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Tyrunt Shaming

By Dragonith
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herd dis be trending on tumblr

no shaymin dat bro
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MegaCharizardValorHobbyist Traditional Artist
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u dah baws, man.
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It's like a Targaryen taking the throne back from the Lannisters (I am a giant nerd).
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I think it's suits Robert Baratheon more. 
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I love the tyrantrum line but I just wish it had better special defense and speed. Leave it to trollfreak to fuck up a good pokemon.
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TyantrumStudent Digital Artist
bitch tyrunt will f up yo fairyies
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GarretzillaHobbyist Photographer
My Azumarill disagrees with that statement.
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Just4Fun02Student Artist
Yeah...no shame. He's proud! XD
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Shawn-X-Y-Z-BEASTHobbyist General Artist
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TyforddHobbyist Digital Artist
This is ironically adorable at an extent. Great job!
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I approve of this coup.
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GusindorStudent General Artist
Poke-shaming? I don't understand, what's that about?
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Nox1468Hobbyist General Artist
it's like pet-shaming; pet-shaming is when a pet (in real life) does something bad (like tear up the couch) so you make it stand there with a sign that says what it did and put a picture of that online to punish it.
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GusindorStudent General Artist
Huh. I don't really get why someone would do that, but thanks for explaining it to me!
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OraceonAcademyHobbyist General Artist
Click the link... it will explain everything
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BlazingDragonLordStudent General Artist
Oh lol, so how does shaming work?
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Groudan383Hobbyist Artist
Tyrunt rules! :)
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flaringweaselsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is hilarious xD
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Suddenly I'm reminded of the one picture where Litleo does a nyoro~n. That deserves a PLZ, too.
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally wasn't thinking of that when making this. :iconheplz:
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Quagsire's always not so grump.
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BawdywawdyHobbyist General Artist
LOL so cool! :D
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Cyander245Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
also trending on reddit, don't get the joke though
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ChaosCaptainFlygonHobbyist Writer
Not sure where pokeshaming came from, but its hilarious. Great job.
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