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Minecraft - Brachiosaurus

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This model's a concept for the Fossil / Archaeology Mod by Flammarilva. You can view his thread here: [link]

This is hands down the largest model I've ever constructed in Techne. Because of its size, I was unable to fit everything in the picture. So for those who want to see the full view of the Brachiosaurus: [link]

Another grueling problem the size causes is the limitations on detail I can put in the texture map. I regret not making a smaller model with a resized texture map. Ah well... x-x

Brachiosaurus will be ravenous at birth, consuming leaves and the like (Apples, Wheat, etc.) up to adulthood. Upon reaching max age, they will rely more on destroying leaves from trees rather than hand outs from players. So be wary when leaving these giants in a forest, as you may never see their leaves again!
Note: When a forest runs out of leaves, Brachiosaurus will migrate to the nearest batch of leaves within a 50-block(?) radius.

These giants, as said in the information boxes, have the fastest growth cycles of all the other dinosaurs naturally (as well as the highest HP). They are unable to jump at max age, but they have an ability like the T-rex to trample the terrain in their favor. Additionally, these sauropods can survive in water, thanks to their ginormous mass.

While passive, a player can be trampled to death if in the way of a moving Brachiosaurus. Watch where you step!

Brachiosaurus © Me
Minecraft © Mojang
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how do you keep them from destroying the feeder? same with the t rex? they both destroy it and die, so i keep having to make more
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Ask the folks in the mod thread, not me. I'm not up-to-date with the mod's status, nor have I worked with them in awhile.
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fairyMarie23Hobbyist Artist
How to get it to stay i'm new to the mod I have a tamed one but i dont how to get them to stay
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If you can make a special harness, then you can make a mobile base on this dinosaur's back
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Scampercat101Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have any idea what I need to hit the drum with to command these guys? I want to work on my zoo, but my newly-hatched pal won't stop following me and teleporting out of his pen to stay near me! I know that for a triceratops, you hit the drum with a stick, and a bone for the Velociraptors, and an arrow for Pterosaurs, and that you never want to hit it with a skullstick on hand, but that's it! That's all the wikis list! HELP! (and if you know the items for any others not listed above, that would be even more splendid)
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I know you've probably already figured this out, but just right click it with a stick.
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Er... you're better off asking the folks in the Minecraft forums thread for assistance. I'm not as up-to-date regarding the mechanics for the mod.
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Hehe - I finally got the Mod working and Brachiosaurus is my first Dinosaur.
But...there seems to be a problem. The one that I have has been alive for about five minecraft days, but Dinopedia says he hasn't aged past one day.
I've also included several trees inside his pen as well as a feeder...But he never seems to seek out food on his own. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Yer gonna need to ask the folks on the forum thread. I'm not up-to-date with bugs or issues with the mod.
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No need; I discovered the problem. Apparently, sleeping at night doesn't count toward the days the creature grows...and...for some reason you have to be in radius of the creature as well.
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where i can download it?
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theSpinosaurusGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
You should make Argentinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Baryonyx that'd be kickass c;
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Are you making any more of these models? Cause I can make a few suggestions if you don't have an idea.
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DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe sometime in the future, but not for the moment. I already have a few ideas I haven't done yet, so I'm fine thank you.
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This beastie can kill you in Creative mode, I guess.
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randomdinosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Being in Creative Mode won't save you from being squashed into a pulp! :)
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FruityCreeper50Hobbyist General Artist
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Aww yeah.. Mr. Long Neck is in town.
:trollface: :#1:
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FruityCreeper50Hobbyist General Artist
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Aww yeah. Mr. Long Neck
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"Have you seen a Dinosaur, Rock? Well let me tell you - they can cause a VARIETY of Damage!"
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Hits Thing, "Oh, cra...." Flies miles into the sunset after being kicked.
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