knight, Cecil, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus.
Each warrior went through trials that proved their worth, that they were truly the warriors that could end the repeated cycles of destruction.
Yet, in another realm, the war rages anew, and these warriors, who had just sacrificed everything for victory, will be thrown into a different battle. With faces both familiar and distant.
Black Belt, Guy, Ignus, Edge, Faris, Locke, Vincent, Seifer, Garnet, Auron, Alexi, Balthier, Noctis
These new warriors must prove their own worth, not only to their counterparts of another dimension, but to even more chaotic warriors summoned by Chaos in orde
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 0 2
Persona: Mirrors
The year is 2013.
A city known for it's brilliance and radiance is starting to dim. Starting with a strangers visit, that which has come before him will end full circle.
The Wild Card shall meet its brothers in arms
The Fool will take a journey once again
The Seal will be broken
The Truth shall be rewritten
The Restoration has begun.
*Flight 247, en route to Tokyo, 4:34 PM*
The hum of the airplane engines did little to soothe him. The quiet that had overcome the economy class section he was in did little to comfort him. The sleep that he long wanted since he left the only home he knew avoided him.
Playing with his tri-dyed red, white and blue hair, a young man looks out the window from his seat. Exhausted blue eyes stared back him as if mocking him into staying awake even longer. Then again, why should he sleep? The thought of going to sleep now hurt.
After all, it had only been a few hours since he had left his fathers funeral. His father, an all American man and dedicated Navy SEAL w
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 0 0
There is nothing to see in darkness, nothing to see in light
a fist is raised in between them, ready to open up
there is nothing inside, there is everything inside
potential, death, fate, love, soul
mind and will, cast into the iron shell of a human body
Anything and nothing can happen
as the fist closes once more
It opens again, a generation gone by
new life raised, old lives ended
the fist remains immobile, a still Pandora's Box
waiting to be opened by the few and the brave
willing to risk hell and high water to see a glimpse
of what they want to be, what they can be, what they will be
they force the fist open and once satisfied, leave it closed
At the end of time, the fist is still raised
defiant to mortals, rules, space, time, god, infinite
because there shall always be someone
someone who will want to seek truth, no matter the cost
Even as it shrivels and breaks, the fist stands strong,
for potential can never be denied.
:icondragonknight12:DragonKnight12 0 0


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Writing for a Dream
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Hello all!

After I read that Water-Frez, a death battle writer on here that I follow, was going to retire...well it honestly inspired me to actually want to do one of my own, if as a sign of respect I had for several of the enjoyable matchups that he put together (Though some I disagree with but still, to each their own!)

So for my first Death Battle write-up, I'm going to do it the right way: With an extremely controversial one!



Persona 3 vs. Persona 4 vs. Persona 5

Minato Arisato vs. Yu Narukami vs. Akira Kurusu

Pre-battle matchup to come soon.
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