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Minecraft - Dodo

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This model's a concept for the Fossil / Archaeology Mod by Flammarilva. You can view his thread here: [link]

Happy Thanksgiving (for those in the states)!

For those who guessed it, yes the melon thing is an Ice Age reference. XD

To obtain the extinct flightless bird, you must simply do what you've been doing with the other prehistoric beasts. Find some Bio Fossils, analyze it, hope you get Dodo DNA, and throw it in the cultivator to get your Dodo Egg! What do you do then? Simply throw the egg like you would a chicken and BAM, a revived Dodo.

Like the farm animals in Minecraft, Dodos can breed, abeit with different methods. Feeding them anything melon based (Melon Seeds, Melon Blocks, Melon Slices...) will satiate their hunger and allow them to reproduce. Of course, like their chicken brethren, they will lay eggs naturally every once in awhile so feeding them isn't necessarily a requirement. (Though, you will feel the guilt of "starving" your poultry...)

Dodos will be attacked naturally by wild wolves, so be sure to protect them! As a reminder, these birds cannot fly so be wary when they're near high overhangs. The poor guys will attempt to flap their mini wings while falling yet to no avail.

So what is one to do with all these dodo-brains? If desired, you can kill these birds for a surplus of Dodo Breasts and feathers, the first being a "delicacy" that heals 4 hunger points when cooked. Oh, and Dodo Breasts can be used as a substitute in Raw Chicken Soup.

Dodo © Me
Minecraft © Mojang
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MonadoBoy16Student Artist
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myflimpStudent Artist
Could you provide a download of the model
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Awww... It's kinda cute :3
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xX-CutiePie-XxProfessional General Artist
This is a really good idea :3
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PokemonSoldierHobbyist General Artist
why not submit your fossil ideas to the new Fossil/Archeology mod, which is called Fossil/Archeology Revival
Dragonith's avatar
DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
I did? Some of the mobs have been added already.
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PokemonSoldierHobbyist General Artist
I just now saw. Still, you need to have most of the others added. Also, I see you make some that aren't prehistoric and could spawn normally
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These are so goddamn cute!
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kittycat2014Student General Artist
That is beautiful! two of my favorite things, dodos and minecraft!
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Beast-MakerHobbyist General Artist
Does anyone realize that Dodos lived on a tropical island off the coast of Madagascar? The first time I saw Ice Age I went on a huge rant about how Dodos wouldn't last a day in the cold. How do I know that you ask? I am awesome, I did a VOLUNTARY, I repeat voluntary report on them, and I LOVE DODOS!
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Well, if you didn't prepare for the Ice Age, then doom on you! Doom on you.... doom on you.... doom on you....
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FruityCreeper50Hobbyist General Artist
:P they need ta add that.
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You say this was meant for Fossil/Archeology? Interesting - I recently saw a video of a different mod featuring a number of your Dinosaur Models. I think it was called Jurassic Times. I was just wondering if this is the first you're hearing about it - I'm fine if you have. But your creatures have made such a great addition to the mod, that I think all of them should be featured.
Course - it doesn't matter what I do; I've been trying for months, but can't get the dang mod to work.
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm aware of it. The guy's used it without my permission initially, but I let them off the hook for that. They aren't allowed to use anymore than what they've already used, however.
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
If this ever happened i would totally make a map that recreates the scene from Ice Age. Dodos Everywhere, A couple melons, and a lava pit
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LucymonHUHobbyist General Artist
cool i <3 minecraft and prehistoric animals!
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espeon40Student Digital Artist
if only they also followed you, that would be so cute XD
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But... they should also come in white and they should fight chickens :chainsaw:
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HeidelBergKid it is 'walgvogel'
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JayyefireHobbyist Digital Artist
The laaaast melonn....
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
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JayyefireHobbyist Digital Artist
Just YES. BTW do you know how to get the nyan cat mod?
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