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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Marotto

Marotto (Lucario/Samurott/Marowak)

Classification: Swordmaster FUSEmon

Client: :iconshad2389:

Special Ability: Edge Master
"Sword-based attacks are doubled in power."
-Note: Swords Dance now instead of +2 ATK changes to +4.

Signature Move: Alluvion Blade
Category: Physical
Type: Water
Power: 130
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5
"A graceful slash with the power of a raging river. This move has a high chance of causing the target to flinch."

F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mandiboark by Dragonith



"... is what it told me via telepathy. Not quite sure what it was implying, but it certainly isn't a pushover. Upon first glance, you'll notice there isn't a trace of any aquatic elements on it. What makes this guy a Water-type you ask? Well, simply put, the Water-type inherited from Samurott's DNA is imbued within its armor and sword. Take that away, and well, you have a Pokemon that's more of Lucario's Steel-type than water. But attempting to do that would probably only piss it off (and cost ya a few limbs here and there)."

"Marotto gets along with most FUSEmon around here, except Mega Galegis whose ideals conflict with its own. The two often strike out at each other once they make eye contact. Can't get between their code of honor, we all unanimously agreed on, so we just leave them be. No one has the guts to get near them anyways. Apart from swordplay, Marotto enjoys meditation, haikus, sashimi, and late night theatrical dramas."

Professor Dragonith's Dedicated Assistant
Commissioned by shad2389. Very pleased with how this came out. Enjoy.~

Marotto © Dragonith
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750Dinosaur's avatar
This is awesome. Anubis samurai warrior with water powers!
chanizard1's avatar
Anubis by chanizard1
I made the 5 gen version
MahNameIzDerpaHerpa's avatar
Damn this loooks mad . Nice job!
UsagiAngelRabbit's avatar
Egyptian Guardian.......nice
DarkPhoenix3465's avatar
Looks like straight up Anubis
julian0123's avatar
Now that's a badass combination.
shinykomodiver1994's avatar
:) this could pass for mega marowak
Somoko's avatar
Umm, that ability and move does a unadulterated 260 base damage... At least lower the accuracy? 
KittyCutieMeow's avatar
Auffallend's avatar
When Anubis and a samurai have a baby lol
galaxyredstar's avatar
they create the awesomest pokemon ever XD
ArcanineMike's avatar
Marotto vs Mega Galegis would be 1 epic fight
Tenshineko01's avatar
This thing looks bad@$$.
animeromancelover14's avatar
Hey look it's  Anubis's cousin! Badass btw!
mercury7x's avatar
So, let me get this straight...

You took the skills of a samurai via Samurott, as well as it's armor and honor...

Along with the ruthlessness, ferocity, and weapon prowess of a Marowak...

And gave it to one of the most competent warriors in Pokemon Lore, the Aura-mastering Near-Telepathic/Clarvoyant-in-battle Lucario.

If ever there was a hero of legend to save the world it would be he.
This is one of my favorite fusions that you've done by far
momo-lucario's avatar
WOW!!!! :heart: wishing this were a real pokemon, so gorgeous! 
Anubis pokemon! So cool!
SOTF's avatar
An Anubis Samurai? Me like. :D
Over9KGuy's avatar
.... Four words, my friend....

"My team is f*cked* >_<
PicassoEnigma's avatar
Anubis? is that you?
RazielXavier's avatar
I still can't get over how awesome this fusion is. Would you ever consider making a mega evolution for it?
shad2389's avatar
If Mega Marowak and Mega Samurott are ever announced, I guarantee you that I'll commission it. I think it'd be jumping the gun to do it now, though.
RazielXavier's avatar
I'm still trying to wrap my head around what either of those concepts would look like separately, let alone as a mega hybrid. Haha. I just thought it would be cool to see. :)
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