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Com: Blood has been spilled this night +speedpaint by goulsome
Vergil: Dragon Swordsman by MonstrousMultiverse
com: Drakmanka + Speedpaint by goulsome
Dragon in trouble by wanderer1988
Dragonkin Reference Art
Cassander Reference 2015 by cassander42
Dragon Size chart Farm by Farm-Fresh
Dragoness 2010 by moonfeather
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Dragonkin Poetry
To Be Sorted
Agony by LeccathuFurvicael
Draco by Frostwolfdraco
Dragonkin Traditional Art
The Green Dragon by Waspdrake
a Furry Eastern Dragon. by 0DragonFolk0
Lightning power by ZarthialDragon
Drake by Waspdrake
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Ferro Headshot by 0DragonFolk0
Idyllic by LeccathuFurvicael
In Light of The Blue Angel by LeccathuFurvicael
Jerseyfiredragon by JerseyFireDragon20
Dragonkin Crafts
Running Dragon,angle1 by Waspdrake
Striped Dragon,WIP ang 4 by Waspdrake


Seeing Dragonlands for the First Time by MaeraFey Seeing Dragonlands for the First Time :iconmaerafey:MaeraFey 14 3 Deebles Dragon Glue Sculpture! by AzeFish Deebles Dragon Glue Sculpture! :iconazefish:AzeFish 50 11 Therian MEME by Susano-Reborn Therian MEME :iconsusano-reborn:Susano-Reborn 176 115 Dragon Species- Gulper by NoNametheGLiTCH Dragon Species- Gulper :iconnonametheglitch:NoNametheGLiTCH 33 26 Gulper Dragon -Full Body- by NoNametheGLiTCH Gulper Dragon -Full Body- :iconnonametheglitch:NoNametheGLiTCH 24 7 Saphira by Dragarta Saphira :icondragarta:Dragarta 3,281 1,190
ADL 2 - Trials of the Heart
Aurana sighed as she paused for a moment on the top of hill, looking out over a large lake surrounded by trees and with various clearings scattered around it. She still remembered her encounter with the black unicorn and she sighed when she realized how badly that could've gone. She seemed preoccupied with her thoughts as she continued on down towards the lake, wondering who the voice she'd heard in her belonged to and why it seemed so cold and menacing. Well there was one chilling possibility but she didn't want to think about that. Especially since this was Aurana's body not hers, so she didn't have the same controls as Aurana did. Rael visibly shivered a bit as she thought about what would happen if the one behind the voice chose to try and seize control. She'd be helpless to stop it if that happened and who knew what would happen then. Had she been more alert, she would've been smart and kept an eye on her surroundings in case of an attack or even running into someone else Aurana k
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ADL Chapter 1 - Interrogation
Rael groaned and curled up a bit tighter, fumbling for her phone as she tried to shut off the sounds around her, a deep growl coming from her throat as she blearily opened one eye, frowning when she grass and trees around her. 'what the hell?' there weren't any trees in her bedroom! She opened her eyes fully looking around in confusion when she saw not the four walls of her bedroom in the apartment but found herself surrounded by a forest of trees. Birds chirped and twittered to each other as Rael sighed, using her arms to try and push herself up off the ground only to find her back half refused to comply. She growled again and looked at her rear, blinking in confusion when she'd somehow grown a tail and her back legs had apparently thickened.
She flexed her toes curiously staring as she saw hard claws poking out of the end of her feet. "What the..?" She frowned again as her gaze wandered further down stopping at the sight of 3 blades on the end of her tail, curving towards the tip. Sh
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Trouble never comes alone by Thalathis Trouble never comes alone :iconthalathis:Thalathis 133 74 Respite by Chromamancer Respite :iconchromamancer:Chromamancer 776 154 Dragons by Tilted-H4l0 Dragons :icontilted-h4l0:Tilted-H4l0 533 74 rainbow wyvern by thedancingemu rainbow wyvern :iconthedancingemu:thedancingemu 391 54 Mother's Fury by Jared1481 Mother's Fury :iconjared1481:Jared1481 348 68
Awaken the Dragon Inside
College had just been the start for 20 year old JC. He had left home a year ago to go study all the way in Georgia, leaving behind his mother, father, and his seven year old brother, Jake(Whom he had given the nickname "Jakie") as well as his other realitives back home in Illinois.
JC had his whole dorm room to himself. It was a normal sized room. On his desk were his textbooks as well as a picture of his family. He was the only one who lived in his dorm so he could do whatever he wanted.
JC lay on his bed, looking at posters of some of his favorite rock bands. Most of them were Linkin Park or Story of the Year. He decided to get out of bed and log on to his computer. As soon as the computer was all booted up and running, he logged on to the Internet and typed into the Google search bar "DragonLuver91910". The first result read, "DragonLuver91910- Springfield, IL, 20". It was the link to his Myspace profile. He clicked on it, opening up his profile. The background to the profile was of
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Long time no see!  I'm wondering how many of you are still active on DA.  Leave a comment!

I'm having thoughts about trying to make this an active group again.  Let me know if you're still in for it!

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A group for dragonkin and other dragon-like otherkin and therians. Social and artistic dragons are welcomed equally.
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How to become an admin:
Send a note to ManicMindsStudio asking for information on how to become an administrator for the group. New administrators are usually added as contributors, who can accept, reject, and sort submissions in the gallery and group favorites.


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i'm just looking for ways to advertise. I have a new discord server thats for dating dragonkin. 18+ only and dragonkin only (or those who have dragonkin as one of their kintypes) We are new and still getting members. Security precautions are in place to protect members and discourage trolls.
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I was a Scyther (pokemon) but I think I was from a canon where there were 2 different Scyther evolutions: Scizor (the abnormal one which is the only one shown in this world's canon), and an undiscovered-by-trainers bug/dragon type evolution that I think was named Scword or something. I was on the verge of evolving before I died. (this canon's evolution wasn't bright flashy lights in 7 or so seconds, it took the actual amount of time of a caterpillar to a cocoon to a butterfly.) do I count as dragonkin?
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