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a fantastic piece made by :iconastrozerk04: that i commision him :) dang it worth every penny :D , thanks a lot man ^^

Vyse (C) :icondragonjuno:

art :iconastrozerk04:
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Looks like he remembered how to smile.
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its more like a grin, but yeah, hes on his way to
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Pretty neat he did for ya. :]
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I like his expression, he's like, "Hmm, I should go do something devious." :D
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this is a nice anatomy here I like it a lot

Basic Background to it which makes it nice

The Colors are well done and the stance is basic but unique

I like it so I had to fav+ it ^_^
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thanks ^^ the character design is mine, but this pic was draw by :iconastrozerk04: , if you like it you should fav it on her gallery too :)
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Was worth more then a penny. Nice buy!
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hehe, it actually cost 50 bucks, but they so worth it :)
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I need to ask him for one. BTW got photoshop, well actually Adobe Masters collection.
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hey thats great :D . cant wait to see what new things you will draw from now on :)
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Yeah, but now I need training with it.
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dont worry :) isnt as hard as it looks (and wow that it looks hard) you will get the hang on it soon
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I hope so, caues its definetly not like MS Paint which was easy to do.
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