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LPI - Alisdair

By Dragonizer
As you can plainly see, I still have no grasp on how shading/light sources work. bluh wwhatever I shade how I want (IE, badly.)

Anyway! This is Alisdair, from the comic known as [Luci Phurr's Imps.] Alisdair is the imp of misfortune and he happens to be my favorite.

There's a few things I kind of messed up on here, but I'm happy enough with the result! He's supposed to have one of those really jutted brows, by the way. I had no idea how to draw that. :B

Glowy outline just 'cause.


Alisdair/LPI © Dale Mettam and the rest of the LPI team

EDIT: Well, this was SUPPOSED to be transparent but that... didn't work I guess. Whatever, Photoshop, I'll just glare at you sulkily and not mess around anymore.
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...why's he have a bandaid?...
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It's just fitting as he's the imp of misfortune, I guess, I dunno. It's how he looks in the comic. I quite like it, though.
mooglesniper's avatar kinda humanifies him, makes him more relateable..
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Until you realize he's the one who created those ultra long phone cables people get tangled up in. And music while on hold. Etcetera!