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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Rhydomamo

Based on Gammoth (Gamuto): [link]
Rhydomamo (Rhyperior/Donphan/Mamoswine) 

Classification: Giant Beast FUSEmon

Client: Dragonith

Special Ability: Rage Mode X
"Raises both Attack and Sp. Atk each time the Pokemon is hit, at the cost of Defense."

Signature Move: Rearing Smash
Category: Physical
Type: Ice
Power: 150
Accuracy: 70%
PP: 5
"The user puts all its weight into crashing down like an avalanche. Deals more damage based on the user's weight compared to the target's."

--Wyvern Valley: Third Exploration Log #2--

 Meowthster Hunter Yukumeowth by Dragonith
"Yo, hunters! Wake up meow! You all dozed off on me! With where we are, that's dangerous, nya!

"Here we are at Arctic Ridge! Snowy meowntains as far as the eye can see! Be sure to dress accordingly or you'll get a nyasty cold! Shall we start our exploration up that mountain?"


"NYA-NI?! That's no mountain, hunters! That's the Giant Beast, Rhydomamo! This meownster smashes all in its way! Despite how meow-nacing it looks, this creature's a herbivore. So nyo worries hunters! You aren't on its menu! ... that said, while it is a herbivore, it IS highly territorial and easily agitated at the slightest purr-ovocation. Also, this specific Rhydomamo was the same one I left with the bill at a 5-star restaurant the other day. What are the odds, right? Anywho... that's your cue to start running. RUN!"


-Meowthster Hunter Yukumeowth

Rhydomamo © Dragonith
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The wooly gammoth

smashmallow101's avatar

bro you could've gotten away with just making this a mega mamoswine.

AjanisApprentice's avatar
I really love this one. And I'm curious, why was it in a five star restaurant? How did it fit? 
ReavaulvaireBlumes's avatar
I would keel over with joy if this was an actual mon! Such a badass design! Clap 
FoolForGold's avatar
Well... It's certainly a mammoth, and it sure is icy. AND GOOD LORD, IS IT HUGE. It is rather appealing, however...

Why do people like this more than the fiery one, again?
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BulbaFriend's avatar
This looks like a rock covered mammoth! 
enderex's avatar
THIS IS SO BADASS OMFG also,i have suggestion that do if you want it's just something i came up with,Magikarp and Arceus fuse
PerfectKyuremtamer's avatar
his signature attack would probably be something like this:
god splash
looks like judgement,does nothing
EmperorRindovan's avatar
Holy shit this is good.
burdock-301's avatar
These are awesome! I can't wait for your Nakarkos (or Osutogaroa) fusion!
burdock-301's avatar
NOTE: Before anyone says anything, I do realize that Nakarkos is Osutogaroa's English name.
TakataCheroki's avatar
I'm amused by the fact that the name sounds like a pun. "Ride da mammo!" (Ride the mammoth) :giggle:
ZahlenO's avatar
I'm sorry for being so slow in my learning... *kowtows towards my modeling queue*
ShadowKnux372's avatar
You really like some Monster Hunter, huh? :)  I've never played any of the games in the series, but their inspiration sure is making for some nice Fusions!
kyjoh's avatar
It looks like a woolly mammoth
Griffguy98's avatar
it's a mammoth dragon!
superpika293's avatar
Here's the Behemoth to go with this Leviathan:…
burdock-301's avatar
You do realize that this is based off of a monster from MH Generations, right?
superpika293's avatar
NO REALLY? I never would have guessed!
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