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Giga Bowsette


I'm still surprised at how much this blew up lol.
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For some reason her punch makes me think of Kill la Kill.

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Heh, Kirby doesn't look any different.

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Everyone else: Yes, smash me my WAIFU!

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Love how Kirby is just being happy so innocently, yet Toad and Captain Falcon on the other hand... :giggle:
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Giga-Bowsette: I AM NOT CUTE!
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Giga-Bowsette is giga-waifu
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:iconbowsetteplz: : What the hell is that!?!?!?
:iconpeachplz: : That's called tragic reality, Bowser.
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Oh God! Keep this away from the vore people.

Other then that nice.
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Peach is over in the background looking dead asf XD
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"All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a giant woman, A GIANT WOMAN"
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I before it know what kirby not for only kids... BUT I DO NOT KNOW KIRBY ARE HAVE RATING 18+ 
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That's a mean fist she packs there. I don't think that I'd appreciate it, though, and I'm a guy.
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That Toad's like, "That's mah fetish!"

I love it. :XD:
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lol Toad i'm dead XD hahaha
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smash me all day bby
LMAO 😆 Bruh!! I saw this coming!! 😂ROTFLMAO!!
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they are going to die.
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Yeah. But they gonna die happy.
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Well, Peach isn't.
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I honestly hate how they changed Giga bowser into a background smash
He was hot garbage in Sm4sh because they forgot to give him the buffs they gave to regular Bowser. This? This is a hard instakill (even walls can't save you) and a Yoshi's Island homage to boot. You'll take your "target opponent dies, no save" and like it, mister.
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