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Commission: xrb-rick (8)


Height: 7m
Weight: 200kg
Ability: Acid Aura
Summons permanent acid rain. {When this Pokémon is brought out, a permanent acid rain covers the battlefield. It can only be removed by bringing out a Pokémon with another weather effect.}
Signature Move: Venom Fusion
Dex Entry: This astral serpent PKMN soars the skies, keeping in check the amount of darkness roaming the planet, only intervening on extreme situations.

Part 2 out of 3 of xrb-rick's third set of commissions. He wanted artwork for his legendary Fakemon, Laztequon. Very pleased with this one as well.


Laztequon © xrb-rick
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Reminds me of Metal Seadramon
Nyphr's avatar
Oh hell yes I want this Fakemon in my party.
SeriesArtiststarter's avatar
suffering sakatash now that is impressive
Zuroyuso's avatar
the blue stones look zo pwetty ^^ but the rest also is awesome
Yami-Pokegirl's avatar
Cool, its a nice work~
This pose and this colo make nice.
I like this eyes :)
Perplex123's avatar
WHOA! Thats amazing!
12Redsky34's avatar
Awesome! This is one of my favorites of the commissions you've done.
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