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F.U.S.E Corp Lab: Fardunkarp


Classification: Mistake FUSEmon

Client: Dragonith

Price: --

Special Ability: Domino Effect
"All moves will hit the foe's allies after contact."
-Example: Flamethrower hits foe Flygon; afterwards it hits Flygon's other teammates.
-Note: This only applies to double/triple battles.

Signature Move: Slapstick
Type: Normal
Power: 10
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20
"The user smacks the target with its stick. There's a 1/50 chance it will score an OHKO."


"...I lost a bet."

Fardunkarp © Dragonith
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sanlyn39's avatar
name sounds like a burp and a fart mixed together
Steechy's avatar
Also can I make a variation of this move I will make a sculpture of clay of one of your fakemon or fusemon
Steechy's avatar
I really like the move to make it more useful there should be an item that raises the secondary effect of happening. Example:Slapsticks' secondary effect accuracy is 1 in 50 with that item it raised the accuracy to 5 to 50 or 10 to 50 ( I'm trying not to make it OP
Steechy's avatar
Well I see your point for the move it makes sense.
But what do you mean by knock yourself out when I asked to make a sculpture of one of your fakemon or fusemon
Dragonith's avatar
Er... well, the point of the move is its supposed to be a joke. Increasing the chance of hitting kinda devalues that a bit, even if its by a slight margin.

As for your other question, knock yourself out I guess.
Anthonyk24's avatar
I mean you make pokemon signature moves have a base power of 300 so in your previous words, "What could possibly go wrong?"
ShiRiterature's avatar
RubyGallade9's avatar
It's durpyness makes it cute XD
BlastBackCalhoon's avatar
Just say its name in a Big the Cat/Magikarp voice. Listen to how derp you sound.
TheFlamingCyndaqui's avatar
"...I lost a bet."

ProfessorPsychopath's avatar
LMFAO; introducing the most useless Pokemon of all time: this little fuck!
Regiking's avatar
He lost a fuckin' bet XD
Voliol's avatar
This is kinda cute....
MasterArchfiend's avatar
I only like it because of Magikarp and Farfecth'd. Dunsparce is just not my kind of pokemon. I raise them, but only because they are mine, not out of love for the species.
HungryScorpion's avatar
By far the funniest FUSEmon to date :rofl:
random1732's avatar
TheLordandtheRing's avatar
Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Pft, I cant stop laughing! XP
NinjaMongoose's avatar
Arceus, you have met your match.
MC-protector's avatar
LOL :quote "... i lost a bet" LOL
EclipsingWolf's avatar
ths will learn every HM
trogdorboy's avatar
And come level 20...
superpika293's avatar
At least it didn't destroy the lab, right?
Dragonith's avatar
Prof. Dragonith: Heh...riiiiight...
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