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Commission: xrb-rick (9)


Raidron (Azure Forme)
Height: 2.2m
Weight: 160kg
Ability: Blitz Aura
Summons permanent thunderstorms. {When this Pokémon is brought out, a permanent thunderstorm covers the battlefield. It can only be removed by bringing out a Pokémon with another weather effect.}
Signature Move: Blitz Comet
Dex Entry: This astral dragonic PKMN searches for the strongest humans on Earth, in order to accomplish a mysterious objective.

Part 3 out of 3 of xrb-rick's third set of commissions. He wanted artwork for his legendary Fakemon, Raidron (Azure Forme).


Raidron (Azure Forme) © xrb-rick
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Am I wrong in assuming that this drew inspiration from Digimon's Raidramon, considering the name and his power over thunder?
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that is so cool
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ah looks good ^^
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holy crap thats beast do you get payed with points for this stuff?
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Either points or through Paypal.
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T_T i wish i had points these are extremely amazing
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Thank you very much, all of them have become amazing!
It was a somewhat long wait but it was totally worth it!!
Keep up the good work, I'll keep watching you ;)
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