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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Zard Pel-Hel

Based on Yian Kut-Ku: [link]
Zard Pel-Hel (Charizard/Pelipper/Heliolisk) 

Classification: The Great Bird Wyvern FUSEmon

Client: Dragonith

Special Ability: Hyper Sensitivity
"Greatly increases the Pokemon's accuracy at the cost of increasing vulnerability to sound."
-Note #1: Accuracy of all moves are boosted by 50%.
-Note #2: Sound-based moves will always result in a critical-hit against Zard Pel-Hel and have a slight chance of causing confusion.

Signature Move: Multiple Firespew
Category: Special
Type: Fire
Power: 50
Accuracy: 75%
PP: 5
The user volleys fireballs up to five times in succession. May inflict a burn."

FUSE SPECIAL - Blue Zard Pel-Hel by Dragonith

--Wyvern Valley: Second Exploration Log #9--

Meowthster Hunter by Dragonith 
"Nyah, sorry for the long absence, fellow hunters! The Purrfessor got nyasty stomach ache after trying one of our village's local specialty. What is it you ask? Sauteed Hairy Alomomola with Zebstrika Butter! Don't know why the meal didn't agree with him. It's so tasty, nyah! A great meal for those with a heart for gathering! The succulent flavor of salty fish hairs and creamy butter... nyeh? What do you mean stop talking, Purrfessor? You're looking a little green there. Oh well. A few weeks of being bedridden didn't hurt nyo-one, am I right?

"Anyways, on our quest to find another form of transportation for the Purrfessor, we stumbled upon the Jungle Menace, Zard Pel-Hel! Well, that title's a bit of an exaggeration. These bird-like meownsters are actually pretty docile unless provoked.... or spooked. Loud sounds do wonders on their sensitive ears, the poor things. They don't have much of a taste for us Meowthster Hunters thankfully, and instead take great delight in various Bug-types and fruits. They have a particular bias towards round consumable items, such as Venipede, Surskit, Shuckle, 
Cherubi, Exeggutor heads, and even the occasional innocent, curled-up Sandshrew. If it's a round ball, it's got the peckish pecker's curiosity! Such is nature, meowrr."

"Course, Zard Pel-Hel here wouldn't be myuch use to you Purrfessor. Sure it has wings, but I highly doubt you would be able to get the meownster to take on that requ--"


"Nyah? What was that noise? Purrfessor, what happened? ... WHA-NYAH!? You caught it!? How did you manage to-- oh, it ate the FUSE Ball in your bag. NYAH? So these "FUSE Balls" you carry actually work?! How a-meows-ing!... and slightly anticli-meow-ctic. Wow. I was expecting a longer expedition period, but hey, at least we found your solution, right? Let's get you suited up for your trip back, Purrfessor!...I wonder if Zard Pel-Hel can even fly for long periods of time..."   

-Meowthster Hunter Healinya

Zard Pel-Hel © Dragonith
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Yes more monster hunter pokemon!
Not the Kut-Ku! Not  the pecking Kut-Ku!
Crotchbellygeneral's avatar
Wesdaaman's avatar
Looks like the Yian Kut-Ku from Monster Hunter
mh3umaster's avatar
lol clutzy thing 
PsycoJosho's avatar
Quite ugly-cute, just like the Kut-Ku. ~

Are you going to make a... Poison variant, by any chance?
Dragonith's avatar
Perhaps sometime down the line.
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Do magikarp genesect blastoise and charizard
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
That looks great :D Yian-Kut-Ku for the win :lmao:
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I wonder how many of these have died from Venipede's Poison Point after swallowing it?
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Probably none, as they're smart enough to carry laxatives on them when needed.
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
You don't know the reference, do you?
strong-1's avatar
Its monster hunter right?

Anyway I was basing my statement on how real world birds such as pelicans and herons sometimes perish. Sometimes their eyes are bigger than their stomachs and choke or swallow something with spines, poisonous or both. It was easy to imagine a Venipede stabbing this predator with its poison point whilst being swallowed, you ass.
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I really don't see the reason why you call me a ass... but okay...
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Amazing work. Have you made a nargacuga or zinogre fusion yet?
Dragonith's avatar
I have done one of Narga awhile back:
F.U.S.E Corp Lab: Emparvern by Dragonith
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D: oh no they are eating little Pokeymanz! Anyway fantastic fusion here :>
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Loving these Monster Hunter fusions! May wanna buff the acc. boost. For comparison, Compound Eyes is +30% and no drawbacks.
Dragonith's avatar
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I'll up it to 50%.
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Nuuuu,not the Sandshrews....

I have a Sandshrew that evolved into Sandslash....

still looks adorable.
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he mentioned Curled Sandshrew are also on it's diet
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