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Minecraft - Therizinosaurus

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This model's a concept for the Fossil / Archaeology Mod by Flammarilva. You can view his thread here: [link]

Been wanting to do this dinosaur for a long time now actually. The coloring's based slightly on the Walking With Series's color scheme, with a few alterations here and there. Very pleased with how it came out. :nod:

Therizinosaurus looks intimidating, and is intimidating. Its reaper claws speak for itself. Although a passive mob at first glance, one wrong swing of your sword and its arms begin to flail at you like mad. SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! There, you've lost your blocky limbs. Better keep running before ya lose your head. If by chance you do obtain this rare item (Big Claw), you can use it either as a weapon with the strength of a Diamond Sword (durability of a Stone Sword), or as a handy gardening tool (durability of a Stone Hoe).

As a herbivore, most vegetation is on this guy's menu. Keep a constant supply nearby, and it'll remain happy (barring when you decide to raise arms against it).

Therizinosaurus © Dragonith
Minecraft © Mojang
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Hey,i know it is for the fossils and archaeology mod,but i am making a mod with various random stuff that includes dinosaurs,monsters,kaiju,games,randon stuff and i kinda need a therizino(the other ones i need are rex,trike,spino,mosa,diplodocus,elasmosaurus,koolasuchus and tropeognathus)
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NyerskeHobbyist General Artist
Rip nakedness
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SnowviraptorHobbyist Digital Artist
I just noticed this has feathers.
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Where's the feath- OH god they are on a TAIL!
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Same :P We gotta add much more than just some on the tail though.
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travisnicolasStudent Photographer
Since This Is Oversuggested This Needs A New One
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A new what? Model?
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bladeheart111Student Artist
this dino is a carnivore
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TrendormanStudent Traditional Artist
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FeralStormRaptorStudent Digital Artist
One of my favorites! (My 2nd favorite as Kentrosaurus is my 1st)

I wonder what other Dinosaur/Extinct animal could be next.
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an idea make a prehistoric insects xD
Dude, you should help out with the new remake, by 4f6f3b-[link]
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
I've contributed the majority of my models for the mod to the team already.~
So you're saying they have all your models right now-including this one-?
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
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Very nice model, I especially love his coloration and design.
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theriziosaurus + minecraft + Slash = -I melt- *¬*
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GalacticGoatHobbyist General Artist
:> excellent model.
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ya, dragonith you are back in minecraft, and I am happy :)
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This is fantastic
Indisputably Genius

Though I do think it would be better with feathers
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
It does have tail feathers actually. It just lacks the 'wings' Oviraptor sports.
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Makes sense
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