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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Kirlinkzel

By Dragonith
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Based on the Inkling Girl: [link]
Kirlinkzel (Kirlia/Inkay/Buizel)

Classification: Squid Kid FUSEmon

Client: :iconshad2389:

Special Ability: Color Change
"The Pokémon's type becomes the type of the move used on it."

Signature Move: Ink Dive
Category: Physical
Type: ???
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10
"The user dives into a pool of ink, and strikes on the following turn with a high chance of a critical hit. This move's type is dependent on the user's primary type."
-Note: The user is in a semi-vulnerable state on the first turn.

Gyaraka Raider (Gyarados/Kakuna/Remoraid) 
"An experimental weapon meant to be carried by a Pokemon. Changes the user's first move to the move below when held."

Signature Move: Rainmaker
Category: Special
Type: ???
Power: 180
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5
"A concentrated blast of elemental ink is blasted from the golden cannon, shattering barriers and ignoring defenses. This move's type is dependent on the user's primary type."


"This FUSEmon has a very fresh personality. Easy-going, and always looking to have fun, you'd think she's a real saint of a fusion. Well, you'd be wrong there. She's very territorial when it comes to her space, and is a completely messy FUSEmon, leaving behind trails of ink where she marks her territory. She can even slip into these ink splotches to evade us. Happens every time."

"Kirlinkzel is also rather fond of an experimental weapon we crafted recently, and didn't ask us for permission to use it. The Gyaraka Raider, as we dubbed it, launches a massive amount of energy when fired. Kirlinkzel filled this cannon with her ink after getting her tentacles on it, and now it fires an incredulous amount of it at whatever she's aiming at. Thankfully, the ink is washable with water, so we managed to restrain her eventually with several gallons of water and cooperative Water-type FUSEmon. This turf war is over!" 

―Professor Dragonith

Commissioned by shad2389. Enjoy.~

Kirlinkzel © Dragonith
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You have released the woomy god.

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se parece un inklySquid Kid 
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You've got splattin' business to do, my dear mollusk.
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If Inkay and Kirlia are both Psychic-types, then why is the Psychic-type ignored in this fusion? Was the client specific about the typing?
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I didn’t think the Psychic type made much sense, since Inklings themselves don’t seem to have anything resembling psychic abilities.
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Why do I look like a robotic Splatoon Inkling?! XD
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It IS an Inkling hybrid!
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Wow! Kirlia's Psychic typing is forgotten in fusions, even if there's another Psychic-type Pokemon in the fusion!
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I told him not to. The Psychic type didn’t really fit with the Inklings in my opinion.
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I... did not. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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she looks like Orange from Splatoon
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That's the idea. :ohmygod:
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