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Excelo Region Fakedex

Current Goal: 153

:bulletblack: 12/31/17 - Fakedex completed! Updated Corodin and Deitreden; Added Stratelord and Aermael!
:bulletblack: 11/08/17 - Two more remain! Corrected the total dex amount! 154->153! Completed Xenoder line; Updated Dinosaw's line and Angrage.
:bulletblack: 10/08/17 - *something something Kept ya waitin', huh?* Added Ruggrizzly and Bukokraxe; Updated Jejangle, Apeperil, Garashen!
:bulletblack: 03/13/17 - Evolutionary! Added Badgroad, Pagodara, and Cavalkrie; Updated Balfrog and Pulsync! Onto Part 2!
:bulletblack: 02/25/17 - The homestretch! Added Harpicco; Updated Gerbell, Monzuit, Possout, Shinkrab, Yanobi, Jumbean, Wyvaust, and Blobly! That's all the first stage 'mons taken care of! Just evolution updates and new Pokemon from this point on!
:bulletblack: 11/17/16 - Final update before Sun and Moon! Excelo will return in a week! Updated Cyclooma, Gerobub, and Sequodon; Added Daidozer, Asphalarge, and Baularrior. Blacked out Pokemon getting new artwork/design overhauls.
:bulletblack: 09/27/16 - Updated Batrang and Titanegg; Added Exocali.
:bulletblack: 08/25/16 - Updated Solitil; Added Merrigald. Blacked out a few more Pokemon getting some updates.
:bulletblack: 08/23/16 - WE'RE ALMOST THERE. KEEP IT TOGETHER! Added Craggork, Sallick, Mineroll, Monarking, and Frosprite. Blacked out Pokemon getting new artwork/design overhauls.
:bulletblack: 11/15/15 - HOH MAN IT'S BEEN AWHILE. Added Bukonaut, Thundrunag, and Concrate.
:bulletblack: 06/23/15 - Feel the summer breeze and the first update in months! Added Beettalion and Drathero.
:bulletblack: 02/12/15 - First update of the new year and it's long overdue! Added Clubbock, Glacipus's line, Staeger, and Armostle.
:bulletblack: 12/11/14 - Updated Ligroar; Added Drevege and Filitia.
:bulletblack: 11/06/14 - Updated Leoblem and Hemorhedge (FINALLY); Added Screbeet, Mondrake, and the Hoardra line.
:bulletblack: 09/26/14 - I'm baffled by the fact that I never updated the Gujarial in this picture to its most recent design until now. Added Lunari and Orcaracle; Edited Tiglaze, Gujarial line, and Platypow line; Blacked out Leoblem and Ligroar.
:bulletblack: 09/07/14 - Added Saberia and Kendomo line; Re-added Machinbyrd, Pyroach, and Periprot.
:bulletblack: 09/03/14 - Long overdue update! Added Geyzack, Poizone, Xenotain, and Draciple; Updated Catacoal, Mitesweep, and Brainarak.
:bulletblack: 05/14/14 - Added Koraisu, Chaundue, Chocolatt, Chouverlatt, Rainboa, Anacoloa, Serpectrum, Drakid, and Xenoder.
:bulletblack: 05/02/14 - Added Hottobun, Burvado, Gazap, Gazelot, Antelark, Pulsync, Chompel, and Carnisnail.
:bulletblack: 04/20/14 - How did I not update this earlier? Sheesh. Added Wulfowl, Cindarva, Teslass, Vandegrace, Deifin, and Kirihan. 
:bulletblack: 11/29/13 - Added Ouditty, Vixzet, Rodead, Grimprowl, Jumbean line, Bakaesark, Tazeel, Barmada, Tachama, and Pelabynn.
:bulletblack: 10/06/13 - Added Biragi line, Emotilite, Facephant, Amoesa line, Barnaclad line, Blobly line, Cycleen, and Bunkod.
:bulletblack: 06/06/13 - Added Sagealth, Masslime, Iguava line, and Fossil Pokemon; Updated Balfrog line.
:bulletblack: 04/13/13 - Moved some Pokemon around (temporary?); Added Lemowatt, Sequodon, and Frigilix line; Re-added Solitil.
:bulletblack: 03/09/13 - Increased goal to 154! Added Paranoirm line, Diabelon, Taperring, Gooblit, and Ribayou; Re-added Apeperil line, Jejangle, Birjet, and Huffiend; Edited Enduron, Leoblem, and Ligroar; Blacked out Pokemon getting updates.
:bulletblack: 09/29/12 - Added Yanobi line and Rainboa; Re-added Humbeak and Puppin.
:bulletblack: 07/14/12 - Added Malivaust line and Kipred; Re-added Loogully.
:bulletblack: 05/05/12 - Added Cyclooma, Daidozer, Blungus, and Loogully; Re-added Gerbell and Solitil; Blacked out Pokemon getting updates.
:bulletblack: 04/01/12 - Added Pyroach, Possout, Lisalt, Mineroll, and Periprot.


Trying to better organize my Fakedex so it feels more like an actual Pokedex. This will be frequently updated when I create a new Fakemon, or currently, add a revamp from my old Fakedex format. I may expand the number in the future, depending on how many Fakemon I can come up with. XD

Til' then, enjoy.~
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Pokemon © Nintendo
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Sentient-Pie's avatar

I love it but I've got a question where is this said region set/based off of?

These days it seems half of Gamefreak's pokemon are food items.

I miss when pokemon had some semblance to animals.

These are so well-designed I feel compelled to catch all of them.

CGBlack's avatar
Seriously you're so incredibly talented. Wish these were in a real game..
kirogamer123's avatar

I can use your fakedex for a game.
waynekramer1998's avatar
A lot of these Pokémon look like designs that would have fit in Generation IV and V. I like them all, though I can see this was the work of one designer. A majority of these fakemon have stripes for example.
Dragonith's avatar
Yeah, it's kinda clear with my designs I have a set preference for certain details despite variation lol. ^^;

Regardless, I'm glad you like them! :)
Crazy4Free's avatar
These are nuts! I love them all! Great designs ❤
LeJaedyn's avatar
I made my own Pokemon Fan Universe that's called "POKEMON Jade and Amethyst..."

 Welp, there goes my idea.
Tatermater12's avatar
What are the names
TheDarkShadow36's avatar
Is this an actual fangame?
Dragonith's avatar
No, just a fun side project of mine.
ulitima's avatar
Why not Garnet Jade and Onyx? Marble just seems so low tier of a gem?
Dragonith's avatar
Back then, I was trying to avoid using gems that were being commonly used by other Fakemon creators. Jade was the only exception to that self-made rule for myself.
WiseKarasu's avatar
Sweet! It must feel really great to finally see this long work finished!

So, is there any chance any old Pokemon will have Excelo Forms?
Dragonith's avatar
Seemed to miss this comment, but Excelo Form Pokemon is an idea I've played around with in my head. May or may not do some in the future. :)
Philip-Boom's avatar
As a massive Pokemon fanboy, I approve of this Dex. Great work!
This really need a hackroom , is amazing.
Really like this Dex I so wanna make a Anime for it!
Philip-Boom's avatar
Magnatck's avatar
Okay, you made the dex, you gonna make the map now?
Codyrules's avatar
Can I play the game these guys r in pls?
Lyca-Houndoom's avatar
that pine tree dino tho :O
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