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??? - Cetosseus

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black

Shiny: Coming Soon!

Reference Sheet: 
??? - Cetosseus (Reference Sheet) by Dragonith

Additional Comments: I am 11 days late for Halloween, but let's bring this big guy back anyways. One of my favorite designs from the Fakeathon last year, based on the Bake-kujira and whale falls!

Cetosseus © Dragonith
Pokemon © Nintendo / Game Freak
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These designs all look great, and I like the concept of the games being mind, body, and soul. I kinda thought of a similar concept a few years ago with brains and brawn being polar opposites being strongest put together
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This region has some fantastic designs. Will it ever be ordered and completed?

i love it; this is truly awesome

GuyGuyer's avatar

did you by any chance watch this majestic video :3

I think its based off a phenomenon known as whale falls its when a dead whale sinks to the bottom of the ocean and it creates a hole new ecosystem.

TheSerperior123's avatar
That's a sick concept.
coyotepack's avatar

How can it die if it's already undead?

CanYouNotMyDude's avatar

In the walking dead they kill zombies don't they?

Walker-Pierce's avatar
I could see something like this in the future.
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Great design ! I was looking for arts of ominous whale designs and thank you so much for making me discover the Bake-kujira !

3p1cp0w3r's avatar

I really like this!

TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar

I'm officially obsessed with this design and concept.

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