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Commission: xrb-rick (7)


EDIT: Added chest gem, as requested.

Height: 0.4m
Weight: 2kg
Ability: Nature Aura
Incapacitates the foe. {When this Pokémon is brought out, a permanent mist of spores covers the battlefield. It can only be removed by bringing out a Pokémon with a weather effect. It has 20% chance of inflicting Paralysis, Sleep or Poison status to all Pokémon except Grass-types.}
Signature Move: Petal Wave
Dex Entry: This astral pixie PKMN mingles with the forests, keeping Mother Nature and those inhabiting it in check, only intervening on extreme situations.

-inb4 Majora's Mask-
Part 1 out of 3 of xrb-rick's third set of commissions. He wanted artwork for his legendary Fakemon, Lilliquon. The fact that I made it unintentionally resemble a certain mask makes this look way more badass than I thought it would. Very pleased with the end result.


Lilliquon © xrb-rick
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Glad I saw it before I went to sleep! this is amazing :D
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:o neat face design on this guy.
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oooh looks awesome, and his face indeed looks nice