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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mezunown

By Dragonith
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Mezunown (M-Mewtwo-Y/Zoroark/Unown)

Classification: M. A. S. T. E. R. FUSEmon (Master Admin System Temporal Executing Reality)

Client: :iconzirocoh:

Special Ability: Master Unit
"Pokemon receives any stat changes made by ally Pokemon."
-Example: U-Raimag used Nasty Plot! Special attack increased! Mezunown's Special Attack also increased!
-Note: Negative stat decreases are also received.

Signature Move: Security Breach 
Category: Special
Type: Psychic
Power: 80
Accuracy: --%
PP: 5
"An alarming wail erupts from the Pokemon, lowering both its and all opposing Pokemon's stats by one stage."
-Note #1: Hits multiple targets in double/triple battles.


Avatar-Siljavia3 by Dragonith
"The mastermind of Mirra B.'s internal security force. Mezunown has full control over all other units (G. U. N., S. W. O. R. D., and S. T. A. R.), able to control their attack patterns with a single flick of its wrist. It protects Mirra's greatest asset, allegedly some kind of DNA production machine. Should someone attempt to steal it, Mezunown will bring the entire area down along with it, no hesitation. This ironclad loyalty and combined firepower proves to be Mirra's best line of defense yet... though, Siljavia thinks this may be a bit overkill. Nonetheless, Siljavia received praise that week."

―M. A. S. T. E. R. Guide #4 (FINAL)

Commissioned by Zirocoh. Leader of the Mirra's internal security force, Mezunown! Enjoy.~

Mezunown © Dragonith
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sondash300Hobbyist Writer
looks like something from twilight princess
trainerzygarde's avatar
I read the Unown, and it was all saying Master. Pretty cool in my opinion
bookbot1's avatar
"Negative stat decreases" - DOUBLE NEGATIVE...
'Negative stat CHANGES' works far better...
PocketMonsterLover86's avatar
PocketMonsterLover86Hobbyist Artist
omg this is amazing AS USUAL!! 
leopardheart982's avatar
leopardheart982Student Digital Artist
>Triple Battle
>Salamence comes in from the opponent's side
>Mezunown's Atk decreased!
>Deuxrai's Atk decreased!
>Mezunown's Atk also decreased!
>Lyndzong's Atk decreased!
>Mezunown's Atk also decreased!

TL;DR rip Mezunown's Atk.
PlazmaKenji's avatar
PlazmaKenjiHobbyist Digital Artist
Fuckin Rad!
Aquatix13's avatar
Aquatix13Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason I have a one punch man vibe coming from this XD
PerfectChaos22's avatar
PerfectChaos22Hobbyist Artist
Looks like Lord Boros
templar127's avatar
Awesome demon like!
EL17Shough's avatar
It kinda reminds me of one of Ganon's spirits in breath of the role-playing but needless to say that's really sick!
EL17Shough's avatar
I meant to say wild
TitaniumUrsa's avatar
I was silarly reminded of the Twilight Beasts from Twilight Princess.
EL17Shough's avatar
Oh yeah! I can totally see that😃
BulbaFriend's avatar
BulbaFriendStudent Traditional Artist
A cipher?
galvan04's avatar
galvan04Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cool
DCFDTLdude's avatar
DCFDTLdudeHobbyist Digital Artist
gotdang! absolutely aweinspiring. how did you make that red fire/smoke effect?
Dragonith's avatar
DragonithHobbyist Digital Artist
I used a custom brush for that effect.
DCFDTLdude's avatar
DCFDTLdudeHobbyist Digital Artist
!! *so* cool
AltruisticProtector's avatar
I mean love. Not lover lol
AltruisticProtector's avatar
OooOOOoOoOO! Loooover it!
fandomedragon25's avatar
fandomedragon25Hobbyist General Artist
ArceusWarlord22's avatar
ArceusWarlord22Student Traditional Artist
I think what I like the most about this is how you use a jumble of unown as part of the head piece. 
jueral's avatar
jueralHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like something straight out of loz: twilight princess lol. Really cool.
TheMichromeBlade's avatar
TheMichromeBladeHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I thought it looked like a Shadow Beast
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