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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mega Gardezor Senjin

Mega Gardezor Senjin (M-Gardevoir/M-Scizor/M-Garchomp)

Classification: Scissor Armor FUSEmon

Client: :icontehwindwakr:

Special Ability: Fiber Drain EX
"Every critical hit fully restores HP to the Pokemon."
-Example: Gardezor used Slash! Critical hit! Gardezoir fully recovered!

Signature Move: Scissor Blades
Category: Physical
Type: Steel
Power: 180
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5
"A savage flurry of slashes from a multitude of scissor blades. This move ignores stat boosts and barriers."

Normal Form:
Commission: Tehwindwakr by Dragonith

Alt. Mega Form(s):
F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mega Gardezor Shippu by DragonithCommission: Tehwindwakr (2) by Dragonith


"You thought we were ending at Mega Gardezor Shippu? Nope! There's one more Mega form! Enter Mega Gardezor Senjin! The almighty raw force of the Garchompite is infused within those blades! Destroy everything in your path! Rend those clothing stores in two! SLASH THOSE PRICES! BE A CUT ABOVE ALL THE REST! DON'T BE SNIPPY! CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY! EDGY!*"

*I've already used that 'Don't Lose Your Way!' shtick three times, so here's some cringeworthy puns instead.

Professor Dragonith's Dedicated Assistant
Commissioned by Tehwindwakr, featuring a new Mega fusion of Gardezor. Yes, this looks like Ryuko Matoi. /inb4 the 'This looks like--!' comments
Mega Gardezor Senjin © Dragonith
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Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a chryssalid?

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This looks like kill la kill
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OMG Kill la Kill!!!
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this looks like kill la kill XD
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KILL LA KILL confermed
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and I've got my answer
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lol kill la pokemon
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yes love the kill la kill <3
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I looked up L.A. NOPE. How the FUCK did I find this? I love it though. But if you have banette "alt" mega. Tell me.
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Love the Kill la Kill reference! Looks pretty kick-ass!
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Kinda like Kill la Kill:)
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I was thinking the same
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This is both grade-A s*it-you-pants scary and funny. :iconconflictedplz:
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Never expected this kind of fusion/crossover, but somehow this just works fantastically. Really liking the incorporation of spikes in the hair, and overall slick drawing, coloring, and sharp presentation. Nice overall Pokemon gallery btw! :)
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Ahaha, I'm glad you think so.

And thanks! Really appreciate it! :)
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You never fail to impress us! I really don't want to sound like I am requesting any kind of art from you, Mr. Dragonith, but these Kill La Kill "fan-service" fusemons of yours are SO GREAT you got me hyped waiting for a possible next entry jdkaghdladkgl such as, you know what would make perfect base for a Ragyo fusemon? Shiny Mega Gengar and perhaps, a Milotic hajkghjklagh
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