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??? - Cetosseus (Reference Sheet)

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black

There's the abyssopelagic zone, and there's the bone zone.

Cetosseus © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo / Game Freak
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i love this concept a Pokémon based of of whale falls! its incredible!

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I know a couple of girls from BangBros. who frequent the bone zone…

ZebubAl-Zemmons's avatar

You have no right being this amazing! The oddity but closeness of the design and the story behind it are pure gold

Amaster1412's avatar

May I use a similar concept to this for one of my own designs? For a non-Pokemon project.

how do you suppose pokemon items work in-universe?

AluminumFox's avatar

Id love for this AND the little sketch of the deep sea pokemon to be actual pokemon

FireLizard2005's avatar

I need to say this Fakèmon is really cool!

I'll put one in my team maybe.

Endy7's avatar

Y'know, it genuinely HURTS that this isn't in the game!!

is it a fossil mon?

mh3umaster's avatar

no i think its a deep dive catch

well i was wait for the creator to respond cuz he disigned it and im very new here

Evodolka's avatar

super interesting design, i love the shadow idea, makes the ocean a lot more interesting of a place :D

MadetGheist's avatar

Great piece of ecology.

It's always nice to flesh out pokemon behaviour and see how the species interact with the rest of their ecosystem

ThePokeSaurus's avatar

What a beauty.

I came up with an idea of a Ghost type whale Pokemon, but the idea was that the skeleton was being held together by a giant fishing net.

Mikeyschannel's avatar


Lots of people here, actually.

Alley-san's avatar

Nice take on a whale fall and a bakekujira combo!

Well drawn! :D

LudoMako's avatar

It might be one of my fav designs from you

KillerSquirtle's avatar

Oooooo this is a great concept! Usually when you get ghost whale fakemon, it's like that one Yokai-Kaiju Bakekujira and not like a proper whale fall

Emilosaurus65's avatar

he looks like the skeleton of a wailord

WoodAndWine's avatar

The bone zone. Ha! Awesome pokémon concept. I dare say it's probably too original to be a pokémon. Well drawn!

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