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Commission: xrb-rick (4)


Height: 1.6m
Weight: 55kg
Ability: Blaze Aura
Summons permanent blazes. {When this Pokémon is brought out, a permanent sea of flames covers the battlefield. It can only be removed by bringing out a Pokémon with a weather effect except sunshine. It has 20% chance of inflicting Burn status to all Pokémon except Fire-types at the end of the turn.}
Signature Move: Crimsonblaze
Dex Entry: This astral bird PKMN flies through the land of the dead in search of the strongest souls, in order to accomplish a mysterious objective.

Look at that wingspan...
Part 1 out of 3 of xrb-rick's second set of commissions. He wanted artwork for his legendary Fakemon, Phoellion. Once again, I'm very pleased with the end result.


Phoellion © xrb-rick
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can i use it in my game
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O_o This reminds of 2 things back then.

Blaze Heatnix from Megaman

That phoenix from Beyblade (Not the new beyblade, the original with Dragoon)
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Looks like a legendary.
Duel-King-Altas's avatar
dat wingspan tho omfg
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It's Dyna Blade!!! :D
KigenKitsuneOokami's avatar
Dyna Blade?! Oh NOOO!! Run Kirby Ruuuun!! Lol
xrb-rick's avatar
OMG!!! O.O
I didn't even know such a thing existed...

I was totally caught offguard... xD
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you'd be surprised in just how many of dragonith's drawings i find similarities to other things he didnt notice or even know about
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Oh man, the things you notice are unbelievable sometimes. xD
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it's cause i aways have my head in teh video games/anime
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Gewd, gewd. *rubs hands mischievously*
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Wow what a wingspan!
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wow very beautiful!!
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Looking great as always, man!!! Keep it up!!! ;)
BTW, did you use the profile to get ideas for the coloring?
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Yup, I used the color suggestions you provided to determine the colors.
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This is awesome!! The wings remind me of Masquerain
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:o that's pretty fantastic looking, lovely overall design.
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Wow this is very awesome work. I love it.
Le sigh. Nintendo is never going to use this. It pains me that they won't. The world needs to know of this awesomeness. It's a good thing in some universe out there that it's being used.
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