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??? - Yarnee

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black

Shiny: Coming Soon!

Reference Sheet: Coming Soon!

Additional Comments: This one's from last week's stream! Was inspired a bit from an episode of Demon Slayer for this one. It's based on Jorōgumo, a spider yokai. My friends also said its "yarn" looks like spaghetti/noodles and now I can't unsee it.
* Steel Fiber - Bug-type moves also apply Steel-type strengths. (Basically means Bug-types moves gain effectiveness against Ice, Rock, and Fairy.)


Yarnee © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo / Game Freak
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I want Sproutops, and I want Yarnee, too!

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D00d got pasta wrapped around it's face
was the "Hey! Come on, listen!" part really necessary? also, why do i have an urge to knit with Yarnee's silk.. while humming the Chipmunks' Christmas Song?
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"nee" has several different definitions, so yes.
oh. did you get my 2nd question?
is it female only?
because there are 2 different spider yokai I know of.
1 being a giant spider with an old mans face and the other a beautifull women seduces men and after that transforms into a spider and devours them
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Yes. I did state it's based on the latter yokai in my additional comments.
Sorry I had my spider yokai mixed up, still great mon exicited to see what this little gril will become
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And another for my team has been found. And as weird as it sounds, I think Luzilia would immediately adopt Yarnee as a little sister.
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It’s so weird and cute! Would definitely have one on my team.
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Your Pokedex entries for this Pokemon: Unsettling, disturbing, makes others flee.
Your comments: I LOVE HER, MUST CATCH
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It's so adorable, I'd absolutely catch one of these. 
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This is so cute!
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Jorogumo? A.K.A. "Entangling Bride?"

Now you've got my attention.
there's a Yu-Gi-Oh card version of that name.
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Ooh, that looks pretty awesome!

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