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Sleek and Sporty

By dragonkahn
update: version 2 here: [link]

UPDATE: BackTrack Linux has permission to use the logo.
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© 2002 - 2021 dragonkahn
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This image was purchased from John Lee by Kali Linux, who now have the rights for it. Not sure why John isn't clearing this up.
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A genuine, authentic sporty, looks better than any misappropriated counterfeit whether its up close or a far away.

This 'Sporty is genuine, their fake rolexes look cheaper the closer it gets
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You and I have much in common since I remember 'Sporty before Offensive Security launched BackTrack and I've tried using BackTrack and your artwork is literally the only reliable component of BackTrack Linux.

I am in humble gratitude of the DeviantArt community especially your perseverance since I recall your courage on their hosted forums in face of endless onslaught of kiddie, miscreant and the rest of the undeserved vagaries thrown at you by strafers and dorkers all the while I remained inspired encouraged by YOUR UNWILLINGNESS TO ABANDON THE THREAD AND YOUR INSISTENCE ON BEING CREDITED for Sporty while they incorporated into their distinctive logo. Their actions were nothing less than theft.

It angers me they've stolen your work, aside from the brazen theft of it, their work product is quite substandard and BackTrack serves more as stuffed up business card that is more a collection of poorly organized open source marquis security tools with glorious names but lacking organized development or refinement.

Their OS is just an overglorified piece of shit that attracts adolescents trying to hack their neighbors WiFi or miscreant pedo's trying to conceal their kiddie porn.
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Kali Linux thinks they can trademark your work. [link]
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I was agreably surprised to see a link to your profil here in the BT forum : [link]

And done by an active user also, gives your some credits I think...

But of course proper recognition would be better!
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This wallpaper is Legendary!
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nice Wallpaper
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i love this and think it would make a cool tattoo
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all time favorite :woohoo:
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Amazing artwork :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Nice wallpaper, I used it for some time long ago. I see that the backtrack issue is still around.
I just happen to search deviantART looking for your original image, it is sad to see how many times I find backtracks name attached to it.

I searched for backtrack in deviantART and left this message with quite a few images.
- - - - - - -
"Original dragon art from dragonkahn :icondragonkahn:

Nice remake though."
- - - - - - -

Keep up the good work.
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nevermind... srry
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Isn't this the default wallpaper for BackTrack4 . [link] I'm not trolling... but, you didn't make this.
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oh god this is epic. i have found a new desktop.
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uploaded a mod of this image - [link]
Have given credit in the comments.
(please contact me if you want this image taken down)
I think you got the dragon from here
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You are very wrong. I am the creator and originator of that dragon. Look anywhere else on the net for that dragon that is postdated earlier than my dA submissions.

Also, refer to this thread on their very own site: [link]
sorry... ,
but, at least people who think you were the one that copied the bt logo is one less :)
I doubt you created this.
you shouldn't plagiarize extremely reputable computer security experts. LOL you might make them mad and I wouldn't tempt that fate. You should send us the link you downloaded your template from I sent you the links of the templates that I've created deviations of this wallpaper.
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Has it ever occurred to you that they plagiarized ME??? They may be reputable in computer security software, doesn't mean they're reputable in design. My artwork (released July 20 2002) predates all the software they've released (version 1 released in 2006). You just couldn't give me a benefit of a doubt, could you?
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I've seen this picture around for years, and only just found out who created it. I once used the dragon in that image and put it on a different background, do you mind if i upload the image to my account? (I would give you credit for the dragon design)
I reckon this is one of the most awesome images on the internet. +1
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Hey! I saw this somewhere before, but i didn't know the real thing was here! Nice job!
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