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DKz Dragons

Well, not much I can offer you here with this brush set...only 5 brushes total. =/ I may add more in the future though, so be on the lookout. =) (Smile)

One brush is my dragon tribal logo, another is a long, wavy tribal dragon. I also created the kanji (japanese) text for 'dragon'. And last but not least, the last two brushes are dragons that came straight from the tattoos on my arms. 8) (Cool) [link]

So enjoy. :) (Smile)

All I ask is that if you're gonna use them, plz do not claim them as your own or you made them. That would really tick me off. ;) (Wink)
© 2002 - 2021 dragonkahn
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Hello, I downloaded these brushes, not sure if, or how I might use them.
None the less, thank you for making them available. Should I use them in a project,
I will certainly credit you and also post the work that I used them in. Thanks again.
All the best,
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This is by far the most beautiful version of a Dragon Logo I've ever seen!

Browsing fro dragon style vector art, I've come across countless pieces where this one is used in some form.

Awesome man! Awesome.

I would like to use it for a paintjob on my son's skateboard. Where the belly embraces his personal symbol given to him at his birth.

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Can I use this?
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Thanks!  Permission to use in a new karate school wallpaper and possibly a t-shirt?
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BackTrackLinux used that brush for their logo lol
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Wow that is the original back|track dragon brush :)
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witch font you use for the kanji?
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I found these by accident and instantly thought they were awesome. :D
So I used them here: [Link]
Thank you.!:)
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Absolutely Freakin' Awesome. good work.
how did u do thm there really gd im trying tattoos but dono how to do draw or paint can u help me plz x
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DragonKahn, if we did that (claim that we made them), we'd literally be committing fraud.
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thank you so much!
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Yes!! I have been looking all over for dragons like THESE.

I needed one for a design and I've seriously been looking for like two weeks. The others I found were way too over the top.

Thank you!! :worship:
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Do you have image packs so these can work on Photoshop 6? :(
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So is the center dragon your design? Because I use Back|Track as my OS and that dragon is the logo
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Yes, everything is my own work. Anywhere else you see is not the original. BackTrack and a few other Linux distros are using my work. Without permission, might I add.
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I used your brushes here and here:


Thanks so much for offering them! :+favlove:
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Great brush !
I used it on this widescreen wallpaper: [link]

:+fav: from me ;)
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Hey Bro love the dragons! I'm doing photography a job at my daughters Tae Kwon Do studio, I'd really like to use your art for a background or backgrounds! can send you copy for your approval...
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I had been seeing this mage for the one dragon all over the internet and only this past week stubled upon your page. I feel you deserve to be given credit for your great artwork, and wanted to link you in my wallpaper: [link]

I try to give credit where credit is due, and I think it should be known among the BackTrack community that you are the person who made the original image they so identify with!
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i use your brushes here [link]
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