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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mega Buimurzard Y

By Dragonith
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Mega Buimurzard Y (M-Charizard Y*/Buizel/Samurott)

Classification: Omni-Terrain Sentinel FUSEmon

Client: :iconbuizelnokaiyoo:

Special Ability: Overwhelming Confidence
"Prevents flinching and ignores all stat changes."
-Note: Also excludes self-made changes.

Signature Move: Hack and Slash
Category: Physical
Type: Water
Power: 120
Accuracy: 85%
PP: 5
"The target is hit with a dual striking attack with a superheated water-coated blade. The target has a 50% chance of being burned. This move is also treated as a Fire-Type move. Lowers Attack and Special Attack after use."

Normal Form:

* Information provided by buizelnokaiyoo!


"A reminder to whoever's in charge of material shipments to place a back order for more Charizard DNA. Those fusions seem to be all the rage this season, so better to start stocking up early just in case!"

"A mighty winged dragon donning samurai armor, Mega Buimurzard Y takes to the skies and unleashes an otherwise unorthodox combination of fire and water based attacks. When not practicing the way of the samurai, it can be seen enjoying a quiet game of shoji in the recreational area."

―Professor Dragonith's Dedicated Assistant

Commissioned by buizelnokaiyoo. Enjoy.~

Mega Buimurzard Y © Dragonith
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Woah! I've never expected to see two of my favorite pokémon (Buizel and Samurott) being fused... with Charizard? That's cool. I love what you did there! Nice work!

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What is this fusion meant to represent? An otter-dragon-thing?
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What exactly is this fusion? Dragon otter? Why Charizard? Why not Floatzel? Why is it an Omni-Terrain Sentinel when it isn't a sentinel? How does having Fire type make you omni-terrain? Why am I not asking the commissioner? Why so many questions? What is life?
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1/10 not long enough swords 
but for reals good job
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This is an ineresting fusion 
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What a gorgeous fusion!
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buimurzard is best zard :3
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This looks amazing! Thanks a lot!
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Dang it looks impressive! I love it so much!!! 
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Wow, Dragonith. You put a new meaning to the word "Amazing".
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Now we wait for that SaiyanGogito guy to start roleplaying in the comments.....
burdock-301's avatar
He deleted his account, finally!
terrafinrules's avatar
 No, he got banned, he probably believes he has superpowers in real life, what a fucking idiot.
burdock-301's avatar
Eugh, either way, I'm glad he's gone. He was a real twat.
terrafinrules's avatar
Yes he was, he thought that HAISPID BLEETZDRAGUN could beat a fusion that had Chuck Norris, Goku, Shrek, Drew Pickles, and Segata Sanshiro!
burdock-301's avatar
Dude, there's no way that's happening if Shrek was part of the fusion.
terrafinrules's avatar
I'll literally give you the entire list of fusees in this fusion... Shrek,Drew Pickles,Segata Sanshiro,Liam Neeson,Golden Frieza,Chuck Norris,Billy Mays,Cory Baxter,Waluigi,Kenshiro,Kamen Rider Kuuga,Goku,The Avengers,The Barney Bunch,Team Fourstar Mr. Popo,The Pubic Family,Donkey Kong,Homer Simpson,Asgore,the Angry Video Game Nerd,Weegee,and Wilford Brimley
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A two-tailed dragon samurai - my man, you are redefining epic with each one of these. Keep up the excellent work!
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