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Commission: xrb-rick (5)


Height: 1.6m
Weight: 100kg
Ability: Clear Aura
Protects and heals the user. {When in effect, it protects the Pokémon from any status condition, and when in Heavy Rain also heals 25% of it's max HP at the end of the turn.}
Signature Move: Tsunami
Dex Entry: This astral amphibious PKMN mingles with the bodies of water, roaming across fogs to keep itself unnoticed to the human eye.

Part 2 out of 3 of xrb-rick's second set of commissions. He wanted artwork for his legendary Fakemon, Noirchlon.


Noirchlon © xrb-rick
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Reminds me of Draciel from Beyblade but good job
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That is awesome.
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hey i made my first fakemon sprite. i have alot of fakemon drawings in a book but havent posted them yet.
heres the link to my sprite:
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Awesome! :la:

Side note: I believe there should be an R at the end of that Wate.
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awesomeness D:
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:nod: Looks amazing, lovely job on all the detail here.
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Sorry for the late comment, Dragonith...
Once again, awesome job!!! I'm glad me and my brother have found and chosen you xD
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Awesome design. It's design reminds me of Kyogre and Genesect.
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Awesome! :D And also, very good name! From noir and Archelon, I assume? I love it!
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Amazing!!! You're right!!! xD
All the other Alpha Guardians have their names from two words, can you find them out?
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Sure! :D
Phoellion: Phoenix + Vermillion, referring to the Vermillion Bird of Chinese constellations, or possibly Phoenix + Aphelion, which is the point in a planet's orbit that it's farthest from its star.
Asteon: Astral + Eon.
Raidron: Rai (Japanese for thunder) + Hadron, which is basically a proton, neutron, electron, or other particle making up an atom.
Platigron: Platinum (a very hard and insoluble metal) + Tigre (meaning tiger) + Iron (another metal)
Am I right?
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But man, how do you manage to decipher those?
You even gave other interesting ideas xD

There are three Alpha Guardians left, with the first of them being the last of this batch, Goltiton, Laztequon & Lilliquon.

The last batch is also intended to have an Azure Forme for Raidron, with the already released one being the Blitz Forme.
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I think I would probably need to see them to be able to guess. But, well, thanks! XD
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Phoenix + Vermillion
Astral + Eon
Rai + Dragon (My brother's PKMN, since he's a Electric/Dragon Trainer)
Platinum + Tiger

Since some of the Alpha Guardians have their name end in -on, he also wished for all the others to be alike.
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Oh, well, I did pretty well. :D
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Uh, its a nice work~
This pose and this colo make a good work.
I like this eyes very :)
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it's not a perfect resemblance, but my first thought was this:


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