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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Voltanmega

Based on Astalos (Raizex): [link]
Voltanmega (Vikavolt/Noivern/Yanmega) 

Classification: Electric Wyvern FUSEmon

Client: Dragonith

Special Ability: Rage Mode X
"Raises both Attack and Sp. Atk each time the Pokemon is hit, at the cost of Defense."

Signature Move: Bug Zapper
Category: Special
Type: Electric
Power: 120
Accuracy: 85%
PP: 5
"The user electrocutes the target with a massive flare of electricity with a high chance of inflicting paralysis. If the target is a Bug-type, this move always results in a critical hit."

--Wyvern Valley: Third Exploration Log #1--

 Meowthster Hunter Yukumeowth by Dragonith
"Yo, hunters! K
onnichi-nya! I am Yukumeowth! Veteran Meowthster Hunter, at meowr service! I am under the employment of Healinya to explore meowre of Wyvern Valley for his research reports to FUSE Corp. I've hunted in nyearly every corner of Wyvern Valley for years nyow. I know my way around a Druzarzeros or two! How did he acquire my help you ask? Some grilled basculin over berry juice goes a long way, nyahaha. Though, that's enough introductions. I'm sure you're all rarin' to see some meownsters! Let's get to it! Ikuze!"

"Welcome to the Verdant Hills, hunters! A hilly grassland teaming with wildlife ripe for the picking! I gotta say, I get a strong case of nostalg-nya whenever I come here. Don't let the scenery fool you though! There's danger around every bush, every corner! Stay alert! Nya-ni!? Stay down! Here comes the Electric Wyvern, Voltanmega! It is a member of the Elite Four, a powerful group of meownsters that rule over a specific regions in Wyvern Valley! It has mastery over electricity and is a highly aggressive predator! While it looks like an overgrown Yanma, underestimating it will only leave you to a shocking demise! This thing eats babies! [citation needed]

"It seems it's snacking on something at the moment, so let's slip away before it notices! I'd rather not get fried to a crisp today, nyo sir!

-Meowthster Hunter Yukumeowth

Voltanmega © Dragonith
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I love this fusion so give your self a pat on the back

mixmaster1987's avatar

The wyvern I would have to be

mixmaster1987's avatar

A stalls is my favorite of the fated 4 and probably be the

smashmallow101's avatar

bro you didn't read the beginning of the description did you

CartoonAnimeFan2000's avatar
HaydenBoggs's avatar
Why are these badass fusions not considered for the actual Pokemon games???
smashmallow101's avatar

because a lot of these are based off of creatures from the monster hunter franchise

Hedgehog00's avatar
LOVE ASTALOS! though I'm a tad surprised by the choice in typing. I was expecting the Flying type instead of the Bug type, BUT WHO CARES IT LOOKS AWESOME!
titanuimrocket5678's avatar
this looks awesome.... and scary
115spartan's avatar
I love the design ^^
Makes most (if not all) electric type legendaries look damn tame.
(Same with the dragon and bug types)
WyvernDragonHybrid's avatar
Can I have one please?
Love58767's avatar
I need this in a game
maybe someday
You should try making a Nakarkos FUSEmon
evilanimegenious's avatar
yay, im not the only one who noticed XD

zweilous, octillery, marowak?

Griffguy26's avatar
I know you can't do request but can you make a christmas present for me please?
Geoxaga's avatar
It looks like a monster from monster hunter.
OtachiKaiju68's avatar
it is based on the Astalos from that game. he just sometimes likes to base off one of these Pokemon Fusion from the Monsters from MH Series :P
Wildshadow852's avatar
Ikr? Looks a lot like the Astalos
mh3umaster's avatar
i hate fighting that monster but dinovaldo even more so crazy carnotaurus kills me fast and this bug wyvern is no better just easy to dodge 
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